Vaptio C-II Starter Kit Review

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This was sent to me by the lovely Jason over at Vaptio, thanks very much Jason  :smile:

It’s been a while since I’ve used a tube type devise, used to love them a few years ago, but I kind of got used to using box mods, so I did wonder how I would get on with this…. anyhow, lets start off with specs.

Basic Specs:

Battery Capacity:3000mAh
Battery Type:Build-in
Wattage Range:30~100W
Max Output Current:25A
Max Output Voltage:4.2V
Resistance Range:0.25Ω for Kanthal
Charging Interface:Micro-USB
Passthrough: NO
Product Size (L*W*H):141×Φ25

Atomizer Basic Spec

Resistance Range:0.15Ω~0.25Ω
E-liquid capacity:2.0ml

First Thoughts – Look & Feel

Opening the box I was greeted by the mod, nestled in the normal pretty high quality packaging that Vaptio use. The box contains the C-II mod, a couple of attys both 0.25ohms, a charging lead and of course an instruction manual that leaves practically everything to the imagination! The mod is rather chunky looking. Black in Colour, but its like a rubberised finish which feels really nice to hold. It feels quite weighty which of course does give it that air of quality that some devices never seem to manage.

Its actually perfect to hold, fits really nicely in the hand, it doesn’t feel as chunky as it looks if that makes any sense, and the finish allows a bit of grip on the mod. The Vaptio logo is in grey at the bottom of the battery but its not in your face, which is a bonus. And on the bottom of the battery you have the normal safety markings, the designed and made by stamp, and the central vent hole, but what shocked me (because I didn’t read the specs when I first saw the device) 3000mAh battery!! Now that I like!  :yes:

Battery & Button

There is no power control on the battery, it just starts off at 4.2v and drops until it needs a charge. So the actual output wattage of course depends on the coil ohms. It does state maximum 100w and a minimum of 30w.

As stated before, the 3000mAh battery is a real welcome change, I tend to alternate devices during the day so I can switch flavours, tanks etc, normally I have 3 or 4 on the go, and even then with single battery mods I find I have to change the battery in each one daily (if not twice a day) So I was shocked that I actually managed to go a couple of days with the C-II without needing a recharge.

However I didn’t notice an indication that the battery was about to die, it just did! So its great that the battery does last a good while, but on the other hand it leads you into a false sense of security of making you think its going to last forever.

A note to battery/mod manufacturers, please… please make some kind of indicator that the battery is ready for a recharge, its really not fun when it just packs up and dies mid vape without any warning what so ever! Anyhow when it does need a recharge, it takes a good 4 hours! The spec says ‘No’ to passthrough mode, so I’m assuming this can’t be vaped and charged at the same time. This could really do with a method to fast charge, if this was your only mod and you had to wait 4 hours for it to charge…. you would probably ripping your hair out after two!  :roll: So needs either a fast charge, or the option to vape while you charge.

The button is ok, square and with ‘II’ on it. Nice and easy to press with a good solid click. Its plastic though, not the rubberized finish like the rest of the mod. The area around the button lights up when you press it, and while charging the light gives long flashes.

The battery has the auto off safety feature which shuts down after 10 minutes of not being used. Good in a way, but can be really annoying if you pop it down on the table and wander off to make a cuppa… come back and pick it up to vape on fresh air! 5 clicks will of course switch it back on, so not the end of the world.

And if you decide you want to switch the battery off instead of waiting 10 minutes, 5 clicks will take care of that for you.

The Tank

The tank is pretty good, it holds 4ml of liquid and has some quirky little features. For one, it will take both screw in, and drop in coils. No idea why to be honest, but I guess it gives you a few options with coil types and enough variation to find one that suits your style of vaping.

It has liquid control on it, you can open and close the valve to adjust how much liquid you’re letting into the atty, This is done using the top cap. When you fill the tank, by turning the top cap to remove it this closes off the liquid inlet. When you pop the top back on and screw it down tight you will actually see the liquid inlet holes opening back up. So do keep an eye on this, and make sure theyre not closed while your vaping. Just push down and twist the top cap and you will see the liquid holes opening and closing.

When filling (after removing the top cap) there is a rubber disc that helps prevent leaking, just push the dropper down the side and fill the tank. I tend to fill up to the rubber disc, and this has been fine.

