Joyetech Espion Solo & ProCore Air Tank Kit Review

Many thanks to Tom over at for sending this kit out for me.
The Espion solo is Joyetechs 10 year anniversary mod, and while in initial pics that I had seen of it, I didn’t really like the look too much, I decided it was worth the once over… and I’m pretty glad I did!  :yes:

Lets start with the

Espion Solo Kit Specs

ESPION Solo Battery Mod
Size: 25.5mm*39.5mm*132.5mm
Screen type: 1.3 inch OLED touchscreen
Screen size: 64*128 px
Output wattage: 1-80W
Output mode: Power/RTC/Bypass/TC(Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR modes
Atomizer head: ProCA (0.4ohm) head and other ProC series heads
ProCore Air Atomizer
E-liquid capacity: 4.5ml
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC/TCR mode
0.1-3.5ohm for Power mode
Temperature range: 100-315°C/ 200-600°F
Cell using: single replaceable high rate 21700/18650 cell (CDR25A)
Max charging current: 2A
Max output current: 30A
Max output voltage: 9V

In The Box

Joyetech ESPION Solo Kit with ProCore Air Atomizer 80W comes with
1 * ESPION Solo Mod (No Cell)
1 * ProCore Air Atomizer 4.5ml
2 * ProCA-0.4ohm DL. head
1 * 18650 Battery Sleeve
1 * Spare Glass tube
1 * Spare Mouthpiece
4 * Silicon Ring
1 * QC USB cable
2 * Manual and Warning Card
1 * Warranty Card
Spare parts

Looks & Initial Thoughts

Tom always looks after me, and knows that I’m not keen on black coloured vape gear, so when the box came and had the picture of a black mod emblazoned across the front, I was pretty gutted to say the least. Preparing to be totally gutted, I opened the box to find this stunning rainbow coloured mod staring back at me.


The design seems pretty Retro looking to me, and I have to say, it looks way better in the flesh, than in the pics. It has these lines (rather like a grill) on each side, and does have a somewhat mechanical feel to it (not as in a mech mod, but rather like all pieces fitting together to make… well the Espion mod) It has a small Joyetech logo on one side, and Espion Solo on the other. And then on the button is the 10th Anniversary limited edition print. It actually does look pretty good, and I’m sure the colour helps me to like it immensely.

The ProCore Air tank is rainbow coloured too, and popped onto the top of the mod, they do make quite an eye catching combination.

This is a single battery mod, with a curved back/battery cover, so it is nice and comfy to hold, and once I installed the battery it is heavy enough for you to know that you’re holding what feels like a quality device.

And the nice surprise is, it’s a touch screen mod!  :ting:

Buttons & Battery

So you have two buttons on the Espion Solo, the main fire button, which is big enough to fit the whole pad of your thumb or finger on. Its stretches out across the complete front of the mod and slightly curves round the sides, and it is a comfy button to press. You don’t need to be a strongman to keep it pressed, and it delivers a quiet-ish click when pressed. The second button is the locking and unlocking button, and is used for unlocking the touch screen. You don’t need to use it for locking the screen though, as soon as you press the fire button this takes you back to the main screen and locks the mod.
5 clicks will of course (you guesses it already!) switch the mod off, and another 5 switches it back on again.


The battery cover is a weird kind of shape (see pic) and is held in place by 4 fairly sturdy magnets, it does take a bit of a tug to remove it, but at least you know your battery isn’t going to come flying out (unless you drop the mod, and then it might. Magnets are a great idea until you drop it, and then you have a 50/50 chance of what will happen!)

The Espion Solo will take a single 21700 battery, and Joyetech also include a silicone converter sleeve so you can also use your 18650’s in there too (which is good as I don’t own any 21700 batterys yet!) A nice large + and – show you which way to insert the battery. The only thing I wasn’t sure on was whether the silicone sleeve had to have the metal part on the positive or negative part of the battery (or if it even mattered at all) But I’ve been using it on the positive end, and its all good.

You will find the charging port just under the locking button, which means you can charge the mod while its standing up, and I know that will please a lot of people. And Joytech state that the Espion will charge at up to 2amps, so that’s gonna charge your battery fairly quickly, or you can also use an  external charger (which is what I always do) But now days with the charging capabilities built into these mods, charging the battery in the mod is fine.

