Smok TFV12 Prince Tank – Fix For Leaking

I took delivery of the Smok X-Priv kit late last week, and was overwhelmed by its rainbow shiny goodness! However the TFV12 Prince tank on the other hand got right on my ….. zipped

No sooner had I filled it and left it to sit for the coils to soak, e-liquid started running from the blummin’ air flow holes. And when I say running, thats exactly what I mean. If I turned the TFV12 Prince tank on it’s side , the liquid would literally pour out! And before anyone suggests changing the atty, I did, and it didn’t work! wall

So I did a bit of searching around, found a few fixes and one of them actually worked for me. So here’s what to do.

  1. Close the air flow (to fully closed)
  2. Fill the tank via the top fill hole, but do not fill to the top, leave 5mm or so gap (you may need to leave a bigger gap, it will be trial and error to see what works best for you)
  3. Close the top cap
  4. Take several hard draws on the tank without firing the mod
  5. Open the airflow


Ok that’s all there is to it. Now I was happily doing this over the weekend and have had no leaking. However last night, I filled the tank to the top leaving only around a 2mm gap, and the TVF12 Prince tank started leaking like a sieve again! So I poured a little liquid out (via the air holes!… why not.) then closed the airflow, took the draws without firing the mod, and it was back in business. yes

One more fix you could try if this doesn’t work.

  1. Strip the tank down
  2. Remove the bottom and unscrew the atty from both the top and bottom of the tank.
  3. Give everything a wipe over
  4. Screw the atty into the top section of the tank first
  5. Screw the bottom of the tank onto the atty
  6. Make sure everything is nice and tight
  7. Follow the above filling method.

Do also bear in mind that you need a high VG liquid for these tanks, they have massive liquid holes in the attys and high PG liquid will have a tendency to run straight through.

I hope these methods work and make the TFV12 Prince tank more bearable for you. I think it’s totally hit and miss whether you get a good tank, or a bad one. There are loads of people never have a problem (I have two Smok baby beast tanks, and have never had so much as a drop leak from them) and then other people have nothing but problems.

Anyhow, give it a go, and leave a comment whether this method works for you. Also leave a comment if you have any other fixes for the TFV12 Prince tank leaking problem.

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62 Replies to “Smok TFV12 Prince Tank – Fix For Leaking”

  1. Thanks for the fix. I had exactly the same experience with the rainbow Prince tank. It’s strange because I bought the Prince tank in red about 1-1/2 months ago and have not had any problems. I wonder if they had a bad run of units at the factory that makes these.

    1. Hi Diane, I’m pleased to hear it worked 🙂 It could be a bad run of units, who knows. Its just good to know that it can be fixed (in a fashion, lol) Thanks for leaving a comment.

        1. Hi Adam, do you mean the tank is stuck on the mod, or the base is stuck on the tank? Either way it sounds like it may have been cross threaded. Try wearing a rubber glove to give yourself more grip. One of my forum members recommends popping a tank in the freezer for an hour if it won’t unscrew, then take it out and try it.

      1. Hi!

        Your forum doesn’t work. I registered twice under two different accounts and it still hasn’t sent me an e-mail to either so I can activate my account.

        1. Hello Andrew, Please check your account now. New members have to be authorized manually due to the high number of spam requests that we receive daily. I have authorized your first attempt now.
          Sorry for the inconvenience, Ceekay.

    2. I changed out that bottom piece to my TFV12 coil that piece that looks like a handle you see it throw the air holes I changed it with an old one from in m 4 coil I got with my vape it works too not leaking any more and my juice is 80% VG 20 PG another fix if that others thing don’t work just make sure that piece your replacing runs at about the same wattage

  2. Well guess what? I have just bought the gold one! Same thing. At first it was fine.. then today I looked and all of the ejuice had just poured out the air holes!! And when I got it cleaned up now I’m getting burnt hits!!! Yes. So I have just tried your method—- it’s not leaking SO FAR BUT I STILL CANT HARDLY TAKE A VERY BIG HIT BECAUSE IT WILL BURN ??? And yes I’ve let it soak? I think I might try the sewing needle? Have you guys tried that for burnt coil taste?

    1. Hello Kathy, I haven’t had a burnt taste with these coils, but the sewing needle trick is worth a try to break some of the cotton apart. You could also try turning the wattage down for a while until the wick and coil are properly bedded in.
      If that doesn’t work then try a new atomizer, let it soak for a good 15 minutes or so before first use, and see if that’s any better. Hope you get it sorted, pop back and let me know?

      1. Hi there… well I have just decided to put in a new coil. I noticed that on the Smok Stix Prince it came with a M4– but the prince on the 225 mod came with Q4— so I’m going to put a Q4 in it… that might be my prob. Because I’ve never had one leak with the prince Q4 at all! I’ll let you know, and I will do the needle too.

