Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA Review – Happy Bunny or Bunny Boiler!?

After hearing all of the hype about the Hellvape  Dead Rabbit RBA, I had to jump on the bandwagon and see if all the hare-raising comments about this dripper were true! I know, I’m late to the review party as usual! But I wanted a decent Bottom Feed dripper to match my Aleader squonk mod, and the Dead Rabbit I ordered just happened to be silver with a nice blue swirly resin drip tip… so match made in heaven (hopefully, on the looks front at least)

The Dead Rabbit was a collaboration effort from the US Youtube reviewer ‘Heathen’ who I am not actually subscribed too and before the Dead Rabbit I hadn’t actually heard of  :ashamed:… and Hellvape manufacturer.

Just for the record I did get this RDA from fasttech for the purpose of review, but as you already know this won’t affect my judgement or thoughts in the slightest.


Ok so on the Fasttech website the specs read as follows:

  • 24mm rda with ample build space and generous post holes
  • Slide in top coil deck takes the guesswork out of pre cutting your coil leads
  • Adjustable top side diagonal airflow with a focus on flavor and to minimize leaking
  • Single or dual coil configurations
  • Gold plated positve post for better conductivity
  • Knurled grip to adjust the airflow with ease
  • Post screws fasten to the flat side of the coil lead to preserve your build
  • Bottom feeding pin included for ‘squonking’
  • Two 810 drip tip options including a colorful resin tip and a 510 adapter
  • Slotted or hex head post screw options
  • Protruding 510 pin and peek insulation for hybrid top cap compatibility

Box Contents

  • 1 x Dead Rabbit RDA
  • 1 x 810 colorful resin drip tip
  • 1 x 810 Delrin Drip Tip
  • 1 x 510 adapter
  • 1 x gold BF pin
  • 4 x hex screws
  • 2 x hex screwdriver
  • 1 x pack of o-rings

Looks & Feel of the Dead Rabbit

The logo, oh my gawd you just have to love this logo, the big fluffy ears and crosses for eyes! Its very comical, done in the style of a skull and crossbones, this is a great logo!  :yes: I have the silver SS edition and it looks all round fab. There’s a knurled top cap section which I suppose is for grip as you alter the air flow. And a wide 810 coloured drip tip, which does look great and compliments the overall look of the Dead Rabbit.

When you remove the top section and go inside the RDA you have gold plated positive posts and silver coloured negative posts. Now the posts from the sides are supposed to resemble bunny ears… hmmm, opinions vary. You have 2 fairly deep juice wells, although I would probably question why these don’t stretch round the whole bottom of the base, Instead of just 2 slots, one either side of the posts where the wicks will sit.

You will also notice a PEEK insulator in the centre, now I’m no where near technical enough to know what this is supposed to do, but I have read its for distributing your e-liquid evenly in the juice wells. On the top cap you will also notice 3 downward slanting air slots. These are apparently top air flow slots, but they slant downwards so you will blast the air directly onto your coils.

The machining is all spot on, everything fits nice and snug and there are no sharp edges. And did I mention it looks amazing!  :happydance:

Coiling and wicking the Dead Rabbit

First off, I haven’t changed the post screws over, I’m more than happy with the slotted/flat head screws that come pre-fitted.

You actually fit your coils so they are above the posts. Undo the screws and the legs of your coil will just slip down and into the holes. I’ve heard people raving about this as its supposed to be easier to trim the legs as they appear underneath the posts, however I found this a bit awkward to be honest, especially when I fitted clapton coils and once those legs hit the base of the deck they weren’t going anywhere, they didn’t just automatically curve outwards so I could snip of the excess (yes I always tend to leave mega long legs so I have something to work with) so I ended up cutting the legs before I placed the coil into the posts. Now this is all well and good but do try and gauge a rough estimate of how long those legs should be, my first coil wouldn’t stay put as I had cut the legs too short (I know it was an error in judgement on my part, I got snip happy, can’t blame the bunny  :fp2: )

Another thing I found awkward, unless you’re pretty good at shaping your legs so they both hang down in the exact same position (the middle, rather than either side of the coil) then you end up with a right skew-whiffed coil. Again maybe just my coil fitting skills, but it niggled me a little bit, however after tightening the screws you can get your screwdriver through the coil and give it a tug and pull to try and get the position somewhat straight.

