Eleaf Lexicon Review – Futuristic or Far Back?

The lovely Holy from Eleaf sent me out the Eleaf Lexicon to try and see what I thought of it.

Lexicon Specs:

Size: 45mm*31mm*124mm (2ml version)
Weight: 223.4g (2ml version, without cell)
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Battery type: dual 18650s
Output wattage: 235W max
Output voltage: 0.5V-8V
Resistance range: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω (VW mode)
0.05Ω-1.5Ω (TC-Ni/Ti/SS/M1/M2/M3 mode)
Colors: red, black, silver, dazzling, blue, purple

In The Box:

1×Lexicon (without cell)
1×ELLO Duro Atomizer (2ml)
1×HW-N 0.2ohm Head
1×HW-M 0.15ohm Head
1×QC USB Cable
2×User Manuals
Spare Parts

Initial Thoughts.

Opening the box I was greeted with a lovely rainbow colour mod, and a rainbow coloured Ello Duro tank. The tank being slightly different from the last one I received as this one is pre-installed with a mint green acrylic tube (there is a glass one in the box) with a swirl design in it, and a matching drip tip. I have to say the tank really does look the biz!

The mod itself, bit of a strange shape actually  :think: its practically oblong with 2 corners cut off the top and what looks like little mirrors in place of the corners. Beautiful anodised rainbow colour and…. rather than me trying to describe the shape of the LEDs cut into the mod, take a quick look at the pics. 


So it is rather futuristic with the LEDs but rather a blunt shape, I think contours may have been better.

The Lexicon has a spring loaded pin, and you can pop any tank up to 26mm on top without an overhang. It takes 2 x 18650 batteries and will fire up to 235w! Really?… who needs this much power? If anyone reading this vapes at 200w or above please leave a comment in the box below.

Batteries and Buttons.

The battery door is one of those push out and slide doors, it feels fairly solid once the batteries are installed, and there are no rattles. The inside of the door is clearly marked in white with Plus and Minus battery direction, and the slots are also numbered 1 & 2, although there aren’t any corresponding numbers on the screen, unless you take the top battery icon as number 1 and the lower one as number 2.

You can charge the batteries in the Lexicon using the charging port on the front, and it does support fast (2A) charging.

The fire button is a diamond shape with the same kind of pattern as the LEDs on the mod, and this pattern does light up along with the LED’s on the Lexicon. It is a good solid clicky button, easy enough to press and hold in to fire the mod.

The Plus and Minus buttons again, nice and clicky. One thing I’m not keen on the buttons are all black. The Lexicon comes in some lovely colours and I think the black buttons are just cheap looking and don’t enhance the look of the mod in the slightest. Eleaf are aiming for a futuristic look and then stick black plastic buttons on it! <shrugs>

Screen & Menu

The screen is rather small! To me this feels like a step backwards, but it seems like Eleaf wanted the biggest feature of the Lexicon to be these LEDs, so the screen has taken a back seat in the design of this mod.

So with the screen being super small, this of course means that the lettering is also super small, all apart from the wattage which is larger. The screen readout shows the battery icons, ohms, volts and amps, this takes up 2/3 of the tiny screen, with the watts taking up the other third. It is readable though, but if you wear specs you will definitely need them to read the smaller lettering.


The menu is pretty straight forward. Five clicks on and off. Three clicks will take you into the vape settings, VW, Ti, Ni, SS, and then three user M (memory) settings.
Pressing the fire and up button together takes you into the mod settings, Where you can alter pretty much everything from LED sequence to preheat, puff count to ohms lock. The only problem I found is that these settings are done via tiny icons… I have no idea what any of these are, so you will need to consult the manual. A little ghost icon for instance is the ‘Stealth mode’ setting!



The watts alter in 0.1w increments up to 20w, so for higher ohm coils you can fine tune your power setting (I really like this feature!) After 20w it alters in full 1 watt increments, temp mode alters F in 10f increments, and C in 5s. As Ive mentioned before I don’t see this s a huge problem with such low ohm coils as you don’t need to perfect the vape as much as you do with higher ohms coils.

