Augvape Druga RDA Review

A huge ‘Thank you’ Paul over at Augvape who sent me out the Druga to try and see what I think:

Druga Specs:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
  • 24 mm Diameter
  • 810 Drip tip
  • 510 Adapter
  • 24K Gold Plated Deck
  • Clamp Snag System
  • Short Ultem Drip Tip And Long Derlin Drip Tip
  • Come With Gold Plated Brass Pin And SS Squonk Pin

In the Box:

  • Augvape Druga RDA
  • Hex Key
  • ULTEM Drip Tip
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Spare Part Pack – o-rings etc

Ok so this turned up at my door last week, and let me start by saying that I’ve only started using RDA’s again over the last 12 months (used to use them many years ago when they first made an appearance, and then I got lazy and stuck to tanks and pre-built attys) So I am a typical RDA layman (or woman in this case), I have very little knowledge of terms used. But I do know if something vapes well or not… That being said, lets get on with it.

Looks & Feel

Its a decent looking RDA, rather plain on the design front, with a small logo etched into the topcap. I have a green one! Wouldn’t have been my first choice in colours, but it is a very festive kind of green so not too fussed to be fair.

A see through yellow 810 ULTEM exhaust pipe… sorry drip tip (assuming that is the ULTEM one) Remove the top cap and you have a lovely 24k Gold plated deck, very nice! 2 posts, huge posts actually with gnurled thumb grips to help with the tightening down once your coils are in place. All looks very posh and very ‘gold’ inside!

It seems to be made pretty well, the machining looks good, no sharp edges or bits sticking out that you’re going to slice your fingers open on (yes I have had that happen before!) Posts are nice and solid, and everything fits nice and tightly together.


Fitting the coils

These huge posts boast a decent sized hole to get your wires through. Maybe not too brilliant for these big staggered, fused, juggernaut or other thick wire affairs, but it was plenty big enough to fit my 2 legs through (not my 2 legs! My coils 2 legs) 1 from each side. You just unscrew the top of the post (with your finger and thumb – although there is a cross/Philips hole on the top should you favour using a screwdriver) to expose the hole, and screw it back down to trap the wires after you have your coils positioned how you want them.

Only real problem I can see is trying to get both coils to hold the correct position and screw down at the same time, you might need an extra hand…. I managed fairly well with my basic coils. And of course you can unscrew it a fraction if you need to adjust the wires afterwards. So no real problems at all for me on that front. You then just snip off the excess wire when you’re done. Do be careful not to snip through the leading leg of the ‘other’ coil while you’re at it.

I did find that one coil was heating up way faster then the other. Now that could just be my coil building skills (they’re ok but not fantastic) or maybe they weren’t positioned quite as well as they should have been, but it did take a fair bit of faffing around with the ceramic tweezers, strumming and pinching of the coils to get them kind of even.


How it vapes?

I went for micro coils, 26 gauge SS, 3mm inner and 7 wraps, coming out at around 0.6ohms each, so as a pair the total ohms are around 0.3. They don’t look great  :no2: but they do work well.

I started off with basic dripping… and it vapes really well, there is a decent sized juice well, but, seeing as I’m normally busy and really can’ be *rsed to keep dripping liquid in, I ended up popping the squonk pin in. This is what the Allen key in the box is for. I’ve seen people saying “its not needed, why the hell have Augvape included it?”…It’s for the squonk pin!  :yes:

So as soon as I got squonking with it, I really started to enjoy using the Druga. At 45 watts (I tend to rarely go over 50w for normal everyday vaping) yes there are some fairly big clouds, probably not as huge as some of you cloudchasers would like, but thats more down to me and my style of vaping than anything lacking in the Druga. Cranking it up to 60w and yes, bigger clouds… and the flavour is really starting to kick in now. 70W and it really is a beast, fantastic flavour, huge amounts of vapour, but it’s starting to ger a little bit warm now and I’m going to back off the power, down to 55w and stay around that setting.

The dripper itself gets, as you would expect quite hot, but the mouthpiece is only pleasantly warm. So you’re not going to burn you lips on it.

I have been using the Druga with the air holes fully open, however the inner top cap does twist round to close the air flow down, twisting that cap can be a bit of a pain, and can be quite difficult but I’m assuming this will loosen off slightly over time. And to be honest I would rather have it more like this than spinning round every time you touch it. At halfway open you do get some restriction on airflow, but you are going to need much lower power otherwise you’ll find you’re choking the coils and yourself into the bargain  :yuk:


Final Thoughts

With squonking, the juice well does hold plenty of liquid, you’re not constantly squeezing the bottle which is great.

I found the posts and the clamp snag system easy enough to use, trying to fit 2 coils together which you have to do as its a dual coil dripper only, well… the way I’m looking at this is, you can’t have it all ways. It is a tad fiddly, but what else would you expect with both coil legs fitting into one post (by both coil legs, I mean one from each coil!) But a slight turn on the thumb screw top of the post does allow for some final adjustment, then tighten back down. Just don’t trim the legs back until you have done the adjustments and got the coils how you want them.

The Ultem drip dip is really short (there is a longer delrin one in the box) but this didn’t bother me at all, I guess the delrin one would keep your mouth further from the coils if vaping at higher wattages, but for me and how I vape, it wasn’t a problem at all.

It does vape really well, I’m more a flavour kind of gal than a cloud blowing one, and the flavour comes through extremely well with this RDA. So yep, overall I do really like it.

Ceekays Shack Score

Maybe losing a point simply due to the fact it could be awkward for some folks to fit the coils, but otherwise its a dripping good 9/10   :thumbs:

I would imagine you can find the Augvape Druga in most good vape stores, or you can order direct from Augvape themselves for around $40 although there is a sale on at the moment, so  go check it out!

And don’t forget to pop on over and check out our forum too!

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