The Vaptio Wall Crawler Kit – Review

Vaptio sent me two of these kits, thanks very much to the folks over at One for review and the other one is of course up for grabs over on the Competition board.


Tank size: 23.5*54.9mm
E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
Mod size: 73*50*28.5mm
Screen: 1.3 inch color screen
Wattage: 7-80w
Resistance range: 0.05-2.0 ohm
Battery form factor: 18650

In The Box

1* Throne tank
1* Iron Spider mod
1* User manual
1* USB cable
1* Throne D1 coil, 0.25ohm
1* Throne D2 coil, 1.2ohm

First Thoughts – Look & Feel

My first thoughts on opening the box were, I love the tank, but definitely don’t like the web design on the mod. However… the shape and feel of the mod in my hand is lovely!

Not keen on the spider on the back, or the overall spider-web design, but its is called the wall crawler… so spider, thats just a personal thing for me, I’m sure plenty of you will love the ‘spider-man’ type design.

It feels kind of plasticky, there are some plastic bits on there, but some is metal. It has like a mix and match feel to it, and this does make it feel a bit on the cheap side, which isn’t good  :no2:

Throne Tank

The throne tank, is lovely, really nice design. Dark/black glass which I do like, but it’s not that dark that you can’t see your liquid level. Easy to grip top and bottom with notches cut out, makes it look a bit like a crown, so you have the over all Royalty theme. With it being a small 2ml tank it gets quite hot at around 35w on the glass and metal top, but thankfully the drip tip stays cool.

The tank came with two easy change atomisers, which you pull out from the top of the tank to replace. When changing the atomiser there is a little notch and slot which have to lined up for the atty to drop fully into the tank.  This can also be done when the tank is full as you just close those liquid valves off, and hey presto… no leaks! Just don’t forget to open those vales back up afterwards.

I have been using the sub-ohm coil at around 30w, and there is plenty of vapour. There is also a 1.2ohm coil in the kit, which I have just changed over to, and I’m using at the minute at around 20 watts, not so much vapour but a nice smooth vape though. I did notice this weird taste again on the sub-ohm atty, and have done a search around and it seems a couple of reviewers seem to think its a cotton taste. Now they have wrote that it does clear after a few tanks of liquid go through, another reviewer has recommended washing the atomiser. I’m not sure about this… cotton and washing don’t really go well together, but maybe this time it’s worth a try. On the higher ohm atty, I haven’t noticed the taste and I’m thinking thats maybe because the power is lower and just not blasting away at the cotton, I don’t know  :dunno: but flavour wise the 1.2ohm is way better.

The no leak disc that sits in the top of the tank can be a bit of a hindrance, chunky nozzles won’t go down there, and silicone nozzles get pushed back out… its like battle of silicones with this! Long thin pointy plastic nozzles is the best way to go. For me and my gorilla nozzles I actually have to stick a screwdriver down the side of the disc and push it over so I can pour some liquid it. Bring back refill holes on tanks this small, there was actually nothing wrong with them in the first place! Or just take the anti-leak disc out and job done!

The AFC (air flow control) ring twists easily, but even with the air closed pretty much all the way, and the 1.2ohm coil there’s not enough resistance on the draw for a real mouth to lung inhale. So this is more of a kit for direct lung inhalers.

Screen, Buttons and Menu – Wall Crawler Mod

The screen is really nice, full colour, crisp and clear, I like this… a lot!  :yes: unfortunately the pics don’t do the colours justice, they really are bold and clear. The buttons are located at the bottom of the screen, with a nice audible click when pressing them. Maybe a little on the small side, but they work well.


The menu is easy to work, 3 clicks gets you in there, and then you have the choice of Mode, Setting, Theme and Back (which obviously gets you out of the menu)

Mode has 5 options, Power (watts), Temp, Power curve, and something new that I personally haven’t seen before ‘Temp curve’ and then last but not least Bypass for all you folks wanting to use this as a mech.

The next option ‘Setting’ gives you, System, Smoke time, Sleep time, Inner resistance and Language. Most of those are fairly self explanatory, it’s nice to see Sleep Time in there, this is how long before your screen goes off, and then into standby, and these are two separate settings. The confusing thing for me is ‘Inner Resistance’ This is supposed to be a monitor of some kind for your batteries, with Actual Conditions, and Testing Conditions, but all I ever get with this setting is Mis Match. Now my batteries are fairly old…. but mis-match? Maybe it’s telling me I need new batteries…  :worried:


The next option is Theme, and there is only one choice, I’m assuming that at some stage there will be a firmware update for this that will allow changes to be made to language, theme etc.

Now Vaptio boast that the Wallcrawler mod delivers massive torque and vapour in just 0.005 seconds. I have noticed that the power to the coil does seem pretty much instant. No waiting for the coil to fire, so this is a great feature!

The battery is accessed by unscrewing the cap on the battery chamber next to the tank.

Oh and you can find the charging port just under the battery.

How does the Wall Crawler Kit Vape?

It does vape very well, instant clouds.  The menu is easily changeable. I haven’t had any problems at all. It just works, and works extremely well. The battery doesn’t last a vast amount of time with the 0.25ohm coil, but this is to be expected from a single battery mod using a sub-ohm coil. What you gain in comfort and small size, you of course lose in battery run time.

What’s M’eh!

The design… I don’t like spiders! I know this is a personal choice. Maybe I should get some stickers and cover the logo! However there is the overall ‘spiders web’ design around the mod itself. It’s not really feminine at all, which is a shame. It also makes it geared more towards the younger generation of vapers, than us uhhh…. middle aged old fuddy duddies! classy vapers!  :xx:


I wish the Wall Crawler had a different fire button, really not into these side lever type of buttons. Although its not like the Wismec or Smok lever type. This is more of a huge button that presses from the middle up. A smaller raised button the side would be perfect. Again personal preference.

Final Thoughts & What I liked

This seems more of a fun styled kit, but I think with a design change they could have a really classy looking kit here. The tank and the mod themes are just miles apart from each other in design terms, but they do work really well together in terms of vape.

The mod itself reminds me of the Eleaf Pico, and I always loved my pico’s, they fit nicely into my hand. The Wall Crawler mod is comfy to hold, doesn’t weigh a ton which is always a bonus in my book. And it will be more than happy to be popped into your pocket when you’re off out. Do take a spare battery though as a single one isn’t going to last long with the sub ohm atty.

I love the instant fire feature. No waiting for the power to reach the coil. I know you don’t tend to notice the second that it normally takes to happen with other mods, however you do notice the speed of this one. The power is instantly there, there’s no ramp up, which in my book is really great.

Overall its a good fun, daily use kit, and one last point to add, it does seem to be able to take some knocks! It has already found itself lying on the floor twice after sliding from my laptop and crashing on the lamp base before ending up on the wooden floor! This is always a great characteristic for a mod when it finds itself in my possession!

Ceekays Shack Score

The only real reason to minus points on this are my personal reasons of spider the design and the button. So losing half a point each there, and scoring a web-spinning 9/10!   :thumbs:

You can pick up the wall Crawler Kit on the Vaptio. com website.

Wall Crawler Kit with Throne Tank for $75.00

Wall Crawler Kit with Frogman Tank for $59.99


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