The LEDs

So Eleaf are pushing the Lexicon as a futuristic mod, and I believe this is due to the how the LED’s are positioned around the mod. Everything else is fairly standard as far as mods go, so the LED’s are the only thing that really stand out about this mod. It doesn’t do anything that hundreds of other mods don’t do, so…..

The LED’s can be configured via the settings menu, you can change the colour and the way that the LEDs move. All info can be found in the manual, although I’ still trying to figure out the different combinations on the LEDs. They are pretty cool though, I have them set to a chasing effect (you can see here in the video) while I’m vaping.

And of course if you don’t like LED’s then you can switch them off. Although to be fair if you don’t like LED’s I’m really not sure why you have purchased the Eleaf Lexicon!   dunno

The Ello Duro Tank.

Seeing as I have already reviewed the Ello Duro tank along with the Ijust S, which you can see here, I dont intend to fully review it again. Couple of things to mention, there is this new acrylic tube, with swirls, and matching drip tip, which actually does look really cool! And of course still the same bad points, only 2ml tank, and this silly sliding top cap and small filling hole which means I have to remove the drip tip to fill the tank. I have a new bottle at the minute from a liquid I’m trying out and I’ve had to flatten the nozzle on it, as even with the drip tip removed that nozzle just ain’t fitting!


How Does the Lexicon & Ello Duro Tank Vape

It does work well, I’ve been using between 40 and 50w and the vapour and flavour are really good. The lexicon mod works well, in fact no problems at all with anything apart from the filling of the Ello Duro tank.

Other tanks work great too, and the temp mode does what it should. I have noticed that the screen goes blank while you’re vaping and Im guessing this is so you can get the full effect of the LED’s without the screen distracting your eyes from them. When you let go of the fire button the screen will illuminate again.

Final Thoughts

The fact that it has the low ohm coil and 2ml tank combo, really does grate on my nerves. Manufacturers still keep knocking this out without a care in the world, but for me this combo is a real pain in the *ss. You can fill the tank, half an hour later you’re filling it again! It just gets to be a real drag!

The shape is not really that comfy to hold for smaller hands either, it feels very chunky and that combined with the weight of the mod kind of makes me want to keep putting it down. I think a more contoured body would have worked way better. They could have made it more stream lined and still kept the overall futuristic look.

It does look pretty great though, the rainbow finish and LED’s really do work well together and the chasing lights, well they are really fun!

Will the Lexicon be retired to the shelf? Well the Ello Duro tank definitely will be. I jut really can’t stand continual filling! – And before anyone says it, I know the tank size isn’t Eleafs fault, but pairing it up with a super low ohm coil is! The Lexicon mod, well I have more comfy mods, and to be honest I can see me picking those up more often than this. However if I was out for the night and wanted something fun and flashy (in the literal sense of the word) I may take this along! (Just with a different tank!)

Ceekays Shack Score.

It’s not losing any points for the way the Lexicon kits works, its a great mod. However and these are just my little quirks, so do take these into consideration if you’re looking to purchase one, they actually might not bother you as much as they do me. Losing a point for the 2ml tank, low ohm coil combo, and a half point for the filling hole (just not big enough) And it’s also losing a point for the bulky shape. So the Eleaf Lexicon kit scores a not so futuristic 7.5/10   smile

You can take a look at the Lexicon over on the official Eleaf website And check your local vape stores for stock.

Tell us your thoughts on the Eleaf Lexicon, either comment below or pop over to our forum.

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2 Replies to “Eleaf Lexicon Review – Futuristic or Far Back?”

  1. I see you review was written much earlier in the year, but I’d like for you to go back and reevaluate the Ello Duro. I got this kit for my birthday in July, and the tank came with the 2ml tube, and a 6.5ml tube, which lasts signicantly longer! I think you might find it be more on the attractive side due to this, as this seemed to be a major issue.

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