Vapesmarters ‘Pink’ – The Review


It’s Time!!

I’ve been so excited about doing this blooming review, but even more so about actually getting to see Pink in the flesh, there’s always something rather special about holding and trying out one of Vapesmarters mods. So Pink finally arrived at my front door on Thursday morning, all packaged up in a lovely little pine (I think) wooden box, and a velvety bag too!

Pink Specs

A little background on Pink first before I get into the juicy details. She is made from polyurethane resin, the wood is Birch and Hazel, and she has twin battery tubes, but one holds the squonk bottle, which means she is a single battery squonk mod.

Pink is a Semi Mech mod, and I’m going to give a little quote from Vapesmarter here, as I am really not good with explaining electronics so “Semi mech means no direct battery to 510 it uses a mosfet, this means the mod is semi mechanical but the mosfet protects from reverse polarity

But folks you DO need to know ohms law, check the ohms of the coil/s that you intend to use, check your battery amps, and make sure you can vape safely with both! Ohms law can be found here: Check it out!!

Pinks History!

Pink was a collaboration between Vapesmarter and myself  :yes: we kind of worked together on shape, colours, I told him what I like, what I don’t like. He told me all about resin, the types, the problems that can be faced when things don’t go to plan, he tried to teach me a little bit about electrics… I hit my head on a brick wall a few times  :wall: He yelled, I yelled back, and yeah, you get the idea! But Pink was born from a passion…. my passion for vaping, and Stu’s passion for creating a masterpiece!  :ting:

First Impressions

Ok so, first off.. she is bigger than I imagined, thats the only problem with photo’s, you really cannot gauge how big or small something is, until you actually get it in your hands. Now I wanted to mention this first as the size of the mod is a huge part of whether I will continue using it on a daily basis. Plus I didn’t want to stick a negative in halfway through the review. And it’s only really a negative for me as I have small hands…. So that being said, my next lot of thoughts went something like this.

How she looks

She is ‘Stunning!’ I mean totally beautiful. The pinks and white flow into each other perfectly and turning it in the light gives it depth, and makes it look almost fluid. At times, and when you’re really not concentrating on the finish, but just gazing at it (as you tend to do frequently when you have one of Vapesmarters creations in your hands!) it feels like its drawing you in to another dimension! Look at it from the front and the resin and wood look like polished crystal and stone. Its like something you would find in one of these new age shops that sell quartz and crystal. You honesty need to hold Pink, and turn her in your hands to appreciate just how beautiful she is.


I was a little bit ‘iffy’ about the splash of black resin when I first saw it in the photo’s, however it does seem to lead into the other side, where there is a black layer in the wood, so the trace of black resin isn’t out of place at all. The 2 different coloured woods stand out really well from each other and give the mod a real ‘elegant’ antique kind of quality.

The front edge, with the curves and bevel, and the squonk hole is where the real art shows through. Its hard to describe the shape, so I have tried to capture this in the photo’s but this is really unique.


The overall shape is much more curved on the corners than Stu’s normal work, and this does make it comfy to hold, but it is just a little bit too wide for my hands. However I asked my son for his opinion as he has only slightly bigger hands than me, and slightly longer fingers, and he said he found it extremely comfy to hold (Maybe I need to shove my hands in a growbag overnight!)

Pinks bits & pieces 

Ok on the bottom you will find the battery cap, Stu has included a coin on a rope (bit like a soap on rope) Stu, you should patent that coin! Anyhow that’s to help unscrew the battery cap, and it works well. The other battery tube that holds the squonk bottle also has a cap with Alfies paw print! Bless him, such a sweet little pooch!…. but this is a little more awkward to unscrew as the coin doesn’t fit into the slot on both sides, however you can slot it into just one side, but it just takes a little more patience and time, once the cap is off, you just use your finger or thumb to push the bottle down via the squonk hole.

Now I’m not an expert with squonking, but I think Stu has done things a little differently with the tube that connects to the 510 pin, as its metal, and it pushes down and into the bottle, rather than attaching a flexi tube up to the 510 tube… hard to explain, but this works really well when removing or replacing the bottle as it just slides in or out. The bottle is really soft silicone, and I’ve no problem at all using it to re-soak the wicks.


The top plate is brass, and it does have 3 small countersunk silver screws. Now I know this was mentioned by someone as a bit of a minus point, and that it would look better with small brass screws. Yep I totally understand that, but to me, well what can I say… it honestly really doesn’t bother me too much. I know that Stu has been on the hunt for teeny weeny brass screws, but at the moment the little b*ggars are a bit elusive!

The 510 pin is spring loaded, and the round 510 plate bit (I have no idea what the proper name for this is… I vape the blooming mods, don’t order parts for them! :roll: ) is sunk down below the mods top plate, this means that your RDA is going to sit flush on the actual brass plate. The only downside I can see with this is that you might scratch the brass, but you could always use one of those clear plastic discs that some manufacturers now supply with the mods.


The button is a small 16mm brass one, I really like that, although if you have chunky trigger fingers (or thumbs) you may find it a little uncomfortable, but its fine for me, it looks gorgeous and matches the top plate, and brass caps underneath.

So how does she work?

Flawlessly! :bow: No other words to describe her really. I’ve been happily squonking away with this for the last 3 days. I don’t normally use mech mods now days to be fair, just because I really hate it when the battery gets down to around 3.6v and you start to really notice the drop off. However the vape is lovely and smooth, been using my favourite flavour ‘Viscous’ with a Goon and it’s been blooming perfect vaping!! It has made a really nice change to go back to my roots and use a mech mod (sorry, semi mech) for a while  :smile:

Final Thoughts

Pink really is gorgeous, she’s star quality  :yes: She has character, and she’s a bit of a ‘sassy’ lass with her colours. The contours around the squonk hole are what really make Pink stand out as special. I love the fact there is no door for removing the bottle, however the bottle tube cap could do with being made a bit easier to remove.

Ceekays Shack Score

I really do love her to bits and don’t want to mark her down for anything! But being fair and all that, she has to lose points for the squonk bottle tube cap and the size (if she was a cm smaller all round I don’t think Stu would be getting her back!)  So… Pink is a super sexy 9/10  :thumbs:

Where can you get one?

Pink will cost you a very reasonable £150 from Mr Vapesmarter himself. I think this is a great price, I have recently seen handmade mods going for double this! So if you wish to have a chat with Stu about getting yourself a fab hand-crafted mod, you can find him here on


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