VapeWild – Assorted Flavours Review – Part One

So those lovely folks over at sent me a sample pack out to see what I think. There were 8 different flavours in total, so I decided to split them up over a couple of reviews, just to make things a little easier. And well… this is the first one.

I’ve added Vapewilds description in italic lettering, and then I’ll follow on with my thoughts after  :yes:

Green Apple Envy – Primary Flavours: Green Apple – Tell your friends, don’t envy you, just grab some Green Apple Envy!  The crisp bite of green apples and just enough of a bite to make you wanna bite back!  This e-liquid flavour is the apple a day you need to keep the doctor away.

Smell Test – Surprise surprise… I smell apples!

Its what it says on the tin (or rather bottle) no surprises at all with this one, its green apple, there is a little bit of a tang on the very tip of your tongue, but its a crisp green apple on a warm summers day. This wouldn’t be something I would vape too often as I like my apple flavours to be a bit on the sour side, and this isn’t sour at all.

The taste comes through way better at higher wattages, I normally vape RDA’s at around 40w, but upping this to 50w + the flavour is more pronounced but I find it to be more of a stewed green Apple flavour. Unfortunately I find this to be quite a harsh vape at higher watts though, so I definitely need to keep it down below 45w. Plenty of vapour from this one.

If you favour apple flavours you certainly won’t be disappointed with Green Apple Envy.

Ceekays Shack Score 3.5/5  :smile:

RazzleBerry – Primary Flavours: Raspberry, Blackberry – What’s not to love about raspberries and blackberries, especially when your name is Razzleberry?  Summer’s best fruits are here to stay in this delightful mashup of vape juice flavour!  

Smell test – Definitely berries of some kind, hard to make out exactly which, maybe blackberry. This actually smells lovely!

Definitely getting these 2 flavours (although it seems pretty weak) blackberry and raspberry kind of mushed up together. Although the raspberry does seem a little more prominent on the inhale, and the blackberry comes swinging in on the exhale. Its not overly sweet which is great, sickly flavours  become way too much way too soon for me, so this is one I can keep going for a while with.

I do find this flavour really mild, as if there is just a hint in the background. It wouldn’t be an all day vape for me, as I do find it lacking a certain something, (not sure what) the flavours just don’t seem to ‘pop’ out like you would expect them to. However if you’re after a mildish version of these two berries, give RazzleBerry a try.

Ceekays Shack Score 2.5/5

Peache Guavara – Primary Flavours: Peach, Guava – Peache Guavara is nothing but spectacular. This revolutionary flavor is like fireworks in your mouth, with wonderful guava mixed with fresh peaches. This will not only become your all day vape but it will also be a flavour you do not want to share.

Smell Test – I do get peach but not really sure what else, it smells very crisp and fruity, back hint of apple maybe?

This one is lovely, juicy peach and what I can only assume is Guava (I don’t think I’ve ever had Guava before, to eat or vape) It’s kind of like a sweet and sour taste, This 2 flavours do mix well together, I think its more  peach on the inhale and then guava follows along after, although guava is definitely the more prominent in this liquid and stays on your taste buds for longer.

It’s not too sweet which I absolutely love, I really do like this peach/guava mix! Its a very smooth vape, with masses of vapour. I can see this flavour being one that I pop back to on a daily basis… now I’ve discovered guava I gotta have my daily blast!

If you like sweet peaches and fancy a bit of a contrast from the guava, definitely add Peache Guavara to your list – It’s lush!

Ceekays Shack Score 5/5  :thumbs:

Rice Krisps – Primary Flavours: Cereal, Vanilla – Your favorite crispy cereal layered with vanilla has been transformed into an eliquid, now it’s really going to be impossible to get enough of this classic treat!

Smell test – Warm breakfast cereal!

This one was a real surprise, I automatically thought I would hate it, but as it stands I can’t stop vaping it!! This really is a breakfast cereal vape. A little on the sweet side for me to be honest, but I can imagine this would mix really well with some fruit flavours… lots of people have fruit in their cereal in the morning. A nice strawberry would go down a treat with this!

I don’t eat cereal these days, in fact I think its gotta be 20+ years since I savoured a bowl of rice krispies with a splash of milk and a sprinkle of sugar on the top, but this takes me right back!! Yet again the vapour is nice and smooth and plenty of it.

If you like a good cereal vape, you have to get Rice Krisps, its totally yummy!

Ceekays Shack Score 4.5/5  :ting:

If you fancy giving any of the above flavours a go, pop on over to and add some to your basket. For €3.49 for 10ml, it’s worth a try.


As always, Ceekays Vape Shack welcomes anyone who wants to chat, or needs help with anything vape related 🙂

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