Tiny Demon Killer Kit – Review

A huge thank you to the guys n gals over at Vaporl.com for sponsoring Ceekays vape shack this month, and sending this tiny creation out for me to give it a once over and see what I think. Now I knew it was going to be small, but I didn’t realise just quite how small!! I was expecting a kind of Pico size device, but this little thing is just teeny tiny!!
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Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA Review – Happy Bunny or Bunny Boiler!?

After hearing all of the hype about the Hellvape  Dead Rabbit RBA, I had to jump on the bandwagon and see if all the hare-raising comments about this dripper were true! I know, I’m late to the review party as usual! But I wanted a decent Bottom Feed dripper to match my Aleader squonk mod, and the Dead Rabbit I ordered just happened to be silver with a nice blue swirly resin drip tip… so match made in heaven (hopefully, on the looks front at least)

The Dead Rabbit was a collaboration effort from the US Youtube reviewer ‘Heathen’ who I am not actually subscribed too and before the Dead Rabbit I hadn’t actually heard of  :ashamed:… and Hellvape manufacturer. Continue reading “Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA Review – Happy Bunny or Bunny Boiler!?”

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Aleader Killer 80W Squonk Mod Review

I’ve been wanting to get into squonking in a ‘better’ way for a while now, I say better as I have tried mech squonk mods, and to be honest when the battery starts to tail off it just drives me nuts. So when I saw the Aleader Killer 80w I just knew this was what I’d been looking for in my life!

So I got this from Fasttech for the purpose of review, delivery time was super fast for this order, reaching me in 7 days! So extremely happy with that. Continue reading “Aleader Killer 80W Squonk Mod Review”

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Augvape Druga RDA Review

A huge ‘Thank you’ Paul over at Augvape who sent me out the Druga to try and see what I think:

Druga Specs:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
  • 24 mm Diameter
  • 810 Drip tip
  • 510 Adapter
  • 24K Gold Plated Deck
  • Clamp Snag System
  • Short Ultem Drip Tip And Long Derlin Drip Tip
  • Come With Gold Plated Brass Pin And SS Squonk Pin

In the Box:

  • Augvape Druga RDA
  • Hex Key
  • ULTEM Drip Tip
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Spare Part Pack – o-rings etc

Ok so this turned up at my door last week, and let me start by saying that I’ve only started using RDA’s again over the last 12 months (used to use them many years ago when they first made an appearance, and then I got lazy and stuck to tanks and pre-built attys) So I am a typical RDA layman (or woman in this case), I have very little knowledge of terms used. But I do know if something vapes well or not… That being said, lets get on with it. Continue reading “Augvape Druga RDA Review”

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Vapesmarters ‘Pink’ – The Review


It’s Time!!

I’ve been so excited about doing this blooming review, but even more so about actually getting to see Pink in the flesh, there’s always something rather special about holding and trying out one of Vapesmarters mods. So Pink finally arrived at my front door on Thursday morning, all packaged up in a lovely little pine (I think) wooden box, and a velvety bag too! Continue reading “Vapesmarters ‘Pink’ – The Review”

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Christmas Comp Reminder!

Hey folks… just a quick nudge and a word in your shell-like…. (ear! that means ear! roll eyes 2) Don’t forget we have a small Christmas competition running over on the forum.

Now we do have a very small, practically unheard of forum (which means there aren’t many entries!)… Its rather like we’re living on an island and not many people visit… but, and there is a but! The natives are friendly! …. and quite knowledgeable too… some more than others! We even have our own guru (not to be mixed up with that other vaping guru that everyone is talking about at the moment…. nothing at all to do with that one!)

Anyhow, a very kind modmaker and member has kindly donated a prize so we could have a wee comp! All you need to do is register and post on this thread, and by jove you’re in with a chance of winning! How bloomin’ simple is that!

Oh and it would be lovely if you could share this blog post with a few of your friends…. thank you very much, and if you decided to pop on over, then the very best of luck in the comp 🙂

Oh yes… the prize is this fabulous kangertech dripbox starter kit! Its a squonker! And its in that lovely Christmas red colour! ting

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This might be my first actual – real blog post!!

Wotcha folks, by blog post, I mean just me rambling on. And we all know I can do that!! Right?!

