Aspire SkyStar – Could This Be The Star in Aspires Line Up?

After reviewing the Aspire Speeder a while ago (and hating it) I promised myself that I would never touch another Aspire product in my life. However when the Skystar came out, I kind of went against my own rules! (I’m a woman! We’re allowed to do that!) I loved the look of the mod, and thought I would give Aspire a second chance  :yes:

So I ordered that SkyStar Revvo kit. The Revvo is already reviewed and you can see that here, but these are my thoughts on the SkyStar mod.

Bearing in mind that I purchased this as a kit, these are the specs:

Aspire SkyStar Mod Specs

210W Maximum output Power
1.3 inch Touch Screen
Spring Loaded 510 Connection
Two 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
Micro USB Port for Charging/Firmware updates

In The Box:

1x Aspire SkyStar 210w Mod
1x Aspire Revvo Tank
1x Protective Silicone Cap
1x Micro USB Charge Cable
2x Revvo Tank Coils
1x Replacement Glass
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card

Initial Thoughts

When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised, the SkyStar doesn’t look half bad. In it’s pics it reminded me of a shiny pebble, like one of those chalk rocks you find on the beach that has been smoothed all over by rolling around in the sea! I got the white one, which is maybe why I have that image in mind. It’s also available in some other different colours and finishes, including woodgrain! (hate that one!  :roll:)

Picking it up out of the box, and I was surprised, the SkyStar is lightweight… very lightweight. No idea why, but I tend to put light mods like this instantly in the cheap pile! The second thing that made it feel cheap, it feels plasticky! These back and front panels are just cheap plastic… ughh not a good start Aspire  :no2: and I so wanted you to redeem yourself with this mod. The chrome parts are metal, which is good, after the panels I was expecting them to be plastic covered in some kind of metallic paint, but I guess Aspire didn’t totally cheap it out!

The back is the battery cover, and this has ‘aspire’ printed across the top section in silver. One thing I noticed, there are no vent holes for the batteries. I guess though with this cheap plastic back cover if a battery was vent it would just blow that clean off!

It does feel really nice to hold though, the shape is perfect for it to just sit in your hand. Everything is rounded, so there are no sharp edges at all anywhere! (take note Voopoo!)  The plastic covers are nice and smooth and it just feels right to sit and rub your fingers across it!

Batteries and Buttons

The Skystar is a twin 18650 battery mod, if you look on the back you will see a little cut out at the bottom of the panel, pop a nail under that and pull (and ladies the magnets aren’t super strong so you won’t lose a nail doing this!) The + and – are clearly marked where the batteries sit, and you also have a little ‘aspire’ adorned ribbon to help with removal.

I do get the feeling that if you drop this mod, the batteries are going to come bouncing right out, as although the back does clip snugly on, the magnets don’t feel super strong. I haven’t dropped this yet, I don’t really want to (plastic remember) I’m not sure how well the plastic would survive a wooden floor, and I don’t think I would dare take it outside!  :oooo:

There is a charging port at the bottom of the screen, and you can charge the batteries in the mod. Once you plug the SkyStar into a charging lead you get detailed battery info on screen, individual battery percentage and the charging amps along with the time that they have been charging for. Pressing the fire button takes you back to the home screen. The charging port can also be used for updating the firmware version.

The SkyStar button, single tense there as there is only one. Yes the Skystar is a touch screen mod. You will find the button (and yes I was searching for it for a while, squeezing the sides, and scratching my head!  :scratch:) at the top of the screen section on the mod. Its a smallish rectangular button that sits flush with the rest of the screen. The screen is raised with a border so it’s easy enough to find with your finger or thumb, just run your finger up the screen to the top, and that 1cm part is the button. It has a dull click but it is audible, and you will definitely feel that you are pressing it.