Now your coils are going above the posts so just be careful not to have them too raised that they are going to touch that top cap, as it is dome shaped inside and theres probably not quite as much room as one would think, especially with some of these chunky wires that are in the limelight these days.

Onto wicking, and yeah wicking is pretty easy, but you do need extra length on those wicks as like I mentioned above, you are building above the posts meaning that your coils are higher than they would normally be. Its no good your wick just dipping a toe into that juice well, you need plenty in there. So give yourself a little extra length when cutting those wicks.

How does the Dead Rabbit Vape?

It vapes along quite nicely to be honest. Obviously your coil build has a lot to do with how any RDA etc will vape, but of course the actual RDA pulls everything together and the Dead rabbit does so quite well.

With the air flow slots fully open I personally don’t think it’s quite as airy as some RDA’s that I’ve used (but it’s airy enough) and if I close them down, (which is easy to do with the knurled grip section once the o-rings are juiced up)  I do get a fair old bit of resistance, although I didn’t like it, it just made the vape harsh. And just in case anyone is looking for the answer to: ‘Can this be used for mouth to lung inhaling?’ – Nope.

So far I’ve only tried dual coils, micro’s and claptons coming out at around 0.3ohm with the clapton and 0.4ohm with the micro coils. The flavour is good, and the vapour is pretty huge so the cloud chasers out there will love this.

I have tried this with dripping and squonking. I actually thought  my bottle was blocked while dripping and didn’t realise the liquid was pouring in!  :roll: and the dead rabbit hungrily took it all, until  I removed the top cap and saw that the deck was actually swimming… so there’s room in there for plenty of liquid, but remember drip, don’t pour!

Squonking works really well, that Peek insulator does indeed distribute the juice evenly into the 2 wells, and wicking works really well too. The two sunken juice wells are a bonus for squonking as when you let go of the bottle, it doesn’t suck all the liquid back down, I know this can be a problem on some RDA’s.

I’m a bit of a chain vaper, but the Dead Rabbit doesn’t get too hot while vaping, the vape stays fairly cool, although vaping away on my meager 40w, it’s hardly surprising really. I took it up to around 55w, and this is where the flavour really starts to kick in, but of course this is also where the vapour starts to warm up as well, and you really start to blast through the liquid. And at anything more than 55w, well a steam train has nothing on this bad bunny! Even at this higher wattage though the vape still stays nice and smooth, and I could still touch the outside of the RDA without burning my fingers  :yes:

Final Thoughts

To be honest I expected more, although I’m not sure why or what. Maybe because of the hype about the Dead Rabbit I was expecting the flavour to jump out and punch me, or for it to be a total breeze to coil. I just can’t quite put my finger on it, yes it’s a great RDA, but is it spectacular?… well its no more spectacular than some other RDA’s I’ve used. Yes the flavour is good, the vape is very smooth indeed, and yes it creates huge clouds of vapour.

It is ‘fairly’ easy to build on, the coils dropping down into the posts is a great idea.. but just trim those legs first. The juice wells are good, and squonking with it is good. But I feel like there should be more for it to deserve the rave reviews that it got, but then again what more could anyone ask for?

One thing I absolutely adore about it, is the look! It looks stunning, and it has that cute little logo. And with me having the silver one, I could just swap out the drip tips for different colours and it will mix and match with almost any mod that I have.

I don’t know maybe I was just over-expecting (I’m a woman, it’s what we do!  :dunno:) but it works, and it works very well.

Ceekays Shack Score – Losing a point on the bunny ear coil posts, like I said maybe it was just my coil fitting skills, but it wasn’t as super easy as I expected. So the Dead Rabbit gets a hopping happy 9/10   :thumbs:

You can get yourself a Dead Rabbit RDA over on Fasttech for the great price of $21.22 – That really is a bunny bargain! Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA


And as always you can chat about the Dead Rabbit or anything else vape related over on our forum! Ceekays Vape Shack

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