Aspire Revvo Tank – Is It Revvo-lutionary? (Find out in the review!)

The Aspire Revvo tank came as part of a kit that I purchased the with Aspire Skystar mod, and I will get round to reviewing the mod in the future. For now though I just wanted to tell you guys my thoughts on the Revvo tank.

Aspire Revvo Tank Specs

41mm Height
24mm Width
2ml Capacity
Adjustable Top Airflow
510 Threading
New ARC Coil Technology
Top Filling System

Looks & Initial thoughts

It looks a little on the strange side, not a particularly good looking tank, but not down right ugly either. I’m not a lover of the colour black on mods or tanks, and this comes in 5 colours… all with black! So this for me is a negative to start. I guess it kind of matches the black screen and button on the skystar, but thats about it  :dunno:

The glass is tiny! But of course it’s not Aspires fault that when purchasing in the UK we are limited to 2ml tanks. The top section, air flow ring and mouthpiece can all be removed as one section, or the mouthpiece will also unscrew to make it two parts. And I keep saying mouthpiece because that’s what it is. It’s not a drip tip, its a whole mouthpiece section which screws onto the airflow collar, due to this you cannot use your own drip tips, which is a shame  :roll: The mouthpiece is slightly tapered towards the top, and it is fairly comfy to use. The air flow ring has three rather large airflow holes, and these can be closed down to give quite a restricted draw. Continue reading “Aspire Revvo Tank – Is It Revvo-lutionary? (Find out in the review!)”

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