  3. Thank you!!!!! I was really ready to drive it back to where I bought it from and throw it at someones head….(sorry, i quit smoking cigarettes about a week ago so im on edge.) after spending $100 on this vape and juice and having it leak (pour, actually), i was livid! You’re a lifesaver!!!!

    1. Hi Christina! I’m so glad the fix worked for you. It’s a bit of a pain having to do it every time you fill the tank, but its better than losing loads of liquid 🙂
      Congratulations on quitting the cigarettes too (totally understand the being on edge) Keep at it and soon you won’t ever look back! Remember… you’re a vaper now 🙂

    1. Hi Vino, if the Xpriv tank is going to leak, for me it did it (even) when it was standing up, the liquid would literally just run straight out after filling.
      When I use the fix I can then pop the Xpriv in my pocket or bag without it leaking a single drop. After filling (using the fix) make sure there’s no leaking from the airflow holes, and you should be good to go 🙂

  4. Hey
    I just got yesterday smok stick prince and it leaks big time. Ive changed the coil part..changed all the seals with new ones..nothing is cross threaded ive tryed eveything on you tube.and i try what was posted here..think im over it.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry to hear the tip didn’t work, if you only bought it yesterday then I would personally contact the vendor and ask if they can help. If they cant ask if you can swap it for something that doesn’t leak.

    2. Try cleaning or replacing the white filler seal it may not be creating a vacuum for your tank I’ve had this problem and this has done the trick for three tanks now

  5. I have 2 of these tanks, both with the RBA base, and ive never experienced such leaks. A bit of condensation after extended use, but no leaks. Im using them with 30PG/70VG juice btw, high PG juices arent recommended due to the big juice holes and airflow. That might be the issue most people have.

    1. I’ve got the RBA base in one, and I also have a couple of other Smok tanks, and this is the only one that has ever leaked. It’s not high PG issue for me as I use 80%VG.

  6. Pretty sure the threading at the base, coils, or the o rings on the coils (T10) aren’t doing their job correctly. Even if the problem were the juice’s viscosity based on a vg/pg lean, the drainage would stop once the juice level in the tank drops below the cotton absorption holes in the coils, but since mine drains until it’s completely empty, the only remaining suspects lie at the base/coil fixture.

    1. Went to a local shop to get help, the guy told me I had the coil screwed on too tightly to the head, and it left a gap between the base and the coil, after a readjustment, the tank is no longer leaking. Hope this helps!

  7. Need some help please people 🙁
    Tried all of the above to sort my tank out to stop leaking.with no avail I’m thinking of throwing in the towel with smok.the smok prince stick comes with the m4 finding they last me a day with a 70/30 liquid and getting the burnt taste,can I use other coils from smok in it??just wondering about what power the prince kicks out?

    1. Hi Dan, this sounds so frustrating! I totally understand how you feel. Personally I would try a totally different coil. A quick search on Google, and it looks like you can use any coil with V12 as a prefix. I would possibly try the V12-Q4 as this is slightly higher in ohms, and can be used at 40w – 100w. The downside to higher ohms would be less ‘hit’ and vapour.
      I’ve had a quick search on Smok’s site and can’t find any info on the power output from the Prince stick, it will either be a fixed wattage, or it will work as an unrestricted mod, where the battery output is around 4.2v on a full charge, dropping to around 3.4v before needing a recharge, and you will notice the drop down as the battery depletes.
      Have you tried Jimmy’s tip above? Don’t screw the coil into the head too tightly? If not give that a try and see if it helps. Failing that, a different type of coil is definitely worth a shot.
      Oh and make sure to prime the coil before use, and let it sit for 10 minutes or so, just to make sure the wick has totally absorbed all of the liquid and there are no dry spots left.

      Fingers crossed… let me know how it goes.

      1. Sounds great I’ll give it a try I’m just so frustrated with it as I love vaping and it’s making me want to buy something else
        Your really helpful
        Is there a tank you would recommend that is the best out there that would fit on the smok prince?

        1. From all tanks that take stock coils, I really liked the Uwell Nunchaku tank. No leaks, nicely built, and the vapour and flavour was great. You can see the review on here: About half way down, look for the tank section. It’s around 25.2mm at the base, Smoks measurements on the Stick prince battery are 24.5mm so unfortunately you would have a slight overhang from the tank, but if that doesn’t bother you it’s definitely worth a look.

