Tony B. & Vandy Vape ‘VS’ Voopoo!

So I know loads of people that have been looking forward to getting their sticky mitts on the new Vandy Vape Pulse 80w squonk mod (hell even I was excited about this thing!)

I never had the original Vandy Vape Pulse squonk mod as it wasn’t a regulated mod, and I do prefer regulated for squonking, I like to get my power just right, and not have to rely on a fully charged battery, or build a coil to suit the battery power, so yeah I was looking forward to this coming out.

Not only was it a regulated squonk mod, the Pulse 80w was going to incorporate the Gene chip. Now the Gene chip is fab! In fact in my humble opinion it was the only good thing about the Voopoo drag (and you can see my thoughts on the Drag here)

So one of my members last night popped up a video from Tony B, on the Vapor Trail Channel, and I watched that this morning, and have to say that I’m pretty disgusted with Voopoo. Well I was never really impressed with Voopoo anyway, I have sent them a couple of emails about their products, and have never received a reply!  BAD customer service, BAD way to conduct a business!  But I’m just small fry customer level for them… why should they reply! Why bother listening to feedback about their mods! I get the feeling that they think they are sooo way above the little people that purchase their products!

However have a little look at the video, I just really feel for Tony B. This guy has been through the mill with Voopoo and then dragged back again.

So In case you didn’t wanna watch the video, a little recap from me. Vandy Vape ordered 40,000 Gene chips and boards from Voopoo as Tony B really wanted the Gene chip in the Pulse 80w mod. Voopoo agreed. A little while  down the line, Voopoo raised the price by 15%, then again a little later raised it again, so it was now 30% higher. Tony B and Vandy Vape swallowed this price hike and agreed to take a cut in profits. Still no Gene chip was delivered to Vandy Vape. I think the final straw was Voopoo stating that Vandy Vape have copied the Drag with the resin panels, and that they are now bringing out their own 80w squonk mod with the Gene chip!

Theres an awful lot of ‘playground’ tactics in what Voopoo have done to Tony B and Vandy Vape. Promising something that it looks like they never had any intention of delivering!

Sooo Not NICE Voopoo! Shame on you guys.

Now I’ve seen posts and videos of people saying boycott Voopoo, and this is how people feel. What a way to rip off the little guy. I personally will not be buying Voopoo’s squonk mod.

As for the Pulse 80w squonk mod. It will still be manufactured, but with a Vandy Vape chip, and of course that will keep the mod at a lower cost to the vape community.  So Vandy Vape and Tony B will still deliver, good on you guys!

Wanna share your thoughts on the Vandy Vape & Tony B VS Voopoo fiasco, you can leave a comment down below, or pop on over to our forum, Ceekays Vape Shack.

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