The IJOY Avenger Review – Artificial Intelligence or Pure Stupidity?

This Voice AI kit – The IJOY Avenger, was sent to me for review by our fantastic new sponsor A huge thanks to Lucy for sending this out.


Size 89.8 x 50mm
Max wattage 234W
Output mode VW/VT(Ni/Ti/SS)/TCR Mode
Battery type 2* 20700 cells(included)
Resistance range 0.05 – 3.0ohm
Tank capacity 4.7ml/3.2ml(spare glass tube)
Voice Control System English
Thread type 510 thread

In the box

2* 20700 BATTERIES
1* 18650 Adapter
1* X3-Mesh Coil (Mesh coil, Wood pulp+cotton, 0.15ohm, 40-90W Pre-installed)
1* X3-C1S Coil (Wood pulp+cotton,0.35ohm 40-80W)
1* Replacement Glass
1 *Tool pack
1* USB Cable
1* Manual
1* Warranty Card

Initial Thoughts

So the Ijoy Avenger arrived at my door in a little wooden box, very sturdy! On opening the box I was impressed quite a bit by the colour of the tank, the colour is champagne gold, and the tank does look totally stunning. Unfortunately the colour of the mod doesn’t really match the tank, as the colour seems slightly duller and flatter. Now this is a little bit annoying as the kit would have looked tons better if they were the exact same colour as the tank, you can see in the photo’s how they are just slightly different  :roll:

Anyhow, the over look of the Avenger is really nice. Its gold, a full colour screen set in to the front of the mod, the screen actually isn’t the whole panel like you would think but a smaller square section inside. The back of the mod also has this black panel that gives it an overall uniform look.  It has one of those side panel buttons that go from top to bottom and works from squeezing the whole mod (or you can press it with your fingertips if you wish) and the other side is coloured the same to make it match.

With a couple of batteries installed it’s quite a heavy mod, and they are 20700’s (it does take your 18650’s too) The weight does give a nice quality feel to it.

The Avengers 510 pin is nice and springy and just waiting for any tank that you throw at it! Seriously this beast will accommodate tanks right up to 30mm!  :oooo:

This is a voice control mod, I believe Ijoy were the first company to bring this out, and although that gives it quite a novel personality, you don’t have to use the voice control feature. You can use the avenger as a standard mod. So let’s fill up the tank and get vaping on this beauty!

The Buttons and Batteries

Ok so you have this long panel type fire button that runs down the left side of the mod. Nice and easy to press or squeeze (however you feel comfy using it) The click does sound a bit cheap… it clicks when you press and then clicks again when you depress the button, but it feels ok. There is something that’s a little bit rattley on the mod when you shake it and I have a feeling its this button.


The plus and minus (or up & down) buttons can be found at the bottom of the front screen, and they are actually lights too. Nice and clicky, and the lights are pretty fun, but we’ll cover the LED functions a little later.

The battery door is a hinged push and slide kind of door, nice and solid and locks in to place firmly when the batteries are installed. This mod will take 20700 batteries (two of them) or by the means of a silicone sleeve you can also use your 18650’s in here. Now I did get 2 x 20700 Ijoy batteries in the kit, which is impressive, I like it when the manufacturer supplies everything you need in the kit!
The positive and negative is marked on the door along with A + B so you can identify each battery on the screen.


You can charge the batteries in the mod, when you plug the cable into the port on the front you get 2 battery icons, and some kind of  (what looks like a weird battery mating ritual!) or just a charging display! You can’t vape while the batteries are charging, pressing the fire button does nothing.  You can also upgrade the firmware via the charging port too.

The Screen & Menu

So the screen on the Avenger is this nice colour screen, very clear to read, some of the lettering on there is a bit on the small side, but I can just make it out.

You have your wattage at the top in bigger lettering, then it switches to smaller and you have ‘Norm’ which is your pre-fire power setting, along the sides and just under the Norm, if you have the voice control feature switched on, you have a little like… heart beat line that continually runs along the screen from left to right. This shows that the mod is listening for commands from you.

Below this you have Puff count, Volts and Coil Ohms. And then under that you have an image of a sports car (little bit random) Type in ‘Avenger sports car’ on Google and it does indeed come back with pictures of a grand looking sleek sports car… and I’m guessing this is where the name and on screen car come from. So on the car, a line moves across when you press the button, this counts your draw time, and leaves that time in seconds on the screen after you depress the button. I like this feature, some mods count the draw time, but when you stop vaping it goes back to zero so you never actually see what the draw time is.  Then you have the car wheels, which correspond to your batteries, A & B The wheels have 5 sections and I assume each section represents 20% of the battery life. These sections turn to black as your battery run time drops.

So you have a lot of info going on within the screen, but its in a fun  kind of way  :yes:

The Menu

The menu system is easy enough to work, and I’m not going to give a full run down, just the basics. 3 clicks will take you into the menu screen where you are presented with 6 menu options. Variable Wattage (which is shown as a P), Temp, Bulb (LED and sound settings), Power Mode (this is hard, norm, soft and user pre-fire) TCR, and Settings (where you can adjust the puff count, screen time, and voice AI)


You move along the settings with the up & down buttons, and select the options with the fire button, so all pretty straight forward. Do have a play with the light and sound menu as you can have a solid single colour or customize the lights to pulse to music (and they also flash along with your voice while you’re talking) you have a few different options in there to play with. Yes it’s a novelty type of thing, but I’ve always loved fun little LED’s on mods and these dance to music!! What’s not to love about them, you have your very own Avenger disco lights  :happydance:

You have all of the normal (expected) features of a mod these days, you can personalise your vape settings, and of course it has protection built in.

