Asmodus – Laisimo Snow Wolf 90w Review

I’ve spent the last few hours trying to figure out whether this mod is Asmodus or Laisimo or a collaboration of both, it seems however that Laisimo manufacture the Snow Wolf and Asmodus distribute it (with the odd argument here and there between the two companies, which I really am not going to get in to, or comment on  :xx: ) So for the purpose of this review I’m just going to say Asmodus/Laisimo Snow Wolf!

Apparently the  Snow Wolf has been discontinued, or is being discontinued, so if you do you see one, and you like the look of it, then get it, because this quickly became one of my absolute favourite small mods, and it looks like it won’t be around for very much longer.

I got this mod as a trade against my Smok Procolor, which was just big and bulky and a bit of a novelty with its coloured lights, and the novelty wore off a little faster than I thought it would. So I ended up with this and have to say I absolutely love this cute little thing, if its a choice between mirrors and lights, I’d normally opt for the lights, but thought I’d go for a touch of class this time instead  :smile:

Looks & Aesthetics

 So its a box mod, in the true sense of the word, its slightly rounded on the corners, but the rest is well…. box like. Not normally my type of thing, but its small, and being small means its ‘oh-so’ comfy for me to hold!

The side panels on mine, well not my cuppa tea at all to be fair, but it was a trade and I didn’t pick the colours, so… I can overlook this. And if it really gets on my nerves, then I will colour the goddam sides in with a sharpie pen! (actually that’s a pretty good idea… I’m sure I have a black one somewhere  :think:) The sides also have a kind of woodgrained effect, I’m guessing its some kind of moulded resin or plastic <shrugs>, but that is a guess and nothing more.

It has this most amazing, mirror finish screen! Its so quaint! I remember one of the older samsung phones having this (by older I’m taking 15 years ago) But on a vape mod this looks absolutely stunning! Ladies you can check your lippy in it while waiting at the bus stop and pretend you’re peering at the watts setting  :laughtears:

On the back edge you will find an etched wolf, really nice actually apart from it seems a millimeter or two too far to the left, which could really bother some of the folks out there that suffer with the old OCD of images not being situated perfectly central, as for me however…. doesn’t bother me in the slightest!

Buttons & Battery
The fire button is nice and small, the up and down buttons are smaller and located under the screen, they all give a nice audible ‘quality’ click when pressed. By quality I mean it doesn’t sound cheap and plasticky like some mods do.The battery door is held on by magnets, and is removed by way of a slightly protruding lip at the bottom which sits in a small cut out in the body of the mod. The door is easily removed by applying a little pressure to the lip and pushing outwards. Definitely not a nailbreaker ladies! (Thank gawd for that!) The snow wolf takes one single 18650 battery, with clear markings showing which way round this should be inserted, and nice silky ribbon for  help with removal.Being a single battery mod, the run time isn’t long, this of course will also depend on the wattage or temp that you’re vaping at too, but don’t expect hours and hours as it’s not going to happen. If you’re off out for the day, take a spare battery along just in case, the chances are that you will need it. And if you’re a low ohm, high watts kind of vaper then take a few spare batteries!

Screen & Menu

  Did I mention the mirror screen (I did… oh sorry!  :ashamed: ) I really can’t say enough how sexy this screen is! Just look at it!! It oozes grace and charm, its inlaid into a kind of brushed (but glossy) stainless steel face plate. Once you’re using the mod and the menu is lit you don’t notice the mirror, so you’re not squinting try to see numbers and info.

Info on screen depends on the setting that you’re using, but you get the basic, watts, volts, ohms, mode. Do read the instructions for adjusting the modes, temps etc. If I got into that now we would be here all day, you would get bored and start snoring and I would just be rambling away to myself. So the instructions are fairly comprehensive, take a minute to give them the once over. If you’re stuck, you can always leave a comment and I will get back to you with some help :wink2: But it’s all pretty basic menu operation, and if you’ve used a  few different mods, you’ll sail along with this one.

The modes are also pretty basic, nothing here that’s going to tax your brain or having you scratching your head for hours on end wondering how to adjust the settings. Power, Ni, Ti, and SS. Watts adjustment is in increments of 0.1 (thank goodness!) and temp adjustment in increments of 1°C or 1°F. If theres a ramp up or curve mode then I haven’t found it yet. But to be honest those features are mainly for very low ohm coils which need a power boost as soon as theyre fired, and with a boost and a super low ohm coil your single battery (as I’ve said before) won’t last 5 minutes.

How it Performs

The snowwolf has super smooth 510 threads and a spring loaded pin. Every tank and RDA that I have tried works well, and with no fuss.  I have used this as high as 55w with my Smok baby beast, and it kicks out the clouds as you would expect, but using at a higher wattage will of course deplete the battery a lot faster. I’ve settled on using it with a 0.5ohm coil in a Doggystyle tank at around 18 – 20w  and it just works…. no mis fires, and no real voltage drop as the battery gets low.

Final Thoughts

With measurements of approx 24mm x 45mm x 75mm, and weighing in at 225g with a battery installed (some may argue this is quite heavy for a single battery mod, but to me it feels like a ‘quality’ mod) , the Snow Wolf is definitely one for the ladies. Its small enough and light enough to be tucked away in a pocket or handbag, and you won’t feel like you’ve been weightlifting all day if you take it on a shopping trip round town.

Plus its a real workhorse, I use this for several hours a day every day and it just plows on doing what it should, and looking totally stunning while its doing it! Its the vape mod equivalent of the Greek Adonis!! :ting: What ladies could say ‘No’ to that!

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, and I’ve had no problems at all, apart from I have to keep polishing the screen! So I’ve gotta give the Snow Wolf a very sell deserved Ceekays Shack Score of 10/10  :thumbs:

I’m not going to link to any particular vendor as this mod was acquired in a trade, however a search on google does show that some vendors are still carrying the odd few Snow Wolf mods in stock. Neither Asmodus or Laisimo refer to the Snow Wolf on their sites, its like a poor abandoned puppy! So if you get the chance to give one a home, do it!  :yes:

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