USONICIG Rhythm – Ultrasonic Vaping Kit Reviewed!

The lovely Cookie from is back to sponsor Ceekays Vape Shack over the summer and has sent me a couple of great products out for review.

This month is the Usonicig Rhythm, a new technology in the vaping scene that uses high frequency vibrations with a ceramic coil (not a coil as we know them, more of a ceramic plate) to create vapour. It supposed to vibrate at 2,400,000 times per second, and this turns your e-liquid into vapour, and it will do this with around 30% less heat.

I find it hard to imagine how this exactly works, can vibration really cause liquid to heat and create vapour? Let’s find out….

Usonicig Rhythm specs

E-liquid Capacity:2.0ml(Max)
Size of tank:49.5*23*22mm
Battery Capacity:1500mAh
Charging Time:≤2hrs
UltraSonic Frequency:2.4MHz

In the Box

1 x USONICIG Rhythm Device
2 x USONICIG Rhythm Tank
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


Initial Thoughts

Opening the box the first thing I notice is that this mod isn’t quite as big as I was expecting. Its a nice deep red colour, and has this super strange lever that is used to fire the device, this is stated on the Usonicig site to be shaped like a musical note, (and I guess… yeah, I can see that). The lever is connected with a large round plastic disc on either side.

On the underneath of the Usonicig there are 8 vent holes. This device is an all in one type pod mod, and has a 15000mAh internal battery that is charged using the micro USB port which can be found on the back (same edge that the lever presses down)

There is no screen as such, although those round discs do have led’s that give you some info. On both sides you get a ‘S’ type of icon, this lights up when you press the lever and I assume this means the device is firing. You also get 5 white dot lights on just one side. This is your battery status, obviously 5 being fully charged, and 1 needing a recharge. The lights illuminate one at a time while charging.

It’s not the comfiest mod that I’ve held, but neither is it the worst. The lever…. I don’t like that at all. It feels weird to press, especially with having to press it downwards, I think I just prefer button mods  :dunno:


The Usonicig Rhythm Pod

So the pod itself will hold 2ml of liquid, and it just slides up and out of the device, I don’t intend to describe it, but a quick look at the pics and you will see it’s rather square, and unless you smash it open, you can’t get into it. To be fair there is no need to get into the pod. To fill it you just need to rotate the mouthpiece (which isn’t interchangeable) and  2 small filling ports open up. Twist back the other way to close it off again once you’ve filled the pod. Job done!

The pods are supposed to last for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on on how much you vape. Usonicig recommend using 50/50 PG/VG liquid with the pods, but also state that higher VG can be used. And when you notice the vapour dwindling down, that’s the time to change the pod.

So it really is a Pod device in all aspects, but just with a bit of a difference… vibration to create vapour rather than heating a coil.

Usonicig Safety Features

The Usonicig has the normal range of build in protection, over charging, over vaping, short circuit, etc. It also has a no liquid protection built in, so if the pod runs dry the orange S light will stay on for 5 seconds and then the device will shut down, and this does work. I emptied out the liquid, tried to vape, and the device did indeed shut down when it detected there was no liquid.

How does the Usonicig vape

So…. the Usonicig, I’m really not massively impressed with the way it vapes. First off, its direct lung inhale only, you are going to really struggle to try and get a mouth to lung inhale from this. To add insult to injury, you can’t adjust the airflow.  The airflow isn’t particularly quiet either, it makes a kind of whooshing noise which I personally find quite annoying  :roll:

You need to hold the lever for a couple of seconds to start getting vapour. It’s like it needs to kick start. I suppose the vibration actually takes a while to heat the liquid enough to create vapour, which I’m finding is a bit of a step backwards, especially seeing as most newer devices coming onto the market are boasting super fast heat up speeds, or if not, they have a pre-heat function. Once the vapour gets going, well its not too bad, you don’t get masses but I have seen pod systems with less.

The vapour is quite cool, so if you like warm vapour… you wont like this. The flavour isn’t really brilliant either, being totally honest, I don’t think it’s too good at all. It seems somewhat muted compared to other pod systems that I’ve used. Now Usonicig do state that higher PG liquids will taste better, and yep I can understand this, I’m using 70% VG so that may be why it doesn’t taste too great.

The device gets very warm after a dozen vapes, in fact if you were to remove the pod after a few vapes, the metal disc underneath the pod would be almost untouchable! and it also gets warm while its charging.


On a positive note, the vape is nice and smooth. The lever works every time, no misfires, even though for me it feels rather un-natural for a vape device to have a lever rather than a button, and because there seems to be very little ‘ooomph’ to the vape, I find myself trying to press the lever harder in the hope that it will make the device jump into life!  :fp2:

Another point worth mentioning, my battery died as I got down to 2 illuminated lights. No warning, it just wouldn’t vape. Now you might think this isn’t a big deal, but if I thought I had 20-40% battery life left and then it just died, if I was out and about and couldn’t get to a charger, I would be pretty peeved! And to top it all off, for a 15000 mAh battery, it really doesn’t last very long at all  :no2:

Final Thoughts

I think the innovation is fantastic! But I also think the device needed lots more testing and alterations before being released to the public. There are just too many downsides to the Usonicig Rhythm at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I think in time and with some improvement we could have a really good device hit the shelves, but for me, this version just doesn’t hit the spot. I’m also not keen on how warm the device gets in my hand while I’m holding it. Although it might be good as a hand warmer in winter  :laughtears:

Will the Usonicig be retired to the shelf? –  Quite simply – Yes! It’s irritating to wait for it to warm up, only to find it lacking when it has. Sorry Usonicig, I don’t think it will even take up valuable space on the shelf, it will go straight back into the box.

Ceekays Shack Score.

I’m not even going to bother scoring this, to be fair with it being new technology and nothing to compare it too, scoring it might be a little on the mean side. So I’m just going to end this review saying that I’m looking forward to seeing how this technology shapes up in the future  :yes:

If you fancy trying out this technology for yourself, you can pick up a Usonicig Rhythm Ultrasonic Vaping Starter Kit for $71.90 from our sponsors  Or check them out for some top quality vape gear!

Fancy telling us your thoughts on the Usonicig Rhythm? Then either leave a comment below, or pop over to our forum.

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