THC Tauren Mech Mod Review

A massive thank you to for sending me out the THC (Thunder Head Creations) Tauren Mech mod to have a little vape with. This is a fully mechanical tube mod, meaning that it has no built in safety at all! The Tauren isn’t for amateur vapers, and you really do need to know battery safety and ohms law to use this mod. Make you sure that you use a battery from a trusted supplier, some companies will re-wrap batteries and make claims that they are a higher amp battery than they actually are… and this will put your life at risk!  :worried:

I will add a ‘Safety section’ into this review, please do take the time to read it if you intend to use a mech mod of any kind!

THC Tauren Specs:

Size: 26 x 92.5mm(top: 24mm)
Package Size: 39(d) x 110.5(h)mm
Material: Copper / Brass
Battery Compatible : 18650 / 20700 / 21700
Color: Copper / Copper Black / Brass / Brass Black

In The Box

1 X THC Tauren Mech mod
1 X THC Chaining
1 X Flannelette bag
1 X 18650 adapter

Initial Thoughts

So the THC Tauren mod comes wrapped up like a precious Jewel, It’s nestled inside a velvety feeling bag, in which you will find a screw lid tin, and inside this you will find the Tauren mod, along with a keyring (looks a little like dog tags, but the actual tag is a shield shaped piece of metal with the Tauren bull head logo. All very nice but what about the actual mod.

Mine is the all brass version (and it is fairly weighty!)  I have to say it does look very nice. Its has TAUREN etched down one side, with the bulls head logo underneath and a serial number below that. There is some etching on the top, and THC on one section. On the bottom is the firing button, with the little shield logo.

And around the middle of the mod, there is a little groove that you can rest your fingers around, or you can also sit the groove into the little bit between your thumb and forefinger,  now this depends of course on how big your hands are, and which way you find comfy to hold it.  

The top of the mod is 24mm, so any RDA’s bigger than this will have an overhang, anything smaller and that’s going to look pretty strange too. So if you want the mod to look its best you will need a 24mm RDA or tank, or whatever you choose to put on there.

Its been a few years since I used a full mech mod, after my first year of using ego type devices  I went onto mechs and used them for a couple of years, but then went back to variable wattage type devices, so this mod is like being re-united with an old friend!  :kisscheek:

Lets have a closer look at the Tauren and see what it has to offer.

The Firing Switch

So the firing switch is something kind of new I think, many years ago I had the ‘Roller’ that used tiny ball bearings in the switch, and to be honest if you didn’t lose one when you took it apart to clean, well you were just plain lucky! This has a rather (thank fully) large ball bearing, that sits in the middle of 4 quarter circular pieces, with a spring that sits over the top. When you press the firing button it pushes against the spring to connect the ball bearing to the top section of the switch, which connects with the battery. It truly is a full 360°  firing switch!  :thumbs:


There is no locking mechanism, but the actual switch sits inside the bottom cap, so you can stand this mod upright without firing the button. The switch isn’t hard to press at all, and the good thing is, because of those little quarter circle pieces and the ball bearing inside the switch, you can press anywhere on the button and the mod will still fire. You don’t have to press the centre, you can press around the edge of the button and yep… it still fires  :ting: This makes using the mod so much easier, there’s nothing worse than having to press a button dead centre to get it fire, well apart from having to apply mega amounts of pressure to get it to fire!  :roll:

One downside to the switch, because of those separate little quarter circle bits, it rattles if you shake the mod! You don’t hear it however when pressing the button, only if you wiggle the mod around a little. Now it’s not a loud rattle, but it may irritate some of you out there.

A couple of positive points, the switch is fairly easy to take apart and re-assemble for cleaning, and the threads to remove the switch (which also serves as the battery cap) are lovely and smooth, along the with cap to release the insides. Lovely smooth machining all round.

Batteries for the Tauren.

The THC Tauren will take an 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries. To use an18650 battery there is a plastic sleeve that you pop it into, to stop the battery from rattling around in the tube.

There are 4 little vent channels around the switch, just in case (god forbid) your battery vents, and because of that I popped the battery into the tube positive side down, so the positive end sits against the switch. So if it’s gonna blow, it will vent through the bottom as it was designed too.

