Aleader Killer 80W Squonk Mod Review

I’ve been wanting to get into squonking in a ‘better’ way for a while now, I say better as I have tried mech squonk mods, and to be honest when the battery starts to tail off it just drives me nuts. So when I saw the Aleader Killer 80w I just knew this was what I’d been looking for in my life!

So I got this from Fasttech for the purpose of review, delivery time was super fast for this order, reaching me in 7 days! So extremely happy with that.


This is what it states on the Fasttech website

  • Resin construction
  • Wattage range: 5-80W
  • Temperature range: 100-315’C / 200-600’F
  • Temperature control suite: Ni200, titanium, stainless steel 316 (SS316)
  • Support resistance: 0.1-3ohm (VW), 0.05-1ohm (TC)
  • 7ml soft squonk bottle
  • 510 threading connection
  • Powered by single 18650 battery (not included)

It comes in a nice sturdy box, with a warranty card, instruction manual, and a very short flat USB cable.


Looks & feel

I love the look of this mod!  :yes: For a squonker its pretty nice, most squonkers now days seem to have the same ‘very square’ construction (the true definition of a box mod in my opinion) but the colours on the Killer just give it a little bit of depth and flair. I have apparently, the blue & purple one… Its mainly blue, dark blue, medium blue and light blue, and you can pick out some purple when you turn the mod in different lights, which is ok, I don’t think it would look quite as good if there was loads of purple.

As the specs say resin construction, but it has that really soft feel to it, rather like a rubbery finish, but it does feel really really nice! It doesn’t feel cheap like the last plastic box squonker I had my grubby mitts on. Any liquid spills on it can just be wiped off and it doesn’t stain or ruin the finish which is great.

You can’t really see what’s going on inside the mod, only the battery and bottle, the board is tucked away behind some black plastic, I was going to remove this just to see whats going on inside (its like knowing the wizard of Oz is tucked away behind the curtain, you wanna open it up and take a peep, but you know you shouldn’t!) but I don’t have a star shaped screwdriver which this needs… so it can keep its secrets stored away for now!

Buttons, Battery  & Bottle

The buttons are nice, silver, slightly raised so you can’t lose them, nice little click when they’re pressed.

The battery compartment is fairly tight, A large plus and minus symbol shows which way round the battery should be fitted, and there is a ribbon for helpful removal.

One downside to mention, with the battery installed its awkward to remove and replace the silicone bottle. Especially replacing if you have just filled it. The bottle is really soft and when I tried this at first without removing the battery I ended up accidentally squeezing the bottle and there was a right mess to clean up. I found it best to remove the battery, and then slide the bottle back in from the side where the battery sits, much easier, and I lost less liquid!  :roll:

The Screen & Menu

The screen is small but bearable, showing watts in big lettering, ohms, volts, amps and power setting in smaller lettering but its not too small, which is always a bonus.

The menu is really basic, nothing to shout about. They kept it simple which I do like. 5 clicks to switch on, then another 5 clicks keeps the mod switched on but locks everything so you can’t accidentally fire it in your pocket, or turn the watts up and fry your coils! (not that 80w would fry them anyway) another 5 clicks, yep you got it… unlocks it.

Pressing and holding the + and – together will lock those 2 buttons, so you can vape but can’t alter the watts or temp.

3 clicks take you into the menu, and you have 3 settings, ‘power’,  then use the + or – button to switch through power, bypass, and temp. Press the fire button to select which one you want. Obviously selecting temp will then give you the wire options for that setting, SS, Ni and XX. Now I have absolutely no idea what ‘XX’ means, but in the very brief instruction manual, it does state that it should be SS, Ni and Ti, so maybe the XX is Ti, no idea why its like this?

Ok working through the menu you also have SYS next to the mode option, navigate to this and press fire to power down the mod. This is your ‘off’ switch.

When the mod is locked with 5 clicks, pressing fire and – will lock the ohms for TC vaping, and fire and + will invert the screen (turning it to face the opposite direction)

And that’s it, real basic stuff!

How it Vapes

It vapes well, I have tried it on power and temp modes, both seem to work without any real problems at all. I’ve even been all the way up to 80w and it seems to handle everything fine.