The Espion Solo Screen, Menu, & 510 Pin.

So this mod has a 1.3 inch OLED touch screen, and I have to say it is very responsive. Just touch  the screen and press the unlocking button below, and the screen opens up for use. The main screen is where you will adjust the watts or temp, scroll to the right or left takes you to one of the two other screens. One screen is info such as ohms, the time, puff count, etc. The other screen takes you into the menu. Now the only problem I can see, would be if you have large fingers. The menu is 4 rather small boxes, on this quite narrow screen…. I haven’t had that problem, but it may be a problem for some vapers.



I don’t intend to do a detailed explanation of the menu (thats what the manual is for!) But you have normal  modes, Power, several Temperature control modes, Bypass. And then you also have your mod settings, time, ohms, preheat etc. So pretty much everything you would expect on an up to date mod.

The great thing is that the menu is easy to use, changing wattage is easy using the arrows, the screen works every time for me! The chip has all of the normal safety features built in (so nothing new there) but always good to know that the mod has got your back on safety!

The ProCore Air Tank

I’m starting to think that lots of manufacturers are just copying each other now. This is very similar to the Eleaf Ello Duro tank that I have just reviewed.

It has a 4.5ml capacity though (which in the UK will be a 2ml tank due to the TPD) And it also has the same top filling mechanism. You will notice the top cap is marked with arrow, and you just push the cap accross in the direction the arrow is showing to expose the fill hole. Fantastic idea, but again you have to remove the drip tip to fill the tank if you have the chunkier bottles with wider nozzles.


The ProCore Air has adjustable airflow by the means of two rather large airflow holes at the bottom. These can be opened by rotating the collar, and can be closed down to give quite a restricted lung inhale. This isn’t a mouth lung device though, so if you’re hoping to replicate the draw of a cigarette you won’t get it with the ProCore Air tank.

The ProCore (kit) comes with 2 x  ProCA-0.4ohm DL. coils in the box, easy to change by removing the bottom of the tank. You can run these anywhere between 40 and 80w. The tank will take the ProC series of coils, which you can see  here, so you have around 6 different coils to choose from if you’re not keen on this one. As always…. don’t forget to prime the coil before using it for the first time.

Although this sub ohm coil is fine in the 4.5ml tank, in the 2ml tank you will have the same problem of constantly needing to fill it!  :fp2:

The springy 510 pin will take a range of other tanks up to 25mm, so if you don’t get the kit with the tank included (or you don’t like the ProCore Air tank) you can pop one of your own on there, although if its over 25mm you will get a bit of an overhang.

How does the Espion Solo Kit Vape

It vapes really well (and let’s face it, these days there’s no reason why any mod shouldn’t deliver what it claims) I’ve been vaping the 0.4ohm coil at around 40-45w, and I’m getting good vapour, the flavour is nice and clean, and I’ve not had any dry hits at all. So this can keep up with my chain vaping (which is always good!) I haven’t had any gurgling, or leaks, so no problems at all.

I’ve also tried another tank on this mod with a homemade SS coil in temp mode, and it too works just as it should.

For a single battery mod, the run time isn’t massive, but it’s not a problem to take a spare battery along if you’re taking this mod out for the day.

Final Thoughts.

So it seems that I’ve done a complete turn around with the Espion Solo kit. I hated the shape and design the first time I saw this advertised, but I’m happy to say that the whole device (and using it) has actually changed my mind (the rainbow colour helps of course  :dunno:)

The Espion solo looks really nice, fits well in the hand and is extremely comfy to hold. These lines on the side do feel quite weird though, and you can massage your fingertips by running them across the grooves!  :laughtears:  It vapes really well, and has no problems at all apart from filling, which isn’t really a problem but just a tad annoying.

The screen is great and very responsive, and the menu isn’t difficult to use, it’s always a bonus when you don’t need a degree in rocket science to work a mod!  :yes:

So will the Espion Solo and ProCore be retired to the shelf? No…. I love using it, it’s just an all round great mod.

Ceekays Shack Score

Losing a half a point for the top cap and having to remove the drip tip while filling, and that really is it. No other niggles at all with the Espion. So Joyetech, well done, you score a superb 9.5/10:thumbs:

You can take a look at the Espion kit over on our sponsors website – Espion Solo & ProCore Tank Kit – $59.90 at

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