WOTOFO & Mike Vapes Recurve 80w Squonk Mod Review

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by WOTOFO who asked if I would like to review some of their products, and lets face it…. who wouldn’t! So here I am with the Recurve 80w squonk mod in my hand, and I’m going to let you know my thoughts!  :smile:

WOTOFO Recurve 80w squonk mod specs

Dimensions: 60.5mm*27.0mm*90.0mm
Body Material: zinc alloy + special rubber coating
Battery Type: single 18650, 20650, 20700, 21700 battery (not included)
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Max Output Power: 80W
Bottle Capacity: 8ml
Max Charging Current: 2A
Resistance Range: 0.08-3.0ohm

In The Box

1pc Recurve Squonk Mod (Bottle Not Installed)
1pc Silicone bottle with pipe
1pc User Manual
1pc USB Charging Cable
2pcs Battery Adapters

Initial Thoughts on the WOTOFO Recurve Squonk mod

So, just a little background info for you folks, the Recurve Squonk mod is a collaboration between WOTOFO and Mike Vapes. Now some collaborations work  really well, and some not so much! But I do like the fact that manufacturers are working with ‘real vapers’ to better their designs and vape gear.


Opening the box and even though the Recurve is black (my least favourite colour!) I was actually surprised at how good the mod looked. Removing it from the box and I was actually in awe at how the Recurve feels! It is so comfy to hold. It’s made from zinc alloy, but it has this rubber coating (reminds me a little bit of the Asvape Micheal) and it’s so soft to touch! It is a little on the heavy side once the battery is installed, but it evens out nicely in the hand as you hold it. And of course the weight does give the Recurve a rather quality feel.

Its very minimal in looks, no fancy logo’s or lazer etching, it just has ‘Recurve’ (I assume printed) on the top panel at the opposite end to the 510, and then all other logo’s and info is printed onto the bottom of the mod. Mike Vapes signature and WOTOFO and their web address, and that’s about it. It really isn’t putting itself out there, and to be honest I don’t think it needs to. It doesn’t need to shout about what it is, and who manufactured it, as it has so much more going for it!
I think part of what makes this mod look so good is the minimalistic aspect, the only real markings on this mod are the lines where the battery and bottle panels join the body, and they make the Recurve look rather sleek and sophisticated. And to top it off it is a real pleasure to hold!  :ting:

The WOTOFO Recurve battery & Safety Precautions

The battery cover is held in place by 3 magnets, and that is pretty solid, I’m not worried at all that my battery is going to fall out, and I think even if I dropped this mod the battery would still be in place when I picked the mod back up.

The Recurve will take an 18650 and 20650 battery using the supplied battery adapters and it will also take a 20700 and 21700 battery too. There are clear + and – markings in the battery bay section so you know which way to pop that battery in.


You can charge the battery in the mod, at a maximum charging current of 2 amps, I always prefer to charge my batteries in a dedicated charger, but the option to charge in the mod is there though if you wish.

The Recurve has a maximum output of 80w, but it is unregulated, meaning that the output wattage depends on the current charge in your battery and the ohms of your coil.

Now even though this is an unregulated mech mod, it does have a whole range of safety features built in on a protective chip set. You have the usual 5 click on and off feature, and you also get low voltage, over charge, over discharge, over heating and battery reversal protection, as well as a 10 second fire button auto cut off. This is great as it means you can have the all the power of a mech mod, without the worry of everything that could go wrong with a mech mod! It’s an all round win – win situation  :ting:

The Recurve Squonk Bottle

The supersoft 8ml squonk bottle sits behind its own little cover, which is held in place by two magnets, and this doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as the battery door. There is a little bit of play in the top section of the cover, and I think it could benefit from a third magnet in this top section. Its not a problem though, the cover does sit perfectly against the rest of the body, and the magnets are strong enough to hold it in place.


The bottle is a lovely, WOTOFO claim it’s made with ‘baby feeder silicone’ meaning its safe to hold and store your e-liquid in. It feels great to squonk with, and the position of the squonk door hole and bottle, for me is pure perfection! It’s in the perfect position to squeeze the bottle with my third and little fingers, while keeping my forefinger on the fire button. It just couldn’t be placed any better in my humble opinion.