Ok well it does have a reason though so, its not about nothing, its about something. This last month, the month of November, I teamed up with the fabulous Vapesmarter, (you can find him here) Now a fair few of you guys might know VS (vapesmarter) from Planet Of The Vapes forum. He is a dead genuine, down to earth fella, that can be a real pain in the arse, cos it doesn’t seem to matter what questions you ask… he kind of side steps them!! Not a bad thing for most people, apart from me, cos I’m a real impatient git. And I mean real impatient…. I hate waiting…. with a freaking real passion!!!

Any how… Stu (VS) gave me a kind of guided tour through the world of making resin and hybrid mods. It was real pleasure to learn from his experience, and a bit of an eye opener too. You could honestly never guess how much time and commitment goes into making a single mod (unless of course you’ve done it)

So back in October I think it was, I commissioned Stu to make a single battery DNA 75 mod for me… this is Storm.

Storm is beautiful, you can find my thoughts about him here.

So long story short, cos I don’t wanna bore you folks, Stu had an idea for a mod called ‘Pink’ He knew how I felt about shape, and colours, he knew how I felt about size….. really are we going there!! When it comes to mods for ladies with small hands, the smaller the better! 😉 lol.

So the overall outcome is this…. Pink!! And its my job to do the review…  Stu says she’s off to Scotland after that….but I think I might just struggle to let her go! lol

You can see the pics of the stages of Pinks creation here  

And keep an eye on this blog, the forum, twitter and Instagram pages for my review when she finally gets here!! I feel like I should lay out the Red Carpet and get tea and scones ready!!

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Chubby Gorilla PET signature bottle – Keep this one in the Zoo!

So thought I’d try my hand at reviewing something a little bit different, well a lot different actually! Bottles…. yep those squeezey plastic things that vapers would be lost without. They hold our liquid and I guess we don’t actually realize how much we rely on them… but rely on them we do!  :yes: Continue reading “Chubby Gorilla PET signature bottle – Keep this one in the Zoo!”

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A Little Christmas Competition!

Hey Guys n Gals, While Ceekays Vape Shack was partnered with the fantastic Vapesmarter last month, he sent me a mod to giveaway to you folks in a Christmas competition!

The prize is a Kangertech DripBox Starter Kit, brand new in the box, packaged up with all accessories, atty head, cotton & coils, spare bottle, and charging lead, all in a fabulous Christmas red colour!!

So if you fancy a go at squonking, need a spare if you already walk the squonking path, or if you know someone that this could be passed on to…. then enter now! This could be your lucky comp!

All you need to do is register on our forum Once you’re registered and have a username and account, add your name to the list on this post …. so after the first post, quote the one above, and add a follow on number…. so ceekay 1, Simone 2 etc etc… Myself and Miss Simone are not entering though so start from number one!! lol Don’t worry of you’re not sure what to do or get stuck… I’ll help you out :wink2:

This competition is open to members in the UK, Europe and the USA….

Good luck everyone!! Give it a go, what have you got to lose!!?  The competition will close next Saturday evening (9th Dec) 9pm UK time.

A huge thank you to Stu for sending the prize!  :wink2:

A Happy Squonking Christmas to you all!!

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Vaptio N1 PRO 240W Kit & Frogman Tank – Review


So my final review for Vaptio for now is the N1 Pro 240w kit with Frogman tank.

First Thoughts

Opening the box my initial thoughts were ‘Wow, this thing is huge!’ bearing in mind I’m not too keen on big mods. The frogman tank however did Pique my interest, and I just wanted to get the kit set up, fill the tank and see how it all fared. Before we get vaping, in the box you get, the Pro-1, the extended back battery cover to allow the use of 3 batteries, a charging lead, the Frogman tank, a spare atomiser, a spare tank glass (always a good thing for a clumsy mare like me!) a little bag with a couple of spare orings, and 2 instruction manuals, one for the mod, and one for the tank  :yes:

So no messing about with this one, lets get cracking. Don’t forget to prime the atty before first use. I can’t believe how many people still just fill the tank, and vape without giving the wicking chance to soak up the liquid!  :roll: Then they sit and whine cos they’ve burnt the cotton! For goodness sake, have some patience, let it soak! (Say’s I with no patience what so ever) Seriously go make a cuppa and let it sit a while… strong, no sugar for me thanks!

Looks & Feel

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