The watts alter in 0.1 increments, big thumbs up for this. However in temp mode F alters in increments of 10F at a time, and C alters in 5c, but… that isn’t the most annoying thing. F goes 400, 410, 420 and so on, how you would expect. Celsius really gets on my bits!!… it goes like this (starting from the lowest Celsius setting) 93, 98, 103 WTF!!! Excuse my language here, but this is really irritating! Now, when you get to the top end, you get 313, 314, 315 (then changes to F) but now if you come back down from 315 it will go 310, 305, 300      and so on.

Arghhh!! anyone with OCD will not like this at all!!
So if you want it to change in 0’s and 5’s, come down from the highest temp, if you don’t care about counting up in 3’s and 8’s start from the lowest….

So yeah, that is annoying, it’s also annoying that you can’t fine tune the temp, although I guess going from one end of the scale to the other, you can cover 0 3 5 and 8…. but oh those poor numbers in-between!  :fp2:

It is a spring loaded 510 pin, and I have used a 3 different RDA’s on this, all with no problem. The 510  plate is level with the top of the mod, and there is a small plastic collar that you can stick under your RDA if you’re worried about scratching the top.

One thing I have noticed is that there seems to be a leak somewhere between the bottle, and the 510 metal tube, as I always seem to have a puddle inside the mod when I go to fill the bottle or change the battery. So maybe the squonk tube isn’t tight enough on the metal tube… not sure, but have a tissue handy when you go inside.

Also need to mention battery life! Ughhh its dismal  :worried: I’ve been using the Killer at around 45w 0.26ohm clapton dual coils, and I’m lucky if I get an hour. I know it’s my own fault, and its a single battery mod what can I expect! So I am going to get some plain and simple micro coils in the RDA and vape at a lower wattage, but just thought that needed a mention.

Oh and (this feels like a de-ja-vu with the vaporesso) The killer is always asking me if it’s a new coil! It has an auto stand-by feature that I’m not sure how long it takes to kick in, but you need to press the fire button, it displays the Aleader logo, then asks me if its a new coil!! REALLY!!! you asked me this like 10 minutes ago!!! It can be a bit infuriating.

I feel like I’m doing more ranting than anything, that really isn’t the case, so on a positive note, the squonk bottle, I’ve heard some people say that its too soft, well not at all. You just need to treat it gently, squonk slowly and not too hard. I actually really like these soft silicone bottles, I find some of the plastic ones way too hard.

Final Thoughts

Even after all of the whining above, I do really love the Aleader Killer! If its just using it at night for an hour while on the laptop, or watching TV, so its not going into standby, it’s fantastic. Changing the battery is easy, pressing the bottle is easy, the squonk hole is in the perfect position. The mod is comfy to hold, not too big, although could be a bit more curved or rounded on the ends. The menu is nice and simple to navigate. It really is just a fun little squonker, and if you’re not expecting something totally outstanding (which at this price you shouldn’t be) I think you will be really happy with it.

Ceekays Shack Score

It’s dropping a couple of points unfortunately for the leak and those silly temp increments, and maybe half a one for the ‘New coil’ message. But I do still love it… so it gets a fun score of 7.5/10   :ting:
(honestly don’t let my little niggles put you off though, it does vape really well)

You can pick up a lovely blue & purple Aleader Killer 80w squonk mod over on Fasttech for the bargain price of $37.15 Go take a look –  Aleader Killer


Check out our forum for all the vaping help you need – Ceekays Vape Shack

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5 Replies to “Aleader Killer 80W Squonk Mod Review”

  1. can you please tell me how to change the watts during temp vaping? I have not found anything and that is unfortunately an exclusion criterion for me.
    Thanks for the help and happy new year !!

    1. Hi Jurgen, I’ve been looking for watts in TC myself, but it appears that it isn’t part of the TC settings. I have read that the watts set in ‘power’ mode may apply to the TC watts setting (although this isn’t confimed) and I haven’t tested this out as I’m more than happy to use SS coils on watts.
      What type of coils are you using?

      Happy New Year! 😉

  2. Is this a regulated mod?

    I’ve ordered one but can’t seem to think i’ve made a mistake as i underastand the regulated one is 70/75w. Mines 80 w

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