Pink Revamp by Vapesmarter

So for any of you guys that have read my ‘Pink’ review,  the news is that Stu (Vapesmarter) reworked her,  making her a little bit smaller, and a little bit sexier! Actually no…. I think she is way sexier!! No kidding, she is totally stunning now (magic hands created this end result)

You can see here exactly what Vapesmarter did to make her a little bit more curvy,  and a wee bit smaller…

In Stu’s own words… it was too big in the hand it needed to be smaller

trouble is when the mod is finished simple lopping a bit off here and there is not something you can do

so I had to deconstruct the mod

so I’ve cut 5mm off the thickness dropped the top by 10mm and cut the back edge to reveal the battery tube, new top plate installed, for me the top plate needs to be 25mm the days of the 22mm atty are on the wain all my top plates are for the 24mm, 25mm 26mm, atty which is becoming more of a standard for me.

the top plate has new screws also

so add the parts together

there was a problem with the squonk cap being to shallow for the coin opener so I have sunk this deeper so the coin fits better

so what happens now

this is going out to be reviewed by another person.

Isn’t she just absolutely amazing now?!…. This other person that will review Pink, is none other than Mr Todd himself!! Yep good ole Todd from Todds reviews 

Now I can remember watching Todd review some of the first mods and tanks I ever owned, some five or six years ago….. Yep Todd is like me, a fossil in the vaping world! But he’s well worth taking a look at (well his video’s are, lol…. sorry Todd, no offense! )

So…. Stu – Vapesmarter, heres my fingers crossed for you!  I know Pink is awesome, but I cant wait to see what her next reviewer will think 😉

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