Vaptio Solo 2 Kit – Review

Yes I did go out in the snow to get that pic! Crazy?…. Little bit!  :ting:
The Vaptio Solo 2 was sent to me by Jason, so I can give it the once over and see what I think – Huge thanks to Jason.

Solo 2 Specs

2ml – 4ml Tank Capacity
3000mAh Battery
>0.15ohm Resistance Range
30W/40W/50W Output
10 Second Safety Cut-off

Solo 2 – In The Box

1 x Solo 2 Device
2 x 0.25 Kanthal Coils
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

First Thoughts, Looks & Feel

First thoughts on opening the box, love the colour!! These rainbow colours really are very pretty. It’s quite a chunky tube (pen type) mod, with Vaptio – Solo 2 printed onto the bottom of the battery and next to the button you have the setting options, with colour and power setting. This is meh! Maybe this could have been made on a little plastic sticker that you could remove if you didn’t want an instruction set on the side of your mod! However… it is handy to have the options there to see. Saves getting the manual out I suppose!

There are 2 rather large air intake holes under the glass tank section, and these are not adjustable, which means that this mod is a direct lung device. It does have a rather wide 510 drip tip, but you can remove this and fit one of your own should you wish.

It feels nice to hold, not too light and not too heavy (Goldilocks would love it!)  :yes:
The tank section does have a silicone bung type thing inside to make it TPD compliant, if you wish to be TPD compliant then leave this in.

Solo 2 – Basic Operation

The solo 2 comes with an atomizer already fitted, so you just need to fill the tank. Remove the top plastic cap by unscrewing and here lies the first problem!  :worried:

If you have a chunky nozzle you are going to struggle! The 2 liquid fill holes for the Solo 2 both have a layer of silicone underneath them. Now this is Vaptio’s anti leak mechanism, which is great until you can’t move it out of the way to fill the tank. This is under the metal top section. It would have been way better laid on top so you could lift it, remove it… do whatever you need to do to get the tank filled.

As it turned out I had to push down on the silicone with a small screwdriver to open the fill hole, and then pour the liquid in  :roll: Not a huge problem you say…. but, it would be if I wanted to fill the tank while I’m out! Might be a good idea to make sure you have your liquid in a bottle with a longish thin nozzle.


Anyhow, fill the tank and as always leave it to sit for a while so the cotton can soak the liquid up (preventing you from getting a dry/burnt hit)

Just a quick mention, I did get that weird taste that I have had with some Vaptio tanks before. It is the same as I got from the atty in the Frogman tank which I replaced the atty with a SMOK one and the bad taste was gone, so I’m pretty positive its something in the attys giving this taste! So, I removed the atty from the Solo 2 and washed it in some hot water, I let it soak for an hour and then popped it on the radiator to dry and it has been much better  :yes:

Turn the Solo 2 on by clicking the fire button 5 times, and then select your power level. DO start on the lowest setting, which is a red light around the button (if you start on high power you will risk burning the coil) And then let the coil bed in before attempting to hike up the power. When you are ready to turn up the power, 3 clicks will cycle you through the 3 settings. Red – low power (30w), Blue – medium power (40w), and White – high power (50w)  (but I didn’t need to tell you that as it states it next to the button!) You can also get a 0.15ohm coil for this little beast which of course would make the output wattage higher.

If you need to change the atomizer, hold the whole thing upside down and unscrew the battery from the tank. The actual atomizer screws into both the top of the tank and the battery, and I found that the atomizer unscrewed from the battery but not the top of the tank! Which meant I had to tip out the liquid, remove the glass and then try unscrewing the atty from the top section of the tank. I did try without removing the glass, but found that just a small section of the base of the atomizer was twisting  :worried: which if I had kept on doing, this may have dislodged the coil.

So changing the atty for me was a bit hit and miss. Maybe best not to try and change the coil with half a tank full of liquid! (I’m one of those people where, if something can go wrong… it normally does!)

How Does The Solo 2 Vape?

It’s pretty good. It’s definitely a direct lung inhale mod, and for the first few tanks it did seem to wick fairly well. I use 70/30 VG/PG liquid. But… this last tank of juice has been a little hit and miss, I’m getting the odd burnt tasting hit here and there. Taking a cold draw (drawing without pressing the fire button) does help. I actually wonder if this is happening because I washed the coil. We all know what happens to cotton after you’ve soaked it in water, its tends to clump together. So if you do decide to wash your atomizer, dry it fully and then maybe poke the cotton with a pin (via the liquid inlet holes) to break open the cotton a little.

The battery lasts a good amount of time, it is 3000 mAh so you are going to get a decent run time. Charging is done via the little charging port on the reverse side to the button. And there is a red light under the port to let you know that it is charging, which goes off when it’s charged (approx 4 hours from fully depleted)

Converting the tank to the 4ml version (by removing the silicone bung) makes the tank size pretty decent. You’re not constantly having to fill it.

Final Thoughts

It’s ok, looks good, is nice and comfy to hold, you get decent flavour (once you’ve washed the atty) and of course with a low ohm coil you are getting plenty of vapour if that’s what you’re looking for.

A great battery run time, and it’s just a nice device for taking out and about, a trip to the shops or an evening in front of the TV.

Ceekays Shack Score

Ok it’s losing a point for the bad tasting atty (and having to wash it) and I also have to deduct a point for the filling holes. The anti leak seal is a great idea, it just needs rethinking so I can use bigger nozzles, maybe put the seal above so it can be removed? And last of all losing a point for these dry hits that I’m getting now and again… I know it may be my fault for washing the Atomizer, but I shouldn’t have to wash it in the first place!

So the Solo 2 is getting a 7/10 :smile:

If you fancy trying the Solo 2 from Vaptio you can take a look at it here on the official Vaptio website.
Or try some of your local stockists and online stores.

If you have any questions about the Solo 2 why not join us over on Ceekays Vape Shack

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