Smok X-Priv Kit Review

When the lovely Tom over at decided to partner with Ceekays Vape Shack for a second month, he sent me out the Smok Xpriv kit to feast my beady eyes upon! Thank you Tom ;)

Smok X-Priv Kit Specs

X-Priv MOD
Size: 88 x 46.5 x 30.4mm
Wattage Range: 6-225W
Voltage Range: 0.5-9V
Standby Current: <500uA
Batteries: 2 x 18650 batteries (not included)
Resistance: 0.1-2.5ohm(VW)/0.05-2ohm(TC)
Temperature Range: 200℉-600℉/100℃-315℃

TFV12 Prince
Size: 63 x 28mm
Capacity: 8ml
Coil: Compatible with Q4/X6/T10 Core
Material: Stainless steel and pyrex glass
Thread: 510

Smok X-Priv – In the box

1 x X-PRIV Mod
1 x TFV12 Prince Tank
1 x V12 Prince-Q4 0.4Ω Quadruple Coils (Pre-installed)
1 x V12 Prince-T10 0.12Ω Decuple Coils
1 x Replacement Glass Tube
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
Spare Parts

Initial Thoughts

Now Smok, most people either love their gear or hate it. For the record I have never hated Smok products, but I’ve never loved them either (I know, I’m contradicting my own statement there) but there are some people that are m’eh towards Smok products. That was me. I’ve owned them, I’ve used them, but there was nothing particularly special about Smok products. They are decent mods, and for me they have worked as they should. But, nothing has ever made them stand out as superb.

So the X-Priv arrived in a smart black box, as most of their products do, with the typical outer sleeve. Pretty sturdy packaging which is great as this kit had a long journey. On opening the box I was actually in awe at the X-Priv. Gone is Smoks ultra crappy paint job! In it’s place is one of the most amazing rainbow mods that I have actually seen!  :love2: The X-Priv looks like it’s anodised! The colours are vibrant and shiny! Not a hint of paint waiting to chip can be seen anywhere!


The mod itself is a comfy shape to hold, and feels so smooth and silky! Although fairly heavy with 2 batteries installed. No sharp edges (nightmares of the Drag come flooding back) The 2 inch screen covers the front of the mod. On the back, well… this is one part I’m not overly keen on. Its like chicken wire embedded into a shiny night time sky scene. But… this matches the drip tip, and the drip tip, I love! Its a honeycomb design containing black and many other colours, so I guess the back of the mod doesn’t look too out of place when it matches the mouthpiece.

The tank looks huge, it came with the 8ml bubble glass already fitted, but for those of us governed by the TPD there is a smaller glass in the box which will give you the 2ml variation allowed by EU law.

It has a charging/software update port at the bottom of the screen section. And in the box you get a really fancy charging cable with springy bits leading to the plugs (normally where the wire will break!) Smok really do seem to have gone ‘all out’ with this kit!  :yes:

Again the rainbow colour on the tank is truly stunning and matches the mod. I really do like this, so far this kit has my full attention!

The buttons and Battery Cover

So the black ‘chicken wire’ back  (I think its actually honeycomb but definitely reminds me of chickenwire!) has a little lip at the bottom where you lift and pull, the back comes off to reveal the battery compartment. This is all pretty straight forward, and clearly marked for which way to insert the batteries. You do have a ribbon to help with removal of the batteries, and it is fairly short, just a small bit to grip once both batteries are in, but at least this means its not hanging out of the door like with some mods.

The fire button is much better than Smoks normal fire buttons. Yes it still utilizes the whole of the one side, and it sits flush against the mod, but it feels easier to press. You can still squeeze the mod, and the button actually presses from about half way all the way up to the top. It isn’t hard to press, and it isn’t hard to keep pressed.


The menu buttons (+ and -) on the X-Priv are located in the bottom right of the screen. I assumed at first with these buttons being quite small that they may pose problems for people without much dexterity in their fingers, but to be honest they seem to press ok, not overly fiddly, and they deliver a nice solid ‘click’.

The X-Priv Menu & Screen

After inserting the batteries, 5 clicks to switch the mod on, but then 5 clicks will lock the mod for popping it in your pocket. If you want to power off the mod, you will find that in the menu.


Three clicks of the fire button takes you into the menu, now the X-Priv description states it has a ‘newly designed User Interface’ I think the new UI means new against the likes of the Alien (older Smok mods) as my Pro-Colour had the same user interface as the the one that the X-Priv has. First you have mode settings, Wattage, Titanium, Nickel, Stainless Steel and Memory. In memory mode you can select certain settings and save them to a memory slot for easy access. Next press of the fire button takes you to puff count, press again and you can choose the screen colour, and pressing again takes you to the mod shut down screen. I don’t intend to go into more detail than that as it is all fairly self explanatory when using the X-Priv.  If you want more instructions for the menu you can see them here on the Pro-Color review.

The screen is a huge 2 inch affair and kind of reminds me just a little bit of a phone screen. Nice big lettering, twin battery icons, whatever mode you’re in has a nice big readout (so watts for me) then you have ohms, voltage, puff count and time. Its a very clear screen and you can change the colour option of the screen in the menu.

