Laisimo Vapsoon Spin – Review

Wotcha folks! today we’re going to take a look at the Vapsoon Spin by Laisimo, sent to me by the folks over at Huge thanks to them for their continued sponsorship of our lovely forum and blog review site  :thumbup:

Vapsoon Spin specs

Unique shape with the spin button.
1.3inch Colorful reactor Screen with cool UI
Max output 208w
Size: 85mm (Height)* 45.6mm(Width)* 35.3mm(Depth)
Output Voltage: 10W-208W
Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
Temp Range: 100℃-315℃/ 200℉-600℉
Screen: 1.3inch colorful screen
Mode: PWR Min/Comm/Max, Ni200, Ti, SS
Battery: Dual 18650 Battery(without battery)

In The Box

1 x Laisimo Vapsoon Spin Mod
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

Initial Thoughts

Opening the box and I was almost blinded by this bright orange colour! It’s not fluorescent, just bright! There a black leather panel on each side, I’m assuming it’s fake leather not really sure, and then the front black panel houses the screen and the featured spin dial and fire button in the middle.

Vapsoon is printed just below the screen, and that’s pretty much it for branding. Laisimo isn’t mentioned anywhere on the mod – How strange!  :dunno:


It has a nice springy 510 pin, and it looks like you can fit tanks up to around 28mm without any over hang, so it will take some chunky RTA’s etc if that’s what you wanna throw on there.

It’s not really a large mod, I’ve used bigger twin battery mods, and it fits in the hand quite nicely. Pop a couple of batteries in and it is fairly weighty (only to be expected with a twin battery mod)

The instructions leave an awful lot to the imagination, its a very small manual, that covers some features of the mod, but not others. So whether the mod doesn’t have those certain features, or they’re just not in the manual… who knows?

Batteries, Button & Dial

So the Vapsoon Spin takes dual 18650 batteries, and will fire up to 208w. The battery door is one of those push and slide hinged door, and it’s quite solid. It is clearly marked + and – on the relevant connectors so you’ll know which way to pop the batteries in. I’m assuming the batteries can be charged via the port just under the screen, but there’s no info in the manual or on the website of whether its a fast charging port, whether it’s balanced charging, or if the mods firmware can be upgraded via the USB port  :dunno:

The button is black plastic and sits inside the metal dial. It’s got quite a loud click to it, and it works every time its pressed, it doesn’t have to be pressed dead centre, its still going to fire if you press on the outer edges.

The dial… well this is actually quite a nice way of accessing the power adjustment, just turn clockwise to up the power, and anti clockwise to lower it. It’s not free spinning…. you can’t use it like a fidget spinner like Laisimo state on their site! I guess you could sit there and push the dial round if that’s how you feel but M’eh…. definitely not a fidget spinner! When you do turn the dial to adjust the power or rotate through the menu you will feel it move one notch at a time.


The dial is quite raised and when you first look at it you might think it’s ugly, or it’s going to get in the way. It actually doesn’t get in the way at all, it just