Screen and Menu

The SkyStar boasts a 1.3inch touch screen, and it is single colour. The digits are displayed on the larger side Wooohoooo I can see them! This is a great feature, it means I can actually see the numbers without having to squint or hunt for the magnifying glass! Everything is clearly displayed, watts or temp, ohms, amps and draw time. And you also have your twin battery icons at the bottom.

    So to get into the menu you do 2 swipes down the screen with your finger, and to alter the watts or temp or whatever you’ve vaping in at the moment, its 2 swipes up. The screen is fairly responsive, it doesn’t work every single time for me, but it has probably an 80% success rate when swiping. I mainly struggle with the swiping up to change the watts. Swiping down seems to work better but that could just be me. Running my finger upwards doesn’t feel natural.

Once you are into the menu it’s all fairly self explanatory. Selection of menu modes is all done via touching the screen, and you have all the normal modes, Watts, Temp, Bypass, and of course entering these menu selections gives you more options, memory settings and mod settings. Pretty much everything is customisable in the menu. Once you’re done altering the settings pressing the fire button brings you back to the home screen.

I did assume that once you were in a menu option and you wanted to go to a different one that you had to back out altogether into the home screen and start again, but… you actually don’t! Just swipe to the right and you are back at the previous menu! I like this, Bravo Aspire!  :thumbup:

One thing that I have noticed is that you get the option to vape using voltage, I can’t say that I have seen that on mods for a while now as they tend to be geared more towards the watts side of vaping. So if you’re old school and you can remember the days when every mod used to vape in volts, then this might be a little bit of fun nostalgia for you  :yes:

A couple of small things, 3 clicks will put the mod into stealth mode, you can vape but the screen doesn’t light up. 5 clicks will lock the mod for popping it into your bag or pocket. And then of course to return to the previous state, just 3 or 5 click again. To switch the mod off altogether, 5 clicks to lock, and then long press on the fire button and you will get ‘System off’ on the screen. 5 clicks will then turn the SkyStar back on.

How does the SkyStar perform?

I find it works really well, I wasn’t keen on the Revvo so I have been using a couple of different drippers  and I’ve not had any problems at all. It fires every time the button is pressed, and using wattage you have the choice of Hard, Medium, and Soft ramp up. Using ‘hard’ sees that even low ohm coils fire pretty fast.

One thing I have found is that the batteries do seem to last longer than some twin battery mods. They just keep on going and going, I am using at the minute a 0.28 ohm dripper, at around 50w and it does seem to just keep ploughing on! Not sure why as the SkyStar isn’t advertised with any new tech that stretches battery time longer… so a little bit confuddled with this  :think:

Final Thoughts

So I kind of came into this hating Aspire because of the Speeder mod, and I wasn’t keen on the Revvo tank either, but the Skystar although feeling a little on the cheap and tacky side, is actually a really great mod.

It’s comfy to hold… ohhhh soooo comfy  :ting:  It really does just mould to the inside of your hand with its smooth sides. The button is in a bit of a weird place, but it does feel very natural to press it, more so with your thumb than finger.

I love the fact that the 510 plate is in the middle of the mod (but I guess with the overall shape it had to be the middle or nothing) It looks fab with the tank centralised, and with the placement of the button it all feels just right!

So will I retire it to the shelf any time soon? Definitely not, this mod has earned its place in my ever growing list of daily use mods!

Ceekays Shack Score

Ok so the Skystar is losing a point because of these silly plastic covers! I mean, it would have been so much  better with aluminium or something, and losing half a point for the touch screen not always working on that double swipe. But I think Aspire have redeemed themselves pretty well with the SkyStar. It definitely deserves a Sky high 8.5/10  :thumbs:

If you fancy checking out the Skystar for yourself then head on over to the official website and see what you think!

As always you can pop over to our forum to join in the chat about vape products, or just browse around and soak up the info.

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  1. Great review. I love the touch screen concept. It’s nice to see vape tech evolving to incorporate the latest technology. With all the advancements (not to mention the potential health benefits), it’s hard to imagine how anyone could continue smoking in this day and age.

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