So this of course leads to ‘Battery Safety’ You have to know ohms law to use a mech mod! There’s just no excuse not take a little bit of time to learn what ohms are safe to use with what battery. There is no chip in this mod to keep you safe, if something goes wrong, then it’s down to you!!  :oooo:

Do take the time to read this ‘ohms law’  article, and keep reading it until you understand just how important it is!

Next – Buy your batteries from a reputable company! Some dodgy companies have been known to rewrap batteries and state that they are a higher ampage battery than what they really are!!  >:( This is down right dangerous, so for the sake of a couple of quid, or dollars or whatever your money currency is, buy from a trusted seller. Ask around on forums or vaping groups and see what battery vendors the members recommend.

Do NOT use batteries with torn or damaged battery wraps! The inside of the tube on the Tauren mod is metal!…. if your torn wrap leads to parts of the battery touching the tube that shouldn’t touch the tube…. Well I’m sure you can imagine what could happen, and if you can’t… well you shouldn’t be using a mech mod!!

Do not run the mod until the battery is completely discharged, swap for a fully charged one way before this point. And you should know when you need a fresh battery as the vapour and hit will start to tail off. I normally take mine out for a recharge when they hit around 3.6v as I find they just don’t vape well after this point.

How Does The THC Tauren Perform

It’s really great, the power is instant to the coil, and I have used various RDA’s on this mod, with various coils all between 0.3ohms, and 0.5ohms. I’m using a 20700 40amp battery and this mod really does hit hard on those lower ohm coils, in fact it hits pretty hard on all of the coils that I’ve used.

I’ve also been using the Tauren with my Blitzen RTA and 0.36ohm coil, and its just absolutely pure vape heaven! No dripping, means I can just keep on vaping, and with the 21700 3000mAh battery I’m getting a decent run time before I notice a drop off in power. Don’t forget, don’t run your batteries too low!

The RHC Tauren has taken every tank and dripper that I have attached without so much as a grumble! It really is an all round player.

Final Thoughts

One thing that I’m really not impressed with is the Manufacturers packaging this mod without safety instructions, in this day and age, with governments breathing down vapers necks, and news agencies clambering to find the slightest thing to negatively report about vaping. Basic safety instructions should be included with every vaping device, but especially with a mechanical mod that has no internal safety chip! It’s just plain stupid not to include this! Maybe this is something manufacturers could make sure they include in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Unfortunately I don’t have a matching RDA or RTA to pop on the Tauren, so I’m not getting that stunning look that I know it could have (might be a good reason for me to purchase the Tauren RDA!) But overall, I really love this mod! Its great to go back to mech style vaping. I’m not a cloud chaser, and I believe mech mods aren’t only for competition vaping, you can use them for plain daily vaping, but… (and I can’t say this enough) You do have to stay within those boundaries of battery safety and ohms law  :yes:

Bottom buttons were never really my thing years go, as I used to find some of them quite hard to press, or really uncomfy to hold and press the button. With the Tauren though, because the switch needs quite a light press I’m finding the whole experience much more comfy than I did back then.

Will The THC Tauren be retired to the shelf – Absolutely not! This is really fantastic, it’s like going back in time! I love the mod, love the power, it looks great, feels great to hold…. I’m just really enjoying mech mod vaping again  :ting:

Ceekays Shack Score –  Scoring out of 5 as mech mods are pretty basic. I can’t find anywhere to lose points with the Tauren mech mod. The switch is a really great bit of innovation that works flawlessly every time the button is pressed. But it’s also encased in an outer section so the mod can still be stood on its end! The power is instant, and I really can’t find anything to hate! So the THC Tauren Mod scores a stunning 5/5   :bow:

If you fancy owning one of these stunning ThunderHead Creation mods (after making sure you learn everything about battery safet first!) Head over to our sponsors site,, and take a look. THC Tauren Mech Mod- $82.90 I’m going to let you into a little secret though, if you have an account with Vaporl then log in, if you don’t have an account, make one! Once you’re logged in you can get this fantastic mod for a teeny tiny $39.90!  :yes:

If you want to share your thoughts about the THC Tauren Mech mod then comment below, or pop over to our forum. And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to see all new reviews as soon as they go live…. We have some great new vape gear on the way! 🙂

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