NCR RDA – Nicotine Reinforcer – Is It Dangerous?!

Is The NCR Dangerous??

So I was sent this NCR for review, and my initial thing was to wick it up and have a little play with it, set the curve feature on my mod to what the instructions said (I watched these on a youtube vid as the actual instructions in the package where very vague to say the least) So curve mode at 70-90w to start for a couple of seconds, dropping down to 50w-ish for the rest of the duration.

The first thing I noticed was the resistance didn’t seem stable at all, it would start off cold at around 0.4ohms, but then as it got hot the resistance tended to shoot upwards, 0.5ohms, 0.58, 0.62, 0.67 and you get where I’m going with this, so that was a little bit weird.

The second weird thing was how hot everything got, the mod started to feel extremely warm and I don’t get that if I’m vaping SS or kanthal at 80w. I went to remove the NCR to pop it onto another mod, and the 510 threads were that hot I actually couldn’t touch them!

Anyhow, I decided to post pics on my forum, which we all do when we get something new. One of my members came back with a video that had been posted this week by Jai Haze:

So I instantly thought “Whooaaa!!” Is this true?? Did a little searching around and found a Reddit thread on the same topic.

This snippet is taken from the Reddit page if you don’t fancy popping over and reading the whole thread

“One more thing , I contacted a SST aluminum nitride maker in the USA. I asked them in their opinion would it be harmful to heat this material and vape e-liquid off of it ..they told me no way would they tell someone it was OK to vape from this material . They told me it would cause severe nerve damage and when they make it they have to wear a full body protection suit and very high grade breathing mask because of the dust from making this material.”

Doesn’t sound good does it!? So at this stage the NCR is now on the table, and I’m thinking no way am I vaping this thing ever again!

Wafer Material?

One question in my mind… How does anyone know whether this wafer is definitely made from this material? I did find this:

Source of the image   E-cigarette Forum. Note the Wafer Material SST aluminium nitrade

However not many vendors actually selling the NCR state what the wafer is made from. And searching around the good old internet doesn’t pull much info up at all about the NCR RDA

Sooo…. this is more of a keep an eye open until more info comes to light, but me personally, I’ve boxed the thing back up and don’t intent to use it.

One strange thing, about half an hour after starting to use the NCR I did mention to my hubby that I had a headache that had appeared out of no where!

So please if anyone has any info do comment below, or pop on over to our forum and let us know your findings.

This does deserve to be taken very seriously, and it really isn’t worth risking your health over!

Box it up, put it away and wait for more info to come to light!

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