Vaporesso Revenger

Wotcha folks!

I’ve been using the Revenger for a few weeks after taking delivery of 4 different mods (had a bit of a splash out!)
So I got the Revenger, the Ijoy Captain, The Alien, and the Aspire Speeder… say no more on that last one. For me, the Revenger is my absolute favourite. It just feels so nice to hold  :yes:

But ok, lets have a little look at it.

There is a lot of plastic, the front and back are made to look the same, black plastic, obviously the front is the screen and has the buttons and charging port on it. The back just has the Vaporesso logo on it, so nothing special going on there. The back panel is held in place by magnets, and inside is where the batteries go. The magnets are pretty strong and theres no chance of the back falling off. The side panels are also black (I assume) plastic. The outer edges I think are some kind of metal. So it all feels very smooth to the touch while holding it.

The screen

I like the screen, a little clock when it goes into standby, however for some reason don’t plan your day by looking at this for the time! It doesn’t seem to hold the time when you need to change the batteries! Stupid really that you have to keep setting the time and date, but thats just the way it is!  :fp2: Kind of makes it pretty pointless though when the clock is always wrong!

Apart from that the screen is pretty good, it only tells you what you need to know for the setting that you have it on.
I have it on watts, and the screen displays the watts, ohms, volts, battery symbols and draw time. So its not overcrowded with pointless info.

The only downside to the screen and the back panel is that they are going to get scratched fairly easily. I already have a few scratches on mine… but I guess that means its loved (and used a lot)  :yes:

The menu

The little centre button between the + and – will scroll through the modes, press and hold for a couple of seconds to go one by one through the different modes. You have all of the normal vaping styles on there, watts, TC (and all of its variations) M1 and so on, Bypass.
If you press the fire button and – you go into the mod settings

Pretty self explanatory and well worth a play to see what each one does…. and of course number 3 – the time setting, which you will need to do loads  :wall:

Oh and just incase like me you can’t find how to lock the settings, its centre button and +, hold them down together for a couple of seconds.

So pro’s and cons for this mod  :wonder:

Very comfy to hold, its a nice shape, not brick like, nice and curved and just sits nicely in your palm. Nice easy menu system. I’ve never had a misfire from this, its just a reliable workhorse. Battery life is pretty ok, no power drop when the batterys are low. It has a slightly protruding fire button so you can’t really ‘lose’ it.

The blummin stupid clock!!  :roll: the good thing is you can turn it off, but I just like seeing it there, even if it doesn’t keep the time very well. Having to tell the mod whether its a new coil or not every time you take the tank off to fill

I know I shouldn’t moan about that really as some mods don’t do it even when they should, but this should really be able to see that the ohms are exactly the same as when I took it off. Maybe it has a memory problem, who knows.

All in all, I love the Revenger, would love mine even more if it was a rainbow one  :xx: Apart from the 2 little niggles above, I can’t find any other faults with it. Score wise out of 10, it has to be a 9.5! It really is just a fun, happy, go to mod!  :ting:

Do you have a Vaporesso Revenger? What do you think, can you add any points to help other vapers that might be thinking of purchasing one? If so, pop along to our forum – Ceekays Vape Shack and let our members know what you think 🙂

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7 Replies to “Vaporesso Revenger”

  1. For me, The LED display has horizontal lines across the bottom. At first it was just two lines, but they’ve increased in number over the last couple of days and I can no longer read the bottom fifth of the screen. I still haven’t heard back from Vapresso, or whether they intend to honor the warranty. It’s so frustrating.

  2. Update: I contacted Vaporesso directly and they replaced the unit! I had to fill out a form (fortunately I had microsoft word, because they said they wouldn’t accept the form in any other format) But they did replace it. (yay) It took about 3½ weeks.

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