Smok TFV12 Prince Tank – Fix For Leaking

I took delivery of the Smok X-Priv kit late last week, and was overwhelmed by its rainbow shiny goodness! However the TFV12 Prince tank on the other hand got right on my ….. zipped

No sooner had I filled it and left it to sit for the coils to soak, e-liquid started running from the blummin’ air flow holes. And when I say running, thats exactly what I mean. If I turned the TFV12 Prince tank on it’s side , the liquid would literally pour out! And before anyone suggests changing the atty, I did, and it didn’t work! wall

So I did a bit of searching around, found a few fixes and one of them actually worked for me. So here’s what to do.

  1. Close the air flow (to fully closed)
  2. Fill the tank via the top fill hole, but do not fill to the top, leave 5mm or so gap (you may need to leave a bigger gap, it will be trial and error to see what works best for you)
  3. Close the top cap
  4. Take several hard draws on the tank without firing the mod
  5. Open the airflow


Ok that’s all there is to it. Now I was happily doing this over the weekend and have had no leaking. However last night, I filled the tank to the top leaving only around a 2mm gap, and the TVF12 Prince tank started leaking like a sieve again! So I poured a little liquid out (via the air holes!… why not.) then closed the airflow, took the draws without firing the mod, and it was back in business. yes

One more fix you could try if this doesn’t work.

  1. Strip the tank down
  2. Remove the bottom and unscrew the atty from both the top and bottom of the tank.
  3. Give everything a wipe over
  4. Screw the atty into the top section of the tank first
  5. Screw the bottom of the tank onto the atty
  6. Make sure everything is nice and tight
  7. Follow the above filling method.

Do also bear in mind that you need a high VG liquid for these tanks, they have massive liquid holes in the attys and high PG liquid will have a tendency to run straight through.

I hope these methods work and make the TFV12 Prince tank more bearable for you. I think it’s totally hit and miss whether you get a good tank, or a bad one. There are loads of people never have a problem (I have two Smok baby beast tanks, and have never had so much as a drop leak from them) and then other people have nothing but problems.

Anyhow, give it a go, and leave a comment whether this method works for you. Also leave a comment if you have any other fixes for the TFV12 Prince tank leaking problem.

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