          1. Great think I’ll look into in 👍🏻 Don’t get me wrong I love the prince stick but as for the leaking that I’m still getting it’s driving me crazy.just want something that doesn’t leak constantly 😀😀

      2. Not every coil with a V12 prefix will work! The original V12 coils are too large to fit inside of the prince tank. Please be careful when disseminating this kind of info as coils are one the hardest items to return. The Only coils that will work inside of the Prince tank will be coils with the Prince suffix or prefix (depending on the model). As for leaking, the major issue is the QC of SMOK as even the first method described above is trying to fix an issue that should have been sorted in engineering and design. If the issues was just the Air pressure in the tank needing to be equalized then other high capacity tanks like the Skrr would have the same issue.

  8. I bought three of the smok price baby sticks and they are leaking.. or actually just draining out the air holes. I have tried a variety of different methods to try and fix this, but so far nothing seems to work. Unfortunately, I also live in Europe and so I can’t exactly go back to the US and return them and get my money back. I’ve tried multiple atomizers and still it’s like dripping out all the liquid.

    1. For some reason it just seems to create a siphon effect! Did the tips I gave not work? Sucking on the mouthpiece with the airflow closed should create a vacuum and stop the leak but I understand this doesn’t work for everyone. Sorry I couldn’t help further Alison. Smok definitely seem to have a quality control issue on their hands!

      1. Thanks for all the help,I’m using fizzy pineapple 70/30 at the min it a Malaysian liquid and I’m going through a coil a day is this due the the sweetner they use?

        1. A coil a day is way too many! I would expect to get 10-20 days from a stock coil, more at a push. It could well be the liquid contributing to the problem, sweeter liquids will gunk your coil up faster, darker coloured liquids will do the same too. If you have any clear liquids that you like, give one of those a try and see how long you get from a coil.

          1. I no it’s crazy!i think it’s this sweet liquid,another thing to frustrate me 🙄 the liquid I use is clear but think it’s down to how sweet it really is

  9. I bought a Prince Stick the other day and it leaked like crazy right out of the box. Tried the other coil, tightened everything, tried every tip I could find online, nothing would fix the issue. I brought it back to the store and they let me exchange it for a different one. I was relieved until I brought it home and tried it… same exact issue. It just shouldn’t be that hard… products with these issues should not be going out to the marketplace. Rather than waste any more time, I am just going to buy a different model from a different company, and I have to recommend that everyone simply avoid Smok products because they don’t have their shit together.

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. You are correct, these products with problems should never be released to the stores. There is a very obvious issue with quality control on some of these tanks.
      I can highly recommend the Uwell Nunchaku, take a look and see what you think.

    2. Totally decided to scrap the prince all together
      I’ve not gone for a smok x priv baby and an aspire exo tank using 0.16 coils.has no leaks at all due to top air flow and the smok is small but a nice device.not great on battery if you vape a lot.not getting the same flavour as the prince tank on 0.4 coils but I’ve ordered the 0.4 cleito coils so hoping that will change the flavour hope this helps and is another alternative to the smok price set up 👍🏻

  10. Mine arrived yesterday, charged the battery overnight, I put liquid in this morning and by the time I had put the lid back on, all the liquid had leaked out. I added just a little more, it did the same thing. I’m returning the darn thing. I don’t have the patience to do all of the above.. This is my second week of no cigarette and I’ve got no time for this!!

    1. Hi Karen, I totally understand, when just starting out and ditching traditional cigarettes, this kind of messing about is the last thing you need. I do hope you find something suitable with no leaks. Good luck 🙂

  11. Hey guys, Have also herd mixed reviews on screwing the coil to the bottom first, then glass…screw on the top. Also a few have said no issues with leaking when using the Strip and Mesh coils.

  12. I found your fix, having had my first tank on a brand new Smok GPriv 2 leak out all over the counter top. Not a great intro to Smok, I have to say. Thanks for your post.

    I wonder why their QC is so bad.

    I’m going to give your suggestions a go and see if I can avoid losing money on more juice!!

    1. I think they mass produce so many products that they are going to get bad batches, however you are correct about QC, they should be picking these problems up.
      Hope the fix manages to correct the problem for you Clive.

  13. I have a black prince that never leaks and a rainbow that I have gave up on. I can take the same coil out of black put in rainbow and liquid completely drains through the air holes.

  14. Tried all “fixes” nothing works juice just pours out so it’s now in the bin waste of money back to my trusted Horizontech Falcon tank not a single drop of juice lost with this tank and the M1 coils are amazing for taste and clouds, wouldn’t have another smok prince tank if they were giving them away for free. Horizontech Falcon all the way

  15. Thanks a lot for your suggestion, Ceekay! I’d second the comments blaming SMOK for their absurd but none-existing QM/QC. There aren’t any probs, no leaking at all with atomisers and coils made by Vaporesso, Joeyetech, Innokin etc. on my side. I was in a rather experimental mood when I ordered an authentic TFV12 Prince a view days ago on eBay for prolly 22 Euros. No harm done, that money equals 4 pints of beer. And guess what: although re-assembling the coil neat & fresh from bottom up, creating a vacuum as described in your method it started to leak like hell. Shame on SMOK…
    Nevertheless, Jeff Tjernagel’s tip on fixing bowing out rubber-seals due to overhanging wires fixed it for me; well, for the moment:

