Vaptio Spin It Review

Todays review is a little pod type kit from the guys over at Vaptio – The Spin It, weird name but it does kind of speak for itself!  :yes:

Vaptio Spin It Specs:

Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 133mm
Battery Capacity: Built-in 650mAh
Output Power: 10-15W
Juice Capacity: 1.8ml
Coil Resistance: 1.0ohm
Material: Anodic Oxidized Aluminium Ally
Charging: 5V

In The Box
1x Spin It Battery
2x Spin It Tank (one pre-installed)
1x Drip Tip
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Initial Thoughts.

The more pod systems that become available (and believe me there are loads) The more I tend to look straight past them at something else, this little thing did catch my attention though due to its revolutionary spin style tank and mouthpiece (no more pocket fluff in the old drip tip!) I have the red one, lovely colour! It comes well packaged like all of Vaptio’s products. Removing it from the box I find it’s light, and very easy to hold. Its a long tube style device (I’ve always liked tube mods) and it does just feel very natural in the hand.

To spin the end, just give the top section a tug, this loosens it from the body, spin it around and push it back into the body, you’ll hear a click, and thats it, drip tip safely stored so no nasties can get in there from your pocket (assuming you have nasties in your pocket!  :dunno:)

Spin It Features

The Spin It has a 650 mAh built in battery. It will hold 1.8ml of eliquid, and it will vape at 15w. The 1.2ohm coil uses Japanese cotton for wicking.

The button is nice and clicky and placed in quite a comfy position, making it easy to press with either your thumb or finger depending on how you choose to hold the Spin It.

The charging port is in the end of the Spin It, and a white light will illuminate while charging. Once the battery is fully charged the light will go out.

Spinning and storing the drip tip inside the body also acts as a lock for the Spin It, as it disconnects the coil from the battery, meaning you can’t accidentally fire the device while its in your pocket! This is a great feature.

And you also have the 5 click on and off feature. And it comes with all the normal protections that you would expect, low voltage, short circuit, over charging etc.


Filling the Tank/Pod

Filling the tank is nice and easy, just spin the top section 180 degrees to reveal the bottom side, and  give the black plastic base a tug (the base has several raised lines to help with grip) and you will need that grip as the tank is inserted quite tightly into the cover.

Once you’ve pulled the tank out, remove the silicone bung (which like all Vaptio pod devices the bung is attached to the neck section by a little silicone collar) and fill via the small filling hole. Yes you will need a small nozzle to fill, but this being a pod system I wouldn’t expect a larger hole.

Do give the liquid 10 minutes to soak into the wicking (or you’ll end up burning the cotton and wasting the pod)

Once you pop the pod back into the head you will notice a window on either side, so you can see exactly how much liquid you have left, making it easy to know when you need a refill.

When you find that the vapour or flavour is starting to tail off then you just change the whole pod, no messing around fitting coils.

How does the Spin It Vape?

For a pod system it vapes quite well. The flavour is really good, and you get a decent amount of vapour (by decent amount, I do mean by pod standards. You are never going to blow clouds with a pod type device)

It is primarily a mouth to lung inhale device, although the draw isn’t extremely tight. But… I can get a very restricted direct lung inhale with this, and of course you will get more vapour this way.

I am using a 2mg liquid in the Spin It, so I’m getting no hit what so ever, but as with most pod devices I believe these are more suited to high nicotine liquids, or even nic salts. And with either of those, you are going to have yourself a fab little device for new vapers, or experienced vapers just wanting a smaller device for out and about.

Final Thoughts on the Vaptio Spin It

I really like this, It vapes well, it looks really nice,  its super comfy to hold, and very light. The design is clever, to be able to tuck the mouthpiece away is a much needed innovation if you’re like me and tend to shove everything in your pockets. If you’ve ever inhaled mouthful of pocket fluff you’ll know exactly what I mean  :yuk: The fact that spinning the head also ‘locks’ the device is brilliant!

One thing that niggles me a little bit, the head section where the mouthpiece is, is made from plastic, and the rest of the device is made from a type of aluminium.  I think it would have looked far better to keep the head the same material as the rest of the body. As it is, the head is a slightly different colour to the body and yes, this irritates me!  :roll: You can see what I mean in the main photo.

One more point, I can’t figure out the battery level from the light, I’ve searched the manual (which is extremely short on instructions) and nothing. I don’t notice any difference on the light from fully charged to used… maybe it fades quicker after vaping when the battery is low. I really don’t know?  :dunno:

So will the Spin It be retired to the shelf?
– Well I certainly won’t be using it as a daily mod, but it will be something that I reach for when I’m popping out in the garden, or nipping out for a bottle of milk. It’s comfy and light enough to just pop in your pocket (after you’ve Spun It of course) For shopping trips in town I’m not sure the battery would last me long enough, although I have used this in pass through mode, so that might be an option for using it in the car.

Overall it’s a great little pod system, and it’s going to be especially good when filled up with some high level nic, or nic salts, I think it will really hit the spot.

Ceekays Shack Score

I’m taking half a point for the light not visibly showing remaining battery time (or if it does then it isn’t clear enough) as this could be a problem for a newer vaper with no back up device, but the rest of the device is great. So the Vaptio Spin It gets a head spinning 4.5/5  :thumbs:

You can take a look at the Spin It on Vaptio’s Official site priced $39.99, or check out your local vape dealer to see if they stock it.

Do you have more questions about the Vaptio Spin It? Either leave a comment below, or pop over to forum for a chat.
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