VapeWild – Assorted Flavours Review – Part Two

So following on from the first 4 flavours which I reviewed last week (and that can be found here. ) I have been busy trying out the other 4. Once again a huge thanks to Vapewild for sending these out for me to try. In the package there was also some Vapewild stickers, a steeping guide, and vapeband/tankband whatever you want to call it, and some Vapewild business cards.

I just want to mention (as I forgot in the other review) that I opted for the ‘heavy VG’ at 3mg (0.3%) nicotine.

OK lets get cracking with these four flavours. Same as last time, Vapewilds description in italics, following on with my thoughts after  :smile:

Slo Mo – Primary Flavours: Watermelon, Berries, Whipped Cream – Slow your roll with this clock-defying mix of juicy berries and ripe melon topped with rich whipped cream. Take an extra long chill break with the lusciously fruity, delightfully creamy SLO MO ejuice in your tank.

Smell test – Watermelon, fruity smell.

The watermelon is the most prominent flavour here, and sweet cream as well, but there is a tangy background taste of berries although I have no idea what berries they are.

Its a nice flavour altogether, but even with the tangy back taste its still a little too sweet for me to vape for more than five minutes at a time. This is really not the kind of flavour that I would normally go for at all, really doesn’t do much for me at all. I’ve always wanted to love watermelon flavours, unfortunately I have never found one that makes me want to say ‘More!’   :no2:

Lots of vapour, and a sweet smooth vape.

For anyone that likes a nice sweet watermelon eliquid, ‘Slo Mo’ is definitely worth a go.

Ceekays Shack Score is a bitter sweet 3/5  :yes:

Fruit Bomb – Primary Flavours: Raspberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango – A mind-blowing explosion with shrapnel of raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, and mango. Fruit Bomb ejuice is literally the ( is overrated). 

Smell test – This one smells bloomin’ lovely, very tropical fruity kind of smell.

There really is so many flavours going on in this one, I found it hard to pick them out. I definitely get Pineapple and mango, and unfortunately that’s enough to put me off from the start!

Theres a really strange flavour on the exhale, not sure whether its the mango or not but I really don’t like this one at all….

For anyone wishing to try Fruit Bomb, its definitely a tropical flavour, and theres plenty going on, but for me, its way over the top, and with it including two flavours that I’ve never really been keen on vaping (one of those flavours I might have managed, but two!!) This one will be passed on to someone else to try.  It’s a shame really as it smelled so gorgeous!  :(

Loads of vapour, and nice and smooth though.

Ceekays Shack Score (sorry Fruit Bomb!) 1/5

Prof Snipes Slytherin Sauce – Primary Flavours: Pear, Coconut, Cream – Professor Snipes Slytherin Sauce eliquid is not just for any Basilisk lover but perfect for heads of any house! The potion master himself helped us create this amazing blend of pear fruit and coconut cream straight from the tropics! This is a wizard favorite and you might just be able to speak parseltongue after vaping it!

Smell test – I can smell pear, but no matter how hard I sniff the bottle I cannot get the slightest hint of coconut!

This one took me a while to find all of the flavours, It was very hit and miss at first. The initial flavour to come through was the pear on the inhale, but not a candy pear, a sweet ripe pear. This was followed by the cream and then the coconut.

After struggling to first taste the coconut, now I can taste it,  it seems to be the main flavour, definitely stays on your tongue through and after the exhale, with the hint of fruity pear.  This one reminds me a little bit of a tropical beverage, a long tall glass of Malibu and fruit mixer. You could almost be kicking back on a sun lounger next to the sea lapping against a white sandy beach!

I really do like this! Its definitely moreish! As the flavour disappears from my tongue I find myself popping the RDA back up to my lips for another vape. Plenty of vapor, and a real smooth creamy taste as well.

If coconut is something you like, then you should definitely give ‘Prof Snipes’ a try.

Ceekays Shack Score – This is definitely different, but it works, and due to that it gets a 4.5/5   :thumbs:

Candy cane – Primary Flavours: Peppermint – You can never go wrong with Candy Cane eliquid. This flavour will not only remind you of Christmas but fill your mouth with the refreshing flavour around. This slightly sweet peppermint vape will keep you coming back for more, not just to cleanse your pallet but because this mildly sweet mint is perfect for an all-day vape.

Smell test – It’s…. Minty!

It’s not a secret that I love mint and menthol flavours, and this one totally ticks the box for me. It’s minty, but not too minty. It’s far from overpowering, just a really perfect peppermint vape.

You could be lounging on the sofa with your favourite blanket, watching Polar express and chewing on a red and green striped candy cane! What more could you ask for. Nice and smooth, plenty of vapour, and I will definitely be coming to this one for more!

All you mint lovers out there… imagine Christmas, imagine lights, pine needles, and presents…. and Peppermint! If you like mint, try Candy Cane.

Ceekays Shack Score is a very ‘cool’ 5/5  :bow:

You can find all of the flavours that I have reviewed over at at €3.49 for 10ml. And of course it’s not just fruity liquids, they have a whole host of taste bud tempting flavours  :yes:


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