Eleaf iJust 3 – Could This Be ‘Just’ What You Need?



Wotcha folks, staying in the starter kit category in this review with the iJust 3 that the lovely folks at Eleaf sent out for me to test, thank you to Holy for arranging this. I had one of the old iJust 2’s when they came out, and this was at a time when I wasn’t over keen on direct lung inhaling, now I’m a fully fledged cloud blower so I have really put this kit through its paces.

Lets start with iJust 3 Specs

Diameter: 25mm
Height: 136mm (6.5ml version) / 130.5mm (2ml version)
Weight: 158g (6.5ml version) / 152g (2ml version)
E-liquid capacity: 6.5ml / 2ml
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Output wattage: 80W max
Resistance range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
Colors: red, black, purple, silver, dazzling, blue

In the box

1×iJust 3 Battery
1×ELLO Duro Tank (6.5ml / 2ml)
1×HW-N 0.2ohm Head
1×HW-M 0.15ohm Head
1×USB Cable
2×User Manuals
Spare Parts

How it Looks & Initial Thoughts on the iJust 3

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and was greeted by this lovely purple patterned mod. I’m a sucker for lovely colours and good looking vape kits and this did indeed catch my eye and make me feel all happy and warm inside! But as we all know it’s not just about looking good, it actually has to work well too!

I have received the 2ml TPD version, which means sub ohm atomiser and extremely small tank ughhh  :fp2: that is definitely going to be the first downfall. We’ll get to that later.

So the battery has this kind of unfinished hexagon shape overlapping other unfinished hexagons, it reminds me a little bit of a Aztec design  :think: It does look pretty cool. The colour is purple but in certain lights you do catch a glimpse of a two tone blue colour too. The hexagon shaped (we have a shape thing happening here!) fire button has a raised ‘I’ incorporated. And the base of the battery has like a Celtic cross in purple, and still staying with the ‘6’ theme but its not a hexagon, its a bit like a castle turret… see piccies and you’ll get what I’m waffling on about  :yes:

The pattern on the mod is actually indented into the metal, so you can feel it, and it does give the mod some grip. The iJust 3 feels very nice to hold, it’s not heavy, but it does have a quality feel to it.

The iJust 3 Battery.

The battery is a 3000 mAh internal battery, meaning once it’s flat you plug the charger in. You can’t swap out the batteries. On the opposite side to the button you have the charging port, and according to the Eleaf website, the battery does have ‘Dual Circuit Protection’ – The circuit protection system has both software and hardware battery protections of over-charging, over-current and over-discharging. Good to know!

While you’re using the iJust 3, the tiny little gap around the button has a back-light, which you can also see through the charging port. This light should let you know how much battery life is remaining. Green is 100 – 60%, Orange 59% – 30%, Blue 29% to 10% and Red is your final warning of 9% and below. I can’t say that I actually noticed the Red, mine just seemed to go from Blue to flat. However at least you are getting some warning colours, which is better than the ‘nothing’ that some mods have! If I was out shopping with this mod, I would definitely be panicking by the time it hit blue…  :oooo:

The battery can fire up to 80w, dependant on your atomizer ohms of course. And that’s it, there are no special features to the iJust battery, no menu, no temp control, and no changing the power level either. It’s just a basic plug and play battery (in a lovely purple jacket  :smile:) However Eleaf do claim that it fires within 25 milliseconds (this means very little ramp up time)

The battery will also take any tank up 25mm in diameter without any overhang, so if you want to pop your favourite tank or dripper on there then it is possible. Just don’t forget that the power isn’t changeable so the amount of hit you get, will depend on the ohms of your coil.

The Ello Duro Tank

So as I mentioned before the Ello Duro tank that came with this kit is the TPD/EU version, that means it will hold 2ml of liquid! Booo! (blummin’ EU do-gooders! The government not Eleaf!)

The tank has 3 fairly large airflow holes around the base and these can be adjusted by a notched collar. These can be adjusted to make the draw very tight, but this of course impacts the vape. By restricting the airflow, the vapour becomes hot, and not much of it… so mouth to lung with this tank although possible, really isn’t a good idea. As I’ve mentioned before these sub ohm atty’s really are direct to lung inhale attys. But if you do like a restricted direct lung inhale, you can get it with the Ello Duro tank.


