Eleaf iStick Pico S Review

A huge thanks to Tom over at Vapesourcing.com for sending me the iStick Pico S out to review. I have always loved the Pico range, and have vaped several of the standard Pico’s to death!

Lets start with the specs, and what you get for your money…

Pico S Specs

Size: 52.5mm * 28.5mm * 128mm
E-liquid capacity: 6.5ml
Battery type: 21700 / 18650
Output wattage: 100W max
Output voltage: 0.5V-9V
Resistance range: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω (VW/Bypass mode)
0.05Ω-1.5Ω (TC-Ni/Ti/SS/M1/M2/M3 mode)

In The Box:

1×iStick Pico S Box Mod (No Cell)
1×ELLO VATE Atomizer 6.5ml
1×HW-N 0.2ohm Head
1×HW-M 0.15ohm Head
1×QC USB Cable
2×User Manuals Spare Parts

Looks & Initial Thoughts

First off, I’m going to bypass the fact that the kit is black! If you know me, you know that I hate black vape gear! So, moving on…  :roll:

The Pico S retains the basic shape of the original Pico’s, fire button stays in the same place, and the screen too. The biggest makeover seems to be that the whole battery tube unscrews, and there is now a gap between the battery sleeve and the rest of the mod. In between these 2 sections there are a row of LED’s that flash when the button is pressed, and reflect on the battery tube. This seems a little strange as they are mostly hidden, however if you want a mod with lights that aren’t ‘in your face’ then this fits the bill  :yes:

It has 6 little vent holes under the battery tube, safety first! And the Pico S has a springy 510 pin, and will accommodate tanks up to around 26mm without an overhang.

Its not the best looking mod in the world for starters and it makes me question why Eleaf chose to change the overall shape and design? But I guess manufacturers need to move with the times, and of course the Pico S now takes a bigger battery, which isn’t a bad thing.

Battery & Buttons

The battery tube unscrews from the top of the mod, the same way that battery cap used to unscrew on the standard Pico. When you unscrew it…. it squeaks, rather like a mouse caught in a trap! It’s a little bit irritating if I’m honest, don’t ever try and change your battery in a quiet place, as that’s one sure way to draw attention to yourself!

 The Pico S will take a 21700 battery, or an 18650 using the silicone battery sleeve provided in the kit. I’m using a 20700 and it works just as well with no rattle in the tube.

One thing worth a mention, I assumed there was no clear indication of which way round the battery should go on the mod, until I took the photo for this review this morning, and then looking at the pic it hit me! The big red cross over the battery post means that the positive end should face downwards!  :roll: (luckily I was doing that anyway!)

The USB charging port is just below the screen and the Pico S will speedily charge your battery at 2amp if you have a charger that will allow that. And firmware updates available from Eleaf are also done via the same port. All normal safety features are built in (to be expected these days)

The fire button is slightly raised, the same with the up and down buttons, all nice and clicky, and not too hard to press and keep pressed.

Screen & Menu

So the Pico S screen is a little on the small side, its a single colour screen with minimal info. Which to be honest I really don’t mind. Some screens have way too much going on info wise. Battery icon, ohms, volts and amps in smaller digits, and then the temp or watts in larger digits. This actually suits me fine, it tells me exactly what I need to know and isnt overrun with other useless info such as puff count and and draw time etc.

The menu is pretty much the same as on the Lexicon which you can see here , so I’m not going to delve too much into this. 5 clicks on and off, 3 clicks takes you into the vape menu, VW, temp, memory settings. And by pressing the fire button and up button it takes you into the mod settings where you will need the manual to see what each little icon means  :roll: unless you go through each one individually to see what it does, and then memorize it! In this menu is also where you can adjust the colour of the LED’s.  

And last but certainly not least, pressing up and down together locks these two buttons, saving you from adjusting the mod to 100w while it’s pressing against your phone in your pocket!! (I’m sure we’ve all scorched our throats at least once before when this has happened!)

The Ello Vate Tank

So I have the 6.5ml bubble glass on the tank, if you’re in the EU you will be limited to the 2ml tank size.

The Ello Vate tank has an 810 honeycomb style mouthpiece, which I struggled like mad to remove, and then struggled even more to get it back on! The top cap slides open to reveal a rather small filling hole that won’t take larger nozzles.


You have 3 large adjustable air flow holes on the bottom of the tank, which can be adjusted to quite a tight draw, but don’t be fooled by this, the Ello Vate tank is a direct lung inhale tank. You will struggle if you want to mouth to lung inhale.

The coils in the kit are a multi-hole one, and a net one… both low ohm.

Strangely this morning when I picked up the Pico S to take the photo’s, it seems there has been some leaking overnight  :worried: Liquid has run down the sides of the mod. Now there isn’t a huge amount, and it hasn’t emptied the tank. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and it’s the first time this has hppened. This is something that I shall certainly keep an eye on.

So how does the iStick Pico S vape?

It gives a good all round vape, flavour is good and of course the vapour is plentiful, depending on the wattage that you use. I tend to stick to lower wattage, and using the 0.15ohm coil I find 45w – 50w hits the sweet spot for me. Turning the wattage up does give more vapour and a much warmer vape as you would expect.

Eleaf do boast that the Pico S has a 25 millisecond firing speed, I can’t say if that is true or not… don’t have a fast enough stop watch to time it! But I can say that it does seem to fire pretty much instantly. As soon as you press the button you’re not waiting for a ramp up. Whether this stays the same at much higher wattages I’m not sure, I’ve tried up to 75w and the instant fire is the same.

Final Thoughts

So the Pico S is a decent mod, but it does have a couple of minus points. Eleaf say that its inspired by a sports car!? I don’t get this at all, it couldn’t look any less like a sports car?  :no2: In fact its one of the least stream lined mods Ive seen in a while.

I don’t find it terribly comfy to hold, The original Pico was a great size, and a good fit in the palm of my hand. This however seems to be a bit awkward to hold. The battery tube does give it a good area to grip, but on the whole the device just feels weird. It feels better to hold with the battery tube pressed against the base of my thumb, but then the firing button position feels weird  :dunno: Maybe it will be ok for larger hands, but for mine, it just doesn’t seem to fit quite right.

Again, just like on the Ello Duro tank, the Ello Vate tank has the same small filling hole! This annoys me as some liquids that I use are in chunky bottles, and the chunky nozzle just won’t fit!

Will the iStick Pico S be retired to the shelf? – Well the above comments may be just a couple of niggles to some, but its enough to make me reach for another mod and tank rather than this one, even though it vapes really well. I kind of feel with the shape and design, it’s like Eleaf have tried to fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Its good that they are trying to move forward, but I believe the design to be somewhat of a backward step for the Pico range.

Ceekays Shack Score

So it’s losing a point for the shape, don’t get me wrong the battery tube is a nice idea in theory, but it just feels impractical. Also losing half a point for the small filling hole. The rest however keeps full marks! Giving the iStick Pico S a super 8.5/10  :ting:

You can pick up a for Pico S at our sponsors site, Vapesourcing.com for $48.90, what a great price! Something to tell us bout the iStick Pico S? Then leve a comment below, or pop over to our forum


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