‘Storm’ – A DNA75 Stabwood Hybrid Mod Made Just For Me!

So today I took delivery of the gorgeous ‘Storm’ a hybrid DNA75 single battery mod, made to my specification by the fantastic Vapesmarter. I assume its hybrid because its Resin and wood?? Stabwood? I’m not sure, I’m not technical enough to know why its a hybrid….  :ashamed:

Storms Creator

Anyhow before I start on ‘Storm’ I just want to say a few words about Vapesmarter. The guy is a legend! Seriously, he took my ideas and made them happen. And he took my impatience all in good faith (I would have told me to ‘sod off’) but he was calm and pleasant, so kudo’s to him for not telling me where to go! Lol

Anyhow, I had been toying with the idea of messaging VS for a while, and had some birthday money saved up from my mum, and I wanted something I could keep.

So I messaged VS and had a chat. He told me to think of a theme, something I loved, a place, a feeling…. I came back with Florida storms, the clouds rolling in over the sea, thunder in the distance, the last rays of sun glimmering across the huge storm clouds (theres not many things I love more than that I can tell ya!) Showed VS a couple of pics, and he picked the colours that would be needed. Much better than me tying to pick the colours out of the huge array of pots of resin that he showed me!

So back to  ‘Storm’

Its beautiful, truly stunning. Its slightly bigger than I was expecting, but thankfully I am finding it quite comfy to hold. The fellas’s here would have no problem at all holding it. The back is nicely curved and slightly contoured from the top down a little bit, tried to get a pic to show this. It feels smooth to hold, with a glossy finish that just makes it lovely to touch.


Plate And Buttons

The front and top plate, made from steel is a right fingerprint magnet! But I can forgive that and just keep a tissue in my pocket! (do they do travel sized tins of Mr Sheen?) The buttons are easy to press! Yayyy for easy buttons! The fire button needs a feather-light touch, which I actually love. I’m finding the more mods I have, the harder it is to press the button (the Smok procolor is a prime expamle of this with its side panel switch, times I have accidentally let go while vaping as my hand struggles to press it) Anyhow, the button on this is fantastic for me. And if I did want to pop it in my pocket and take it out (which I won’t, this thing is never going anywhere than back on its velvet cushion!) 5 clicks locks everything. And the clicks are easy to do as the button is soooo nice!

The Finish

So onto the stabwood/resin finish. I really am surprised at the depth of the colours, holding it in different lights just makes the whole mod come alive, its as if you could reach in and swirl the colours around yourself. The light plays off the colours amazingly well, and there is the glimmer of a sparkle as you turn the mod (this must be the metallic particles or whatever they are) I wanted something that reminds me of storm clouds and this certainly does that.

Lightning LED

A nice surprise that VS popped in for me (I mentioned that I loved the heartbeat light which Laz has on her mod) Storm lights up while vaping (not the whole mod but a small section on each side. One side looks is if it almost has a lighnting flash running through it. The light cycles through blue to a purple colour. Absolutely stunning, I do love me some lights! And then also has a red heartbeat while connected to the charger or laptop for messing about with Escribe.

DNA Board

Ok the screen, well its a DNA75 board, so the screen is pretty small and basic, but it does everything I want it to. Power and temp modes which I believe are customisable via the Escribe software. You can also customise the welcome screen, which I have already done. Will be having a play with some of the settings at some stage, but I’m more than happy with the way it came set up. I’m not going to go into the actual menu settings, cos you guys must be falling sleep already! lol

The only one thing I’m not keen on, is the battery cap. You need a coin to undo it, and me being an impatient mare means that I can’t change the battery in a flash. But its not really a downside, its like going back to the days of mech mods and unscrewing the battery cap. But I believe with the DNA boards the battery can be charged whilst inside the mod, so if changing the battery does bug me, then I can just pop the whole thing on charge.

The Perfect Touch

Final little touch is ‘Alfies pawprint’ Now I love this, me being a doggy person and all that. The one thing I always miss when I’m in Florida is my dogs… so this seems kind of fitting to have on ‘Storm’

Pro’s – Its beautiful, mesmerising, and very well made. Having a mod designed around your ideas makes it special before you even get it. Its a DNA board. It will take both 22mm and 24mm tanks. A nice easy press button. Its easy to fall in love with!

Cons – battery cap!

This mod gets a very easy 11 out of 10. The great thing about having a mod made for you is that you can specify what you want, and how you want things doing. I am so over the moon with this, I think its safe to say that I will be messaging VS at some time in the future for another… I already have a vision in my mind! lol

To see more pics and leave your thoughts on Storm, visit the post over on Ceekays Vape Shack

Or to see more of Vapesmarters creations, check out his board on the forum – Vapesmarters Place

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