Vaptio N1 PRO 240W Kit & Frogman Tank – Review


So my final review for Vaptio for now is the N1 Pro 240w kit with Frogman tank.

First Thoughts

Opening the box my initial thoughts were ‘Wow, this thing is huge!’ bearing in mind I’m not too keen on big mods. The frogman tank however did Pique my interest, and I just wanted to get the kit set up, fill the tank and see how it all fared. Before we get vaping, in the box you get, the Pro-1, the extended back battery cover to allow the use of 3 batteries, a charging lead, the Frogman tank, a spare atomiser, a spare tank glass (always a good thing for a clumsy mare like me!) a little bag with a couple of spare orings, and 2 instruction manuals, one for the mod, and one for the tank  :yes:

So no messing about with this one, lets get cracking. Don’t forget to prime the atty before first use. I can’t believe how many people still just fill the tank, and vape without giving the wicking chance to soak up the liquid!  :roll: Then they sit and whine cos they’ve burnt the cotton! For goodness sake, have some patience, let it soak! (Say’s I with no patience what so ever) Seriously go make a cuppa and let it sit a while… strong, no sugar for me thanks!

Looks & Feel

First look at this was ‘Hmm… It’s ok’ I think I might have liked it more if it was a different colour, but black is just kind of “Meh” although the red insert on the side panels do make it look a little more interesting. Its feels like its made from a mixture of metal and some plastic parts too…. and Its a big mod with just 2 batteries, and in the kit there is also that extended back which will allow 3 batteries to be used  :oooo: That isn’t for me. 2 batteries is plenty, 3 batteries would feel like I was trying to lift a car or something. But it’s good that the option is there for folks who want a longer run time, or higher wattage. This mod boasts 240w are possible with 3 batteries.

To install the batteries press the button under the mod and this will release the clips on the cover . This is actually a great idea, even though there are magnets to assist with holding the cover,  those clips mean mean that once the cover is clicked back firmly into place there’s no way that your batteries will fall out and bounce across the floor! The positive and negative order is well labelled, along with numbers for the batteries, as this corresponds with the battery order on screen, yep its numbered 1,2 and 3! Very helpful Vaptio!  :yes:

So with 2 batteries installed its a heavy mod, it weighs in at a whopping 380 grams but, it feels nice to hold. Its shaped similar to the Amodus Minikin V2 so it actually sits nicely in your hand. You’ll find your hand just naturally curves around the mod, and depending on which way you hold it, your finger or thumb will rest on the fire button. So that’s a huge plus point for me. The weight is fairly balanced and to be honest it is pretty comfy to hold.

The button is great! Slightly raised with a bit of texture that gives some grip. Its nice and clicky when you press it, no sticking, just a good press and release, and there’s no rattle, which I do like. A few mods have a horrible rattly button which really puts me off and makes the mod seem cheap and tacky, this doesn’t! In fact there are no rattles at all, from the battery compartment or the door, its all really solid.

The tank looks very nice, and the slightly tapered mouthpiece is comfy to (trying to look for a polite way to put this but I’m not sure there is one, so mind out of the gutter folks!) get your lips around!  Some of these drip tips are just too big and it really does feel like you’re sucking on a big bore exhaust pipe!

The Screen & Menu

Firstly you have a nice 0.9 inch colour screen, now I know this isn’t to every ones taste, but I like it. It separates the info on the screen quite well, with each part being a different colour… its catchy and allows for easy vision of the exact bit you’re looking for. At the top you have the power or temp, under that volts, then ohms, then the battery level indicator. There is something in-between the last two, but its really small, looking on the site it looks like a draw timer, but its that small that I really can’t make it out… this doesn’t bother me, a draw timer for me isn’t important and definitely not a deal breaker.

3 clicks will take you into the menu, which is thankfully fairly easy to use. The up and down buttons switch between the option with the fire button to select the one you want! Simple  :smile:

Out mode has several options, Regulated (which is your watts) Bypass, Temperature, Custom (where you can set your curve mode, preheat or ramp-up) and Screen off.

System is the second option, this allows you to adjust C/F, TCR data, Set Custom (which is your curve settings again) Smoke time, and Sleep time.
So its not in anyway over complicated like some mods are these days <cough cough SX mini!>

Oh and 5 clicks locks the settings and the fire button, so if you are taking it out on a day trip, (and I’m sure with 3 batteries installed it would last for a trip round the Zoo or a sandcastle building retreat to the beach) well 5 clicks will make sure it doesn’t fire in your pocket (if it will fit) or your bag.