The TVF12 Prince Tank.

Ok so I’m retty sure you’ve all seen the TVF12 tanks, Smok has that many tank variations that it can get a little confusing! I have used the baby beast tank in the past (I have two of those) and in one I use the RBA deck. So apart from the science of knowing which atty can be used in which tank (and believe me it is a science) the using of the tanks have always been fairly straight forward. Prime the coil, fill the tank, leave to sit for a while so you know that the wicking is definitely saturated, and vape.


A new feature on the TVF12 Prince tank is the little button the side of the top cap, press this to release the caps locking mechanism, then twist the top of the cap to open it, then fill via the hole in the top. I like this locking mechanism, it’s a great safety feature, and it does work well too.

So I did the above, primed, waited, picked up the mod and ughh, my hands were covered in liquid! The liquid was literally running out of the air flow slots (of which there are 2 very large ones on the bottom) Mopped it up, tried vaping again and yet again…. liquid flowing from the air flow slots. No joking I lost half a tank of liquid in about 20 minutes!

Googled the problem and got the result of ‘change the coil’. I did and…. The Niagra falls have nothing on this baby! Seriously… turning the tank on its side and the liquid just flows out!

I have found a fix for this, when filling the tank, close the airflow, fill, and with the airflow still closed take a few deep draws on the mouthpiece without firing the mod  (you can find the full explanation here) but this kind of thing annoys me! Why should we have to find a fix to be able to use something that is brand spanking new!?. It should work straight from the box. And I know you will always get the odd one or two bad products from each batch, but this problem seems extremely common! There are loads of users out there all looking for a remedy to leaky Smok tanks!

How does the X-Priv Vape?

So now the leaking problem is fixed and I’m now vaping this at 80w, and it’s a really nice smooth vape. Plenty of vapour and the flavour is pretty decent too. It is a fairly loud tank (which does quieten a little once the coil is bedded in) but I’m guessing the huge air flow and low ohm coil are to blame for this.

Battery life is pretty much what you would expect for vaping at 80w, if this is going to be a main daily device I’m pretty certain you’ll need to swap those batteries out at least once during the day.

X-Priv Final Thoughts

I love it! The mod looks great especially since they have changed the exterior finish. The anodized type of finish really does look stunning  :ting: It’s just a matter of seeing how it fairs with everyday use.  Its very comfy to hold if a little on the heavy side. But for a twin battery mod this is pretty normal. The menu system is easy enough to use, with a nice large bright screen. I honestly can’t find anything bad to say about the mod, apart from those small + and – buttons might be a little bit too small for some folks. I do love the placement and angle of the buttons though, its something different, which in this case I think is a good thing.

One final mention about the X-Priv, it is a real finger print magnet, now because its just soooo damned shiny and gorgeous, I can’t help myself, I have to keep wiping it down and giving it a polish!  :roll:

TVF12 Prince Tank Final Thoughts

The fact that it leaked straight out of the box, twice (2 different attys) is pretty annoying. The fact that I had to search Google for a fix, is again pretty annoying. Smok have been knocking out mods and tanks for quite a while now, and I feel that these sort of problems shouldn’t even arise. It does seem to be a design flaw as the fix is actually quite simple. However, once the tank is up and (not) running (liquid everywhere) it works extremely well. The downside is that every time I fill the tank now I have to take several hard draws without pressing the fire button and with the airflow closed. It’s not a huge problem, but it is irritating. I shouldn’t have to do this, it should just work!  :mad2:

As a kit, once the tank is working, its fantastic. The tank and mod work really well together, they look great together, its just a fab kit. You may get a kit where the tank doesn’t leak as it does seem to be very much hit and miss. I have never had so much as a drop of liquid from the air flow holes on my other two Smok tanks. And if you get a good one, I think you’ll be over the moon with it.

So is the X-Priv kit off to the retirement shelf? Most definitely not! This is a real thing of beauty and shall be worshipped every day!   :bow:  Seriously, I can see myself using the mod daily, as for the tank, we’ll just have to see how it behaves!

Ceekays Shack Score

So because I think the X-Priv mod and the TVF12 Prince tank  deserve to be scored separately, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

I honestly cannot fault the X-Priv mod at all, it works really well and it looks stunning, so this is getting an X-ceptional 10/10   :thumbs:

The TVF12 Prince, its a real shame that this leaked like it did, even though I found a fix, it has to lose half the marks for this. Some people wouldn’t even try to fix it, they would just bin it. So… unfortunately half of its score has leaked away to leave it with 5/10  :thumbdown:

If you fancy a look at the X-Priv kit, you can find it here: X-Priv Kit – $59.90 And that’s an absolute bargain!

Or if just fancy the X-Priv mod without the Prince tank, you can find that here: X-Priv mod Pre-sell – $45.90

A huge thanks to Tom at Vapesourcing for sending this out, and go check these guys out, they have some great kits at amazing prices. Our forum is a great place to meet like minded vapers, why not pop over and say Hi

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