Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA Review

I’ve been vaping for just over 7 years, and 6 of those were spent mouth to lung inhaling. It’s only the last 12 ish months that I have started direct lung inhaling and that’s mainly because most products are sub ohm direct lung inhale tanks and RDA’s.

I know that Vandy Vape had released the Berserker MTL RDA, but when I saw they had also released the RTA (tank version) I was just desperate to try it.

So massive thanks to the folks over at Fasttech for sending this out, and lets take a look at it.

Berserker RTA specs

24mm Diameter
Top fill design
Easy-to-build two posts deck, supporting single coil
Gold plated 510 pin
Capacity: 2.0 / Easy switch to 4.5ml capacity with extra glass tube
Designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping
Simple possibility of a real cigarette tightening
Bottom airflow, huge air channels
Adjustable airhole sizes, 0.1mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm
Ultem drip tip and extra Delrin drip tip included
Stainless steel construction
510 threading connection

In The Box

1x Berserker MTL RTA
1x 4.5ml glass tube
1x Accessory bag
1x 510 Delrin drip tip

Looks & Initial Thoughts

I instantly loved the Berserker as soon as I opened the box! I got the rainbow colour, and it just looks a fun kind of tank. It feels rather heavy once converted to the 4.5ml size, and does feel really good quality. The threads on the top cap and base are nice and smooth with good quality machining.


It comes with a yellow Ultem 510 drip tip attached and a black one is also included in the box. I like the yellow one, but I think something more colourful would have suited this rainbow coloured tank better.

If you’re in the EU you will get the 2ml TPD version, however if you order the tank from somewhere outside the EU you will get a kit with larger glass tube and a bigger chimney to make the tank 4.5ml. This is easily switched over with the use of the little tool that Vandy Vape supply in the box. Just unscrew the top section under the top cap (unscrew direction is clearly labelled) unscrew the base, remove the small glass and chimney, ad the new chimney and larger glass, screw it all back together and ‘Voila’! You now have a 4.5ml tank  :yes:

The Berserker RTA is a single coil rebuildable tank, and it looks reasonably easy to build on.
Underneath the base you have all the usual ‘end credits’! And what looks like a serial number. The tank is a collaboration with VandyVape and Alex from VapersMD so that logo is also on the base.


The Berserker RTA Airflow.

So the airflow on this is made to resemble the draw on a traditional cigarette, and you can fine tune the resistance of the draw an awful lot! The smallest air hole is a tiny 0.1mm and you can make this even smaller by covering the hole with the airflow collar. And yes the draw gets extremely limited then. So this will be perfect for all of you folks wishing to mimic smoking a cigarette, or just if you prefer more restricted MTL inhales.

So you do get more than one airflow hole! There are 5 in total, and they getting larger with each one (the biggest being 1.6mm). On the largest hole I can just about get a very restricted direct lung inhale. Now if you’re a die hard direct lung inhaler and you like those really airy draws… you really won’t like the Bereserker  :no2:

The air flow collar is a little on the stiff side for me, it’s easier turning it clockwise as you’re going with the threads on the mod, but when I want to loosen the airflow and go anti-clockwise, that’s when I struggle and usually end up detaching the tank from the mod. This isn’t a huge problem, and I would rather have it a little on the tight side, than too loose and rotating at the slightest touch.

The Berserker RTA Deck & Fitting a Coil.

I found the deck fairly easy to build on, it is a single coil RTA, so at least you’re only fitting one coil.

Depending on what type of coil wire that you’re using, basic wire won’t be a problem, thicker wire like clapton etc, the trick is sliding the coil legs under the screw and then when they pop out the back,  holding and tightening down. You can’t just pull the leg around the screw like on some RDA/RTA’s as there are side walls around the screw. These walls do a great job of stopping the wire from slipping out though, so just push your legs under the screw head, then when it pops out the other side you can bring it round and under the back of screw head…. kind of hard to explain, but luckily it’s much easier to put into practise.


You can use a Phillips or flat head screwdriver, whatever you have to hand. Persoally I think the screw head would have been better had it been a little bit on the larger side, making it easier to trap those larger coil legs (alien wire etc)

Wicking is where you may struggle to get things right! There are two smallish juice wells, that each end of your wick will hang down in to. Now you need to push the wick down into these channels, but too much and it won’t wick fast enough, too little and you’re going to get gurgling and leaking when you top up the tank. And there is a little trick to topping up the tank that may help alleviate some of the problems that I know some folks are having!  :yes:

Filling the Tank.

The tank is filled from the top, unscrew the top cap and remove, and you will see 2 filling holes.
The problem that some people are having is, when you have filled the tank and replace the top cap, it pushes the air in the tank down, which in turn pushes the liquid into the 2 juice wells/channels, and in extreme cases can push the liquid straight out of the air flow holes.

So… to fill the tank, first close off the air flow, fill, and then when you’re replacing the top cap, you need screw it 1/3 of the way down and then flip the tank over so it’s upside and at the same time keep screwing the top cap on. In theory this should push the surplus air out, rather than forcing the liquid into those channels and out. Open the airflow and then tip back upright.

This sounds a pain, but once you’ve done it a couple of times you will get used to it. This is the best method that I have found to avoid gurgling and leaks after filling the tank (and I did have my fair share of this when I first got it!)

How does the Berserker MTL RTA Vape?

I have been really enjoying using this tank, the coil came out at 0.4ohms fitted (one that came with the tank) and using it around 20 watts, and it just really is a fantastic little MTL tank. I was still using an old Joyetech MTL tank, one that I’ve been using for the last 4 or 5 years that uses stock coils, and I can happily say that this tank will replace that one. The flavour is really good, there’s plenty of vapour for a MTL user, no you don’t get massive clouds, but then again you never get massive clouds from a MTL device.

Final Thoughts

The Berserker RTA is brilliant, I love it that much, that for the last couple of weeks it’s been more or less constantly in use. I take it out, use it indoors, more or less everywhere I go, and apart from the odd gurgle after filling I have no problems with it at all. You can pop it in your pocket without worrying that it’s going to leak, and you’re not constantly having to purchase stock coils for it. When the taste starts to get a little bit under par, give the coil a dry burn, rewick with some new cotton, and you’re all set to go again.

I personally think this is a really great MTL tank. For new vapers that want that ‘traditional cigarette feel’ when they take a draw on the tank, it’s spot on. It’s not hard to fit a coil and so long as you can get the amount of cotton right (which you will learn with practise) it will end up being a way cheaper option than constantly buying and replacing stock coils. Plus… it’s not a bad looking tank.

Will the VandyVape Berserker MTL RTA be retired to the shelf? – I can honestly say 100% No! This baby will be used day in day out… I just love it!  :ting:

Ceekays Shack Score

Scoring this RTA out of 5, and it has to lose half a point for the somewhat temperamental fill and gurgle or leak that can happen. Maybe this is something that Vandy Vape can look at with future RTA’s, perhaps find an easier way to fill than having to turn the tank upside down to screw the top cap back on. That’s it though, that really is the only annoying thing about the Berserker RTA. I love it, and it scores a mad 4.5/5:thumbs:

Head over to Fasttech to pick up your VandyVape Berserker MTL RTA for just $44.99. (But Im going to let you into a little secret, add the code MAP in the discount box at checkout to get $15.00 of the purchase price, bringing this down to the absolute bargain price of just $29.99!)

Leave your comments about the Vandy Vape Berserker below, or pop over to our forum and chat to our friendly members.

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