Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Kit Review – Go on… Give It A Squeeze!

Thanks to the brilliant Vapesourcing for sending me out the Pico Squeeze 2 to cast my beady eyes over. I had kind of gone off squonking at the moment, but I’m happy to say using this device has turned the tables again  :ting:

Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Specs

Size: 56mm*28mm*97mm
E-liquid capacity: 8ml
Battery type: 21700 / 18650(not include)
Output wattage: 100W max
Output voltage: 0.5V-9V
Charging current: 2A max
Resistance range:0.05Ω-3.0Ω (VW/Bypass mode)
0.05Ω-1.5Ω (TC-Ni/Ti/SS/M1/M2/M3 mode)
Colors: red, black, purple, dazzling, silver

In The Box

1*Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 Mod(NO CELL)
1*Coral 2 Atomizer
2*Clapton 0.2ohm Coils
1*Battery sleeve
1*QC USB Cable
1*User Manuals
Spare Parts

Initial Thoughts

Bearing in mind I have the black one (my least favourite colour for mods… ever! We’ll not mention the colour and just pretend that it’s rainbow or something!  :roll: )


So… opening the box I was actually pleasantly surprised by the shape and overall design of the Pico Squeeze 2. The edges are rounded so it’s extremely comfy to hold. The top and bottom of the device are stainless steel, the squonk bottle cover is also stainless held into place by a magnet.

It has a small screen and 2 small circular buttons (more on those soon) It has the Eleaf Pico squeeze logo above the screen, and the charging port below the fire button on the opposite side. 6 vent holes in a circular pattern on the bottom, just in case there are any mishaps with the battery.

The Pico Squeeze 2 comes with it’s very own single coil RDA, the Coral 2. And it also has a super soft silicone 8ml squonk bottle! Me likey  :yes:

The LED’s…. ahhh I like this! The squonk bottle glows in whatever colour you choose, I think there are 7 colours for you to take your pick! The LEDs are at the back of the bottle and the colour shines through. This is a really fab fun idea. You definitely won’t have any problem seeing how much liquid is left in the squonk bottle! And of course if you don’t like lights… you can turn them off.


So lets look at the things in a bit more detail.

Battery & Buttons.

To insert a battery you just need to unscrew the top cap, pop one in (positive end down) and replace the top cap (you’re not going to break any nails with fiddly button catches on this mod) I struggled at first to get the cap back on and screwed down, but this seems to have settled down now, so maybe it was a bit of rough metal on the threads. The mod will take a 21700 battery, or you can use a battery adapter and pop a 18650 in there. I’m using a 20700 and there is no rattle once the top is screwed down.


You can charge the battery in the Pico Squeeze 2 if you wish, and it supports a max charging current of 2A. Firmware updates are also possible via the charging port.

The buttons, these are small and circular, the menu adjustment button can be found under the srcreen, press the top for up, and the bottom for down. The fire button is on the opposite side of the mod, and for me, the placement feels strange, and means I can only hold the mod one way so the base of my thumb fires the mod, and my fingers rest on the squonk bottle. Holding it any other way feels awkward, or holding my left hand means that my fingers are the opposite end to the squonk bottle. This may be better for people with larger hands or longer fingers, but for small hands the ways to hold the mod seems very limited  :worried:

The Screen & Menu

Eleaf seem to have the same type of screen & menu for several of their mods at the minute. Small 0.49 inches, and basic, using icons rather than titles for different settings. I don’t mind this to be honest. As long as the screen tells me the ohms, battery read out and voltage or temp, I’m really not too bothered about seeing much else.

3 clicks will take you into the mode menu, Wattage, Ni, Ti, SS, Bypass etc. And by pressing the fire button and up it will take you into the settings menu where you can adjust the LEDs, set the puff count, check your battery level and so on. Simple enough menu for anyone to use really. The only thing I tend to do in here is adjust the LED’s.


In temp mode to adjust the wattage, press the fire button 4 times rapidly. And this will allow you set the watts to your preferred level, factory standard is set at 100w! And for me this was way too high.

To lock the coil in temp mode, you need to enter the settings menu by pressing the fire button and up, and its the first icon along.

And as always 5 clicks will switch the Pico squeeze 2 on and off. To lock the adjustments buttons just press up and down together.

Temp adjustment is in increments of 5c and 10f, so not really fine tunable. To switch between C and F just go all the way up or all the way down the temp scale, and it will switch to the other temp setting.

