Eleaf iStick Pico Baby Review – ‘Stealth Anyone?’

Massive thanks to Tom over at vapesourcing.com who sent me out a couple of things to try this month. One of them being the very teeny Eleaf iStick Pico Baby! Sure has a long name for such a little thing… I’m just gonna call it the Pico baby

Pico Baby Specs

Size: 41mm*23mm*75mm
Tank diameter: 16.5mm
Weight: 112.8g
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Battery capacity: 1050mAh
Output wattage: 25W max
Resistance range: 0.4Ω-3.0Ω

In the Box

1× iStick Pico Baby Battery
1× GS Baby Atomizer
1× Magnetic Connector
2× GS Air 0.75ohm Heads
1× USB Cable
2× User Manuals
Spare Parts

Initial Thoughts & Looks

So when I opened the box the first thing to greet me was the colour, I think it’s supposed to be purple but it’s more of a magenta/pink kind of colour. I like it, it’s feminine and fun!

I’ve always loved Pico’s, I’ve got through 3 of the standard pico’s (I kind of worked them to death!)
And I’ve always loved cute, small little novelty type mods, so this ticks both of those boxes. The thing is though small and cute mods don’t really cut it for me anymore, I’m more used to larger devices now. But… I’ll give small and cute a go  :thumbup:


The Pico Baby Body

This is described by Eleaf as a ‘Stealth’ device, and I can totally see why. The Pico baby (almost) fits fully into my hand, and by placing my thumb over the top, it automatically sits on top of the fire button, leaving just the drip tip poking out!

The button is a simple top press locking button in two sections. Screwing the outer section of the button down as far as it will go locks the button, meaning no accidental presses in the pocket. Screw it all the way back up and it gives a nice solid button press and does of course fire the mod.

The Pico Baby encompasses a 1050 mAh internal battery, which will fire attys to a maximum of 25w. It also has a light that lets you know the charge level of the battery. Have a quick peek at this table which is courtesy of Eleaf.com.

You will find the charging port on the side, at the bottom, which means you can stand the mod up while it’s charging. Eleaf haven’t mentioned anything about quick charging, so I imagine from fully flat you are looking at around a couple of hours charge time.


The GS Baby Tank.

The GS baby tank sits down into the body of the Pico Baby, giving it protection from drops. And it connects via a magnet that screws into the base of the tank. The magnet does have a nice strong grip inside the pico body, so your tank is unlikely to fall out with general use. This magnet can also be removed and you can use the tank on other mods and devices.

The pico baby will also accept 14mm tanks, just pop the vape band (in the box)around them to stop them rattling in the Pico body, add the magnet to the bottom and you’re good to go.

The tank features an air flow collar around the bottom, fully open you can manage a slightly restricted Direct lung inhale, but this can be closed right down (and I just want to mention that Mouth to lung inhalers will be extremely happy with this tank) as you get a true mouth to lung inhale with it! With so many sub-ohm attys on the market these days, this is a really nice change. It’s good to see Eleaf catering for the newer vapers, and those that don’t like direct lung inhaling  :yes:

Filling the tank, you need to remove it from the Pico Baby body, and unscrew the base of the tank, and fill from the bottom.

How does the Pico Baby vape?

It works well, and to be honest I wouldn’t expect anything other from Eleaf. The flavour is good, the vapor while direct lung inhaling is decent. Close the air flow for mouth to lung inhaling and you do lose vapour, but you still get great flavour. I do like the fact that Eleaf are catering for MTL inhalers, not many manufacturers seem to do that any more.

The button can get a little annoying being on the top, but that’s just down to my personal preference. It is fairly easy to press and does fire every time, but keeping the amount of pressure on to make sure the button stay down while you’re vaping might be a little hard for some people, especially if you tend to take longer 5 to 10 seconds draws. Not a huge problem, but worth a mention.

The battery seems to last well too, but I guess vaping at around 20-25w it should last a while.

Final Thoughts

I like it, it is a great little stealth device. If you have larger hands you will be able to totally hide the Pico Baby in your clenched fist. For people like me with smaller hands, you can still hide it, just keep it facing towards you, and let every one else see the back of your hand. And don’t forget, if you’re stealth vaping… hold the vapour in!!

I’m not so keen on the bottom filling tank anymore. I suppose I have been spoiled with all of the top fillers that are around these days. I do think Eleaf could find some way to make this a top filler. Seems a pain the @$$ to have to remove the tank from the body and then remove the base as well. For a stealth device its hardly stealthy when you need to fill it.

The Pico Baby is small, cute, and suitable for both MTL and DL inhalers. Closing the airflow right down would be suitable for people wanting to replicate the tight draw of a cigarette, so fab for new vapers who want to quit the stinkies! And if you pair this up with some nic salts, I think you would be over the moon.

Will the Pico Baby be retired to the shelf?… Well to be honest, its not a device that will get daily use. It just doesn’t have enough ‘oomph’ for me, however it is something that I would grab if I was popping down the shops, or going out for a meal. It is small and stealthy, and easy to pop in your pocket. So not an all day device, but great for quick runs out.

Ceekays Shack Score

Scoring this little thing out of 5 as there’s really not much to it. It’s losing half a point for the awkward and somewhat outdated bottom fill method, and half a point for the button press, which isn’t a huge problem for me, but could be for someone that suffers with hand dexterity. So the Pico Baby gets a fab 4/5 :ting:

Check out the Pico Baby over on vapesourcing.com where you can purchase it for a fantastic $32.00  :thumbs:

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