The airflow can be closed right down and  mouth to lung inhaling is just about possible, however with the power this battery puts out, and a 0.25ohm coil, the vapour is just really hot and to be honest with restricted air flow, there’s not much of it. So even though this is advertised as a starter kit, I don’t think its suitable for new vapers that want to mouth to lung inhale. Although if you’re happy to direct lung inhale, then great!

The tank can be removed from the battery and stripped down, the top and bottom can be removed so you can get in to wash the whole thing out.

The Mouthpiece

Not really sure what’s going on here. The mouthpiece seems to be fixed to the top cap of the tank in the way of a metal collar, however there is a plastic sleeve that goes over the top which you actually use as the drip tip. This plastic bit can be removed to expose the metal part, and that will hold a normal 510 drip tip, however the metal collar can still be seen, and it just looks bl**dy ridiculous!… I don’t get it?? Why not just have the normal 510 fitting for the mouthpiece that can be removed and then pop your own 510 drip tip on  :dunno:

How the Vaptio C-II Vapes

Its a beast!! Seriously this thing creates some really decent vapour. The flavour… well one of the included coils was great flavour wise, the other not so much.

2 coils were included in the kit, a 180A which drops/pushes into the tank, and a 129A which screws in. They are both 0.25ohms, and both kanthal. So you wouldn’t expect much difference right?…

Wrong! I started with the 180A, primed properly, and I was horrified…. it had that same awful taste that I got from the frogman tank coils if you can remember me mentioning that. My review of the Frogman tank can be found here. I have no idea what the flavour is, it can only be described as a rubbery or plasticky kind of taste. I actually thought it might be due to the finish on the mod and tank, and was hoping that after a couple of tanks of liquid the taste would fade – 3 tanks later and it was still as strong as ever. The same as last time, I tried a different flavour, waited for it to come through, but still this awful rubbery back taste is there.  :yuk:

So, I swapped that coil out for the 129A, primed… and BAM! Full flavour and no rubber! I’m really not sure what this bad taste is, the wire, the cotton, could it even be the material they’re using for the seals?? Last time I put it down to a bad batch of coils, but these are different types of coil. I have no idea, but the new coil had not even the slightest hint of it! The flavour is spot on, the vapour doesn’t seem quite as good as the first coil, but hey, I can forgive that!

I do intend to pass this finding on to Vaptio and see if they can explain or even if they are aware, because yet again it has put a bad spin on what would have been a great review… luckily this time the second coil is spot on.

So now it’s vaping brilliantly, good flavour, good vapour… one thing, it does make a right racket while you’re vaping it. Which doesn’t bother me, but the loud hissing/crackling drives my hubby nuts, so its going to be one of those devices that I can only use when he’s not here!

Final Thoughts

It’s really comfy to hold and use, and it’s not too heavy. It does just slip into my jacket pocket, and with the auto off safety feature, you’re not going to end up with a burnt coil if you accidentally press the button while its squashed against the humbugs that have been in your pocket collecting fluff!

It does vape brilliantly, I can see device being a real work horse! It would more than likely last you a full day at work, and most definitely a full days shopping trip in town. And if you need to fill the tank on the go its nice and easy, no faffing about unscrewing the tank from the battery and removing the bottom, just remove the top, fill and pop it back on, done!

One thing I will say, it needs some new colours, on the box there are 2 colour options, black and grey. I don’t really like either of these  :fp2: Come on Vaptio lets see some nice colours for the ladies, red wine, purple…. For me I would avoid buying something if it didn’t come in a colour that I like (thats just me and might seem a little bit ‘flaky’, but they could at least have a silver/SS option if they don’t intend to release some better colours into the market) I tend to think of black as a guy colour!  :roll:

So… apart from the colour I actually really love this, and can see it becoming my go to device for out and about, and even while I’m watching a video or two in bed at night, its a no fuss, no faff, simple device and it vapes extremely well. And to top it off, its really nice to use something different to a box mod for a change.

Ceekays Shack Score – I was going to minus a point for the dodgy coil, but seeing as there was a good one in the kit, I’m going to overlook it this time and see what Vaptio say about it. It does drop a point for the long charge time and no passthrough capability. For a starter kit, with this much power, I have to give it a full on 9/10 :ting:

You can get yourself a  Vaptio C-II kit here – from the Vaptio site for $41.50, a real great price for the battery life and power this kit puts out!

Once again a big thanks to the guys n gals at for sending this out, and keep an eye out for my up coming review of the Vaptio Turbo RDTA  :wink:

And don’t forget, if you fancy chatting about anything vape related, why not pop over and check out our forum – Ceekays Vape Shack
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