The Avenger Voice AI

Now this is where you can speak commands to the Ijoy Avenger  and it should understand and respond to your commands….’should’!  :roll:  Does it work like that? Hmmm not always!  :no2:

Voice control is a great idea in itself, supposedly to help if you’re driving or doing something else with your hands and need to change the settings. To be honest once you have your mod set up, you’re highly unlikely to need to change the settings while you’re driving or pegging out the washing, or making the beds… whatever. Personally I think its a fun little feature, but it’s not something you’re going to use while you’re walking down the street (especially if you are on your own!) Can you imagine people at the bus stop when you get your mod out of your pocket and start talking to it…. “Hello Ijoy”!

Ok so the Avenger is not really AI for starters, you can’t say anything to it, and it will understand and do what you tell it. You ‘have’ to use the preset commands which you will find in the instruction manual. This is quite annoying as you need to memorize them, there are 12 in total, 5 relate to the LED’s, then you have power settings, watts settings, lock and unlock device, and power off.

Before any command you need to let the Avenger  know that you are actually talking to it, not someone else in the room. So you need to say “Hello Ijoy” Oh my goodness, sometimes this works first time, other times I’ve found myself shouting it over and over at the mod, and no response what so ever. It does seem to like it when I do an American accent though! My boring central English accent, not so much!  :ashamed:

The commands again are a little hit and miss, remembering the exact command is a pain in the a** So it’s fun for a while, but then if its not really understanding your accent or you’re not saying the exact words it needs to hear then it just gets to be rather annoying.

When you’re about ready to rip your hair out, then you can just switch the AI feature off, and use the Avenger as a standard mod.

The Avenger Sub-Ohm Tank

The Avenger tank is pretty much the same as all the other sub-ohm tanks on the market at the minute. It has the bubble glass to make it 4.7ml, you also get a spare smaller 3.2ml glass in the kit, and of course if you’re in the UK or EU you will get the extremely small 2ml glass, and you will be forever filling your tank!  :roll:


Filling the tank is a doddle! Unscrew the top cap, remove the top cap to expose 2 rather large filling slots, these will take thick nozzles and you can fill the tank with ease. Congrats to Ijoy for not following other manufacturers and using the new slide or twist caps that stay attached and mean you can’t fit these wider nozzles in. Don’t do it Ijoy, stay as you are! I don’t mind removing the whole top cap, it means I don’t lose half my liquid while trying to fill the tank  :thumbup:

You have 2 rather large air flow slots on the base, You can close these down to get a very restricted draw if that’s how you prefer to vape. There are some rather large notches next to the air flow holes that you can grab that makes twisting the base nice and easy.

The kit comes with 1* X3-Mesh Coil (Mesh coil, Wood pulp+cotton, 0.15ohm, 40-90W Pre-installed) 1* X3-C1S Coil (Wood pulp+cotton,0.35ohm 40-80W) I have been using the pre-installed coil, which is the mesh coil. I assume the other one is a standard coil (there are so many options now for so many different tanks, it’s pretty easy to get confused with what to buy and even what to use) This coil is ok, there’s nothing remarkable about it. Not sure what the wood pulp is, but there is a weird kind of back taste to the flavours, which I’m not sure if this means the taste is cleaner and I’m picking out elements that I haven’t tasted before, or if I’m just tasting wood pulp!!

This is a direct lung inhale tank, if you want to vape like you used to smoke a cigarette the Avenger Sub-ohm tank may not be for you.

How Does the Avenger Vape

Its actually vapes along nicely at around 55w (which is what Im vaping at right now) A decent amount of vapour, ok kind of flavour.

The watts alter in increments of 0.5, which is acceptable with these sub-ohm tanks, you don’t really need intricate 0.1 adjustments for these coils. If you press and hold the button then it alters in 5w increments, so if you need to get from 50w to 90w it’s not going to take the best part of 5 minutes, it will actually happen in a couple of seconds. Perhaps a little too fast as if you blink you’ve skipped right past the setting you want!

And if you’re altering the power by voice command then it goes up or down in 10w increments (that’s if it understands you in the first place!)  :worried:

Final Thoughts

I like it! Its a good solid all round mod, a little on the heavy side but comfy enough for smaller hands to hold. The menu is easy to use, I love the LEDs and its quite gimmicky that the lights dance to music but I personally think that’s great fun, and a great talking point!

The tank is pretty decent and easy to fill, not too sure about the ‘Wood pulp’ wicking though, I really don’t know whether it’s me just thinking there’s a bit of a back taste or if it is actually there!

The Avenger Voice AI, it works around 40% of the time for me, and I just find myself getting annoyed with it, so I tend not to use it. But it is great innovation, it would be even better if it understood variations of certain commands, instead of ‘power high’, why not that and, ‘power up’, ‘increase power’ etc. What would be even better is if you could tell it exactly what watts you want to use, and it would set that for you. As a starting point and for the first people to make a voice controlled mod, I guess they had to start somewhere right. I will be interested to see how this develops in the future.

Will the Ijoy Avenger be retired to the shelf? Certainly not! Its a great device, battery run time is great, comfy to hold, I just really like it.

Ceekays Shack Score

So, its losing a half point for the taste being a little on the weird side, and its also losing a point for the voice control not being quite what it should be, it would lose more (on the AI side of things) if it wasn’t for the fact that you can turn off voice control and use it as regular device. Other than that the Avenger gets a sleek 8.5/10  :ting:

You can purchase the IJoy Avenger at Cvapor  for a great price – $58.71 Nows that’s a bargain! Do pop over and check these folks out – They have a great range of vape gear at some really competitive prices.

You can let us know your thoughts on the IJOY Avenger, either pop on over to our forum, or post in the comments section below.

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    1. Hi Paige, don’t you have a separate charger that you could charge the batteries in? They’re not too expensive and it would mean that you could use the mod.

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