Wattage adjusts in increments of 0.1w up to 20w and then when you hit 20w it adjusts in whole 1 watts. This is a great feature and allows you to really fine tune the power for those higher ohm coils, when you use really low sub ohm I don’t think you need the decimal point adjustment.

And of course the Pico Squeeze 2 has all of the normal built in protections that you would expect.

The Squonk Bottle

It’s lovely! Nice soft silicone that slides up a metal pipe on the Pico Squeeze 2, so no tube to mess about with. Nice and easy to squeeze, super easy to remove and fill, and just as easy to pop back into the mod. Leave a few millimetres at the top when filling then if you accidentally squeeze the bottle a bit while pushing it back onto the metal pipe you won’t flood the mod and your fingers  :smile:


The Coral 2 BF RDA

This is a single coil, 26mm RDA with slightly angled posts, and single large airflow hole that you can close down to a fairly tight draw if you wish. I would say that it’s definitely a direct lung inhale tank, trying to mouth to lung even with the airflow closed right down is difficult and you’ll more than likely end up coughing your lungs out.

Fitting the coil was fairly simple, although with the posts being angled you may need to trim the coil legs a little bit first and then pop them through the post. The post holes are open at the back so you can finish trimming the legs from the back of the posts after you have the screws tightened down. All in all a fairly simple process. Line the coil up with the large airflow slot, make your final adjustments and wick, and away you go.

How does the Pico Squeeze 2 & Coral 2 RDA Vape?

It all vapes really well. I’m using one of the coils that came with the kit which reads around 0.26 ohms, I don’t believe that these are SS coils as when I tried to vape in temp mode, the Pico kept jumping back into wattage mode. So using this one on Wattage mode at around 45w and its actually a very nice smooth vape. To be honest the flavour isn’t the best, I need to try a SS coil in the Coral 2 I think (I much prefer SS over kanthal now)

I did pop another RDA on to the Pico Squeeze 2 with a SS coil and it worked really well on temp mode, no problems at all with the settings at 220c and 35w.

Also worth a mention is that it does fire super fast, and according to Eleaf this is due to the new Avatar chip… well, it seems to be working as it should!  :yes:

Final Thoughts.

A couple of points that I want to make, The buttons are a little on the small side, some folks with dexterity problems could struggle with these being so small. I also think the placement of the fire button should have been kept to the rounded edge rather than the main panel. It just feels awkward to hold in any other way but one. And I think left handed people are really going to struggle!

You can see from the images below, holding in the right hand feels natural and comfortable, VS holding in the left hand… rather awkward!  :fp2:

Overall though I really do like this, it’s comfy to hold due to having these rounded edges (apart from the placement of the fire button!) even though it is a little on the heavy side with a 20700 battery installed. It looks really great with the SS buttons, bottle cover and top and bottom plates (even the black doesn’t look too bad!)

It’s nice and easy to squonk, I love the position of the squonk bottle being on the rounded egde rather than the flat side panel (much better for people with smaller hands) and the huge 8ml bottle will last even me for a while!

In any other colour than black I think this is going to be a great squonk mod for the ladies! A lot of squonkers look too masculine, or just don’t come in any jazzy colours, so ladies, if you’ve always fancied having a go at squonking, this mod could be for you!  :yes:

Will the Pico Squeeze 2 be retired to the shelf? – Definitely not, this will be among my few daily vape mods, and with having a spare squonk bottle in the box, it will be easy enough to switch flavours. I may replace the Coral 2 RDA with something different though.

Ceekays Shack Score

Scoring out of 10, as this is a kit. Definitely has to lose a point for the button placement, if it was on the rounded edge, it would have made it possible for me to squeeze the bottle and use the fire button with both hands, not just in my right hand. And losing half a point for the flavour not being as clean as it could… maybe due to the coil that comes in the kit? So the Pico Squeeze 2 with Coral 2 RDA gets a super squeezy 8.5/10   :thumbs:

If  you fancy picking up a Pico Squeeze 2 for $82.50 click this link to visit our sponsor Vapesourcing.com

If you fancy sharing your thoughts on the Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2, leave a comment below, or pop on over to our forum. And don’t forget to subscribe to read my thoughts on other new vape kits!

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  1. Hello all
    Looking for some advice if poss.im looking into getting a dotmod rta as I’ve always used standard tanks and stock coils but looking to try something different.looking to get this rta to go with my dot box 75w.question is I know it’s a double coil build but would I be able to do a single coil build on it as I’m just starting out?

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