    The TFV12 produces marvellous clouds, if it functions hassle-free.
    Cheers and kind regards, Max

  16. I purchased a new one at the start of October and it leaked out of the box. I sent it back to the store in the mail (I don’t drive because my license is suspended (medical) and I was told that I had burnt the coil and that is why it was leaking. I paid for another coil and shipping to have the coil and stick mailed back to me. I was without the vape 3 wks because our postal service is on strike. I have no option to send it back again. Now when I use it, it pours fluid out of the air holes and I feel sparks on my lips, so it is uncomfortable to use. I want to get rid of this piece of garbage and get a vape pipe that works
    Darn thing won’t even charge now. The charging light comes on, but after trying for 4 hours I can’t get enough of a charge into the battery to turn it on now. Piece of (fill in the blank)

    1. Micheal I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so much hassle with the Prince tank and Stick. I can only think that with the tank leaking so badly that maybe some liquid has got inside the body of the battery and is causing charging problems.
      If I can suggest a good vape kit similar to the Smok Stick it would be the Uwell Nunchaku. Brilliant bit of vape gear!
      Hope you get sorted soon Micheal, Good luck.

  17. I love the SMOK line of stick vapes. I own the V8 and X8 kits and have had no issues. I also wanted to try a smaller stick so I bought a Baby Prince kit. The two coils that came with the kit both leaked on me. Flooding and oozing and emptying the entire tank at times. I tried all of the above fixes as well as clipping the coil leads just a fraction. All ended up with high hopes, little success and total failure in the end. I was ready to throw this thing away until I thought more of the position of the seals on the coils and their purpose. They obviously are ment for keeping liquid in, but also need to be FLEXIBLE. Mine would leak the most after taking 5 or 6 big hits, heating the Prince up good and warm. My coil would be tightened down super tight too, thinking that was needed. HOWEVER guys, that is wrong, the seal needs room to expand and relax, if its too tight the seal will be pintched so tight it cant relax, causing a thin spot in the seal. Soooo, back off a quarter to a half turn, test for positive fire, and micro adjust until you have connection with the coil. Mine was about half a turn loose and since this….NO LEAKS GUYS!
    Good luck with the your Prince or Baby Prince. They make a fantastic vape cloud for the size.

  18. SMOK is shit. I wish i had found this out sooner but the fake reviews all over the internet made me think buying one would be fine.

    Got one, filled it up, leaked everywhere, took out juice, checked the coil, thing was fkd. Completely flawed. Got out the spare i was provided with, looked at it, also completely ruined.

    How can they make so many of these and not notice this MAJOR issue? How are they still able to sell these.

    I can’t return mine and SMOKs warrentee is a joke.

    I could risk it and try to buy more coils but they’re most likely to also be completely screwed.

    There’s a guy on youtube that says you can cut them down. I made the mistake of watching his video and cutting them down way too much and now have to throw them out. If you watch his video, just take your time and don’t do what i did.

    1. Kinda wish I knew about the higher VG before buying a juice.

      Might be the problem I have been having, might also be that I overfilled.

      Thanks for your tips though. I’ll definitely refill my tank again, since it’s leaked three times in 5 minutes, and use the tips to see if that works.

      I also got two different coils with the tank, as well the one already in it. So I may experiment with those coils as well.

  19. Just picked up the g-priv baby luxe as my first subohm mod, and my first Smok product. The tank leaked since the first moment it was filled. Just sitting there on a flat and level surface, it would dump the entire tank out of the air vents and down the sides to a puddle. I changed the lower o-ring on the coil and that stopped it from leaking while sitting on a flat surface. However, if you tilt the unit, like you were taking a hit, it starts to dump fluid out of the air vents again. I have tried the fix mentioned above, with no luck. I see no other option that to return it and never purchase Smok products again. Not happy!

  20. I ordered a smok h-priv 2 mod with the tfv12 tank last week. I had nothing but issues with the tank leaking through the airflow, I have read forums for days trying to resolve the issue, tried everything, changed the atty, changed seals, made sure i didn’t overfill the tank, only realised tonight I had purchased the wrong liquid. These tanks require 70VG30PG at least, which is what I thought I had, turns out I had 30VG70PG, causing the coil to flood and run down the central tube. Its an easy mistake when buying online if you’re not paying attention like i did. Bought some 70VG/30PG tonight to test, not a drop of the new liquid coming through, only the residual liquid from the coil being flooded by the wrong liquid, vaping for a couple hours and it’s all cleared up. I hope this adds to the feed.

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