Filling the bottle, I know lots of you have these refill bottles now, where you fill the squonk bottle from the 510 connector at the top… I don’t have one of those, and have to fill the old fashioned way by removing the bottle! This is great until I go to screw the bottle cap back on, and then I get covered in liquid!  :roll: I think the pressure of holding the bottle and screwing the lid back on squeezes the liquid up through the tube and straight out of the top like a fountain! If you can manage to hold the bottle right at the bottom while screwing the lid back on, this will minimize the amount of liquid pushed up through the pipe when reassembling.  So maybe if you’re going to get a Recurve squonk mod, it would also be worth investing in a filler bottle too, way less messy and probably a time saver too. I guess that’s the one down side to soft silicone bottles, but the positives more than make up for it  :yes:

My squonk bottle is a dark grey colour, and  it can be difficult to see how much juice you have left in there, depending on light conditions where you are using it, but the Recurve has an LED behind the squonk bottle that serves as an indicator light for charge and  protection status.  This also illuminates when you switch the mod off and on. I wish there was a way to illuminate the LED so you can check your liquid level, (I know some vapers wouldn’t want the LED’s to light every time they press the fire button) so maybe a 3 click feature to light the LED’s . As it is though, you could plug it in to a charging lead, or switch the mod off to illuminate the light and see your liquid level.

The Recurve Button

The button is curved, it’s just so comfy to rest your finger on. My hand just wraps round the mod and my finger automatically rests on the button. It’s not in an awkward position, and its not hard to press, it’s just right!

WOTOFO do state on their site that they have tested the Recurve button with 100k clicks to ensure a well working fire button, and it certainly is that. I have had no problems what so ever with the button, it fires every time.

How does the WOTOFO Recurve Vape

It’s fabulous! I have been using the mod with the WOTOFO Warrior RDA (review for that coming soon) and a simple Clapton coil  at 0.28ohms and it just vapes brilliantly. Using it on a fully charged battery the hit is fantastic and pretty much instant, you do notice the drop off in power as the batterys charge depletes, but this is par for the course with mech mods.

I haven’t had any problems at all with the Recurve, it just happily plows along supplying the power to your RDA, the squonk bottle supplying the liquid, and I just want to mention I haven’t had any leak from the bottle or squonk tube, or 510 connector at all! Now this is a real plus for me, normally whenever I open up my squonk mod to fill the bottle I will have some ( or in some cases lots!) of liquid inside the mod where its escaped from the bottle somehow. I haven’t had to mop the inside of this mod once!  :thumbs:

Final Thoughts on the Recurve Squonk Mod

I am totally and madly in love with the WOTOFO Recurve 80w squonk mod!! Totally blown away by it. I know that squonk mods have only been on the scene for a couple of years (if that) and of course they are getting better each time a new one is released, but I would be more than happy to box up every other squonk mod that I own and just use this one for the rest of my days!  :yes:

It has to be the comfiest mod I have ever held, every mod in the future, squonk or not should be shaped like this! There are no sharp edges, its just fits your hand like a glove! I don’t even think it matters whether you have big or small hands, your hand will just mould around the mod like a dream.

It works fantasticly well, the button is easy and oh so comfy to press. The squonk bottle is in the perfect position in relation to the fire button!!…. This is my vape nirvana! No other words for it.

Will The WOTOFO Recurve be retired to the shelf – Not even gonna ask this question!

Ceekays Shack score

It’s a mech mod so scored out of 5. Yes it has one little niggle, screwing the top cap back onto the squonk bottle without getting covered in liquid (Maybe I just need practise!)  I could minus half a point for this but I’m not going to… this is just my personal opinion and it doesn’t impact the way the mod works at all. The Recurve has so much going for it, and is a real joy and pleasure to use! I have to give this a full 5/5   :bow:

A huge thank you to Mike Vapes and WOFOTO for making this fantastic piece of vape gear! I can honestly say that it is one of the best mods I have ever used! Well done guys!  :thumbs:

I don’t think many places have these in stock yet, but it looks like they are going to be priced around £38.99, which in my opinion is well worth it! You can check out the WOTOFO Recurve squonk mod over on their official site, and you can pick one up from there for $49.99.

And why not check out the Recurve Squonk mod presentation by Mike Vapes himself!

If you’ve tried the WOTOFO & Mikes Vapes Recurve squonk mod, you can leave your thoughts in the comments below. Or pop over to our forum and lat us know what you think there:


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