The Frogman Tank

Onto the tank, its well designed. Just twist to remove the top cap for filling, and then press and turn to replace. Just thinking out loud here, but surely the press and turn would have been better for removal, making it a safety feature?  :think: Anyhow air flow is on the bottom collar, and can be closed down quite a lot if you prefer a restricted draw.

With the tank I received 2 of Vaptio’s own atomisers, W2 and W8. I started with the one already installed which was the quad coil atty – W8. Primed it, let it stand, and as soon as I started vaping I got this really weird taste. Kind of plasticky. The flavour of the liquid is there, right in your face and crisp and clean but it has this super annoying back-taste. I thought maybe it was just some fluid left on parts and stuck with it. Apart from the strange taste the vapour was huge! Anyhow, after a couple of tanks of liquid had gone through, I was still getting this strange taste, so I removed everything and washed all of the tank parts out. Another couple of tanks of liquid and the taste is still there, so obviously not the tank, must be the atty. So I swapped it out for the second atty. Unfortunately I got this same awful taste! No idea what it is, whether its the wicking material, or the coil, or even if the taste is just so clean that I’m picking up elements and flavours from the liquids that I’ve just never tasted before. Apart from I tried 3 different flavours, and this weird back-taste was always present :(

Not wanting to give up on the actual tank, I purchased some baby beast coils, and popped one in as soon as they arrived. My flavour was back to its full glory without the strange after-taste. So as I previously stated not sure what caused it, maybe I got a dodgy batch of attys, maybe it was me, but I honestly could not vape it. With the Smok coils I was more or less blowing clouds up in vape heaven!

How it vapes & Ease of use

As an overall full kit it vapes really well, make your own mind up about the coils in the Frogman tank, as we all know taste is subjective and this weird back-taste could be happening due to one or more of many reasons…. I honestly don’t know. But as soon as I got a Smok atty in there I was happily vaping away. I will at some point pick up some more of the attys specifically made for this tank and see if there’s any difference, as I really do like the Frogman tank, and would love it to become a daily tank. But the smok coils lack a little in the vapour department compared to W8. It would be great if Vaptio released an RBA deck for the tank – Something to think about Vaptio?

The 510 pin is spring loaded, and when pushed (remove the batteries first if you’re doing this) does push a good way down, so I can’t see any problems with this accommodating most tanks even if they have quite a long thread. The actual base that the tank sits on (and this is going to be a guess as I don’t have one of those posh digital measuring thingies!) would be around 26mm, according to the Vaptio website the Frogman tank is 23.5mm and there is room for a little extra on the 510 base of the mod. The XL Frogman tank is 26.5mm and I’m guessing that Vaptio made this to accommodate both. I don’t have any super large tanks, but the ones I have tried work just fine and dandy!  :yes:

It is super easy to use, the settings can be changed without having to resort to the manual if you fancy changing to temp mode, or setting a preheat function, which really is a blessing. Its just an uncomplicated, unassuming mod… rather good if you ask me!

Final Thoughts

Ok, its a big, heavy solid mod, with that extended back and extra battery its going to be a bit of a BEAST!, but it works really well. I would think its more of a mans mod (although with a different colour I would be more inclined to say a unisex mod) it will be good for lasting a day at work, or slinging in the car for a long journey, but I’m more than happy to use it while working at the laptop, or even watching a movie at night, I don’t think it’s a mod that I will be taking out about shopping though.  I really doubt it would fit in your handbag along with the kitchen sink ladies, so you’re gonna have to pick one or the other!  :worried:

The mod is reliable, I’ve not had any problems with the button, or firing or anything else, but I don’t see it as a ‘stand out from the crowd’ kind of mod either, its not pretty, or cute, the best looking bit about it is the screen, thats just my personal opinion based on looks, but even after saying that, I do find myself picking it up to use quite a bit!. I think this is just going to be a real workhorse. The tank, I love…but the W2, W8 coils not so much, which is a real shame as this could have been a plain sailing kind of review. So on that note, I’m going to score this a little differently.

Ceekays Shack Score

For the N1 Pro 240w mod, is a nice and weighty 9/10  :thumbs:
For the Frogman tank, hmmm its also getting a 9/10  :bow:
And the coils, I’m really sorry Vaptio, but they are getting a lowly 5/10, thats 5 for the vapour production which is fantastic, but a big fat Nil, Zero, Nada…. (you get where I’m going with this) for the weird back-taste flavour… sorry!

Thanks yet again to Vaptio for sending me this kit to check out and review, much appreciated  :wink2:

You can get yourself a Vaptio N1 PRO kit right here for $109.90.


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