Teslacigs Punk 85w Review


A huge thanks to Fasttech who sent the Teslacigs Punk 80w out for review. I know these have been out for ages now, it’s just one mod that I never seemed to get round to getting hold of, now I have one, do I love it?…

Punk 85w Specs

Dimension: 44*30*86mm
Material: Zinc Alloy +ABS + PC
Cell Type: One Hi-Rate 18650 cell
Output Mode: KA/TC-SS316/ TC-Ni200/TC-Ti/TCR mode
Output voltage: 8.5V
Max Output Current: 30A
USB: 5V/1A
Taste Mode: Norm/Soft/Hard/User
Memory Mode: M1/M2/M3
Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm for Ti/Ni200/SS316/TCR mode
Temperature Range: 100-300℃/200-600°F

In the box

1 *  Punk 85w Mod
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

Initial Thoughts

The box reminded me a little bit of the Apple products box, all white with the image of the Punk 80w outline printed on in gold, and lots of little embossed steam-punk cogs and gears in the corners.  So, pretty nicely packaged, but on removing the lid from the box, I was in awe at this cute little rainbow coloured mod! You do get a very posh looking braided charging cable in the box, along with an instruction manual that you may need a magnifying glass to read!  :fp2:

It’s sooo gorgeous, I have the rainbow colour (and yes rainbows and roses DO make everything better!  8)) It is definitely box shaped, with some detailing and shaping on the edges and corners, so it doesn’t feel sharp or overly chunky.


Each side has a thickish perspex window to make the mod feel like you are seeing the inner workings (but of course you’re not really seeing the insides, everybody knows that mods don’t run on cogs and steampower!  :no2:) One side has cogs and a black mesh style section, under the black mesh is where the LED’s are and these light up while you’re vaping (or however you set them to work) The other side has what looks like a PCB (printed circuit board) and a couple of cogs. I’m not sure if this really is part of the PCB, there are a couple of little chip things that look like they could be real… but I’m no electrician!  :dunno:


So you have that overall steam punk look to the mod. It will accommodate a tank up to 25mm
and I’ve been using the Vandy Vape Berserker RTA on it, which looks amazing! Review coming for that next.

Popping a battery in and it is fairly weighty for a single battery mod, coming in at around 245g without a tank attached.

Buttons & Battery

The Punk 85W will accommodate 1 18650 battery, which you insert by removing the door/cover on the bottom. The battery cover is fully removable and has a little (but seemingly strong) magnet at one end which helps to keep it in place. There not rattles at all coming from the battery compartment once that cover is in place. It has a lip section on the magnet end, and at the opposite end, and these slide under the locking sections on the mod. I do find this quite a struggle at times to pop back on, there certainly seems to be a knack to it (which I obviously haven’t discovered yet!  :roll:) There is a negative mark on the battery cover, meaning the battery goes in positive end first.

  There is a micro USB port just below the adjustment buttons for charging. And when plugged in you will see inside the battery icon move along to show that it’s charging, and the % will count up.

The buttons are metal, silver on this Punk, a large round raised fire button, with a quality sounding click, and 2 smaller square adjustment (up and down) buttons, that are slightly raised but set into a small recessed section below the screen.

Menu and Screen. 

The screen is small and placed on the edge of the mod, no flashy colours or full screen pics. The lettering and digits on some of it is rather small, and if you need specs you certainly won’t see it without them. In power mode the screen shows, ohms, volts, ramp up/taste mode, coil type, battery icon with %, memory number, and in larger digits the watts.

3 clicks on the power button and then scrolling up or down will take you to each bit of info on the screen, press the fire button on eeach one to go to the settings for that item.

So for instance, 3 clicks, scroll along to KA (kanthal) press the fire button and this then takes you into the menu to select your coil type. Select from Kanthal, SS, Ni, Ti and TCR.

Adjustment increments are in 0.5 for Temp control, and 0.5 for watts. Which is ok I guess, it’s better than it being adjusted in whole digits.

Each time you remove your tank and screw it back on it will ask you if it’s a new coil, it also does this every time you change the battery which I have to say is pretty annoying!

5 clicks for on and off, and to lock the adjustment buttons so you don’t turn up the power while the Punk is in your pocket, press fire and down.  Where as fire and up will take you into the LED menu with 5 memory options and of course you can turn the LED’s off if you wish.

Full settings are available, but it’s in a very uncomplicated way. Do read the manual for full instructions. You may need to read the ‘actual’ manual as Teslacigs don’t seem to have a downloadable manual for the Punk 85w (thats if you can get the site to work at all, they seemed to be having some connection problems each time I’ve tried  :fp2: )

How does the Punk 85w perform?

I’ve used the Punk in Watts mode, and SS temp control mode and it all works well and pretty much how you would expect. It holds settings as it should, gives you a temp control warning if you try to use Kanthal on a TC setting. And I have vaped an RDA dry in SS mode just to see what happens, and it doesn’t burn your cotton, so huge thumbs up for that  :thumbup:

So all in all, it’s performing exactly how it should, and doing it rather well.

Of course it has all of the necessary built in protections that you could need. I don’t think any manufacturer would release a mod these days without built in circuit protection etc.

Final Thoughts on The Teslacigs Punk 85w

I love it!!  :heart: Adore it in fact. It looks stunning, even though it’s chunky it’s still comfy to hold. It just oozes quality. I know the steampunk design isn’t every body’s cup of tea, but I think it makes it just a little bit quirky and a bit of a conversation piece.

It does come in other colours, brass, copper and brushed steel, so if the rainbow isn’t for you then take a look at some of the other colors, they are all pretty nice!

One downside that I have only just started to notice, is that you do get some dirt and liquid seeping under these perspex windows, which I think is going to spoil the look eventually. Now I imagine if you have a star shaped screw driver, you could remove these to clean it, and you’re probably going to want to this at some stage, I wanna do it now!

And finally, it works really well, it’s taken every tank or RDA that I have tried without so much as a grumble  :yes:

Will the Punk 85w be retired to the shelf?
–  No way! This has quickly become an all day mod for me, I take it out, carry it round in my pocket, down the shops… I honestly can’t see this being retired for quite a while into the future.

Ceekays Shack Score.

To be picky it has to lose half a point for the teeny tiny lettering on screen, they could make the screen a bit bigger, it would still fit, and then folks like myself who don’t have 100% eyesight would be able to see the digits without squinting! And its also losing half a point for not remembering the coil ohms after a  battery change. Apart from that I love everything about the mod. The Tesla Punk 85w gets a glowing 9/10  :thumbs:

If you like the look and sound of the Teslacigs Punk 85w mod you can pick one up over at Fasttech for an amazing price of £38.54.

As always if you have any questions or would like to chat about the Tesla Punk 85w, pop on over to our friendly forum
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