ELFC Original Recipe Flavour Shots – Bohemian Raspberry Updated

Hey folks! So I just wanted to update my thoughts on this Bohemian Raspberry flavour from ELFC Original concentrates. I originally used it at around 2 to 3 weeks steeped. And I decided to leave it for a about another 3 weeks and see if that pastry flavour had come through.

You can see my original review here

So it’s been a few more weeks, and to be honest the flavour hasn’t really changed much at all, maybe a little richer, but I’m still looking for that pastry taste, it never did appear  🙁

It is however still a flavour that I am enjoying immensley. A true Raspberry taste and a little cream on the side. This is  a flavour that won’t be retired to the shelf (or end up in the bin, its nearly all gone now!) I will definitely be buying more of Bohemian Raspberry.

Ceekays Shack Score – After Final Steeping

So that Pastry failed to make an appearance in the final days, but it’s still a fantastic e-liquid for anyone who likes authentic fruit flavours. So Bohemian Raspberry keeps its original 4.5/5  thumbs


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