Eleaf have 2 new coils that come with the Ello Duro tank, the HW-N 0.2ohm head with best wattage recommended at 65-75w, and the HW-M with a  0.15ohm head ‘best wattage of 70-80w’. Seeing as you can’t alter the battery I assume the power is set to give the best possible outcome for the coils.

Eleaf do state – The iJust 3 boasts all-new reimagined Net Coil and Multihole Coil systems, presenting an unprecedented vaping experience with ultra flavorful taste and huge clouds (every one seems to be jumping on the net/multihole coil system!)

Just the same as any other atomiser you do need to drip some liquid directly into the wicking, and then pop the coil into a tank full of liquid and leave it to sit for a while. Rushing this process will burn the cotton!

Ok filling the tank is ughhhh! It has this push and slide top cap, which in itself is a great idea as you don’t have to fully remove the top. However if you are using chunky nozzles (which I am with the gorilla bottles) you will need to remove the drip tip, as you can’t get the nozzle fully into the hole with the drip tip attached  :roll: I might as well just have to remove the top cap! Thinner nozzles would probably be ok, but I shouldn’t have to change bottles for the mod that I’m using.

There is also a small seal around the filling hole, Eleaf have kindly added a spare seal in their little pack of spare parts (o-rings etc) and also a seal without the middle section, as you can see in this image, courtesy of Eleaf. I have tried the Seal without the centre section, and it makes no difference at all to chunky nozzles, I still have to remove the drip tip.

How does the Ijust 3 Vape?

Well it vapes really well, the super fast fire time means you don’t notice the ramp up at all, its pretty much instant. The coils do produce some decent clouds, and the flavour is really good. And no leaks, which always makes me happy.

I don’t notice any drop off in hit or vapour as the battery is depleting, so I assume so the battery has fixed power rather than starting at 4.2v and dropping until you need a recharge. I like that!

You can feel a ‘but’ coming can’t you!?…

But… it’s a 2ml tank, with a <0.2ohm coil, being vaped at somewhere around the 80w mark, so guess what?… Yup you are constantly filling that tank. I’m a bit of a chain vaper and sitting here at my laptop I can get through a tankful of liquid in under 20 minutes! You can literally see the liquid level dropping with each vape.

Now yes I know the 2ml tanks are not down to the manufacturer, it’s down to stupid EU laws! But, instead of bringing out TPD tanks – 2ml tanks that utilize super low ohm coils and high power, why not bring out a TPD kit, with a slightly higher ohm coil >0.5ohm, and a lower powered battery. We could still get clouds… and the same great taste, but our liquid might last an hour instead of 20 minutes!! This really is a pet peeve for me  :mad:

However on a brighter note, I did accidentally run the tank dry, and I did get a vile burnt hit, but the atomizer actually recovered and its back to tasting really good again. Luckily I only vaped the dry atty once and for the shortest of time (maybe 2 seconds) I’m not saying its going to recover if the button is pressed for longer! I’m just mentioning this as if you are a bit of an @$$ like me, and you don’t always remember to check your liquid level (every 5 minutes!) then your coil could survive a dry hit!   :yes:

One downside is the battery doesn’t last for long. Even though it’s a 3000mAh battery, delivering around 80w of power means that you will need a charger handy throughout the day. Unfortunately for me, this means that I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it on a day out, unless I had a battery pack handy, and to be fair I would rather keep that for my phone! So for me, this is more of a house mod.

Final Thoughts

So the overall design and look of the mod is stunning, the colours and patterns really make the mod stand out. Its nice and comfy to hold, with the pattern giving some grip to the battery. It does vape extremely well. I do really really like the iJust 3.

Will the iJust 3 be retired to the shelf any time soon? Well as much as I actually love the kit, the 2ml tank is a real ‘deal breaker’! I’m constantly on edge that I have to keep checking the liquid level, and dreading that dry hit taste! Don’t get me wrong though, for a new vaper or someone who doesn’t chain vape (like I do  :ashamed:) it’s a totally great kit. So I’ll use it for now, maybe I can pick up a non-TPD tank for it somewhere  :yes:

Ceekays Shack Score

It has to lose a point for the 2ml tank and 0.2ohm atty combo (really not the best idea) and its losing half a point for the sliding top cap, fantastic idea, but it needs to slide open a little bit more to allow for chunky bottles and their chunky nozzles. So the Eleaf iJust 3 scores a super 8.5/10   :clap:

You can take a closer look at the iJust 3 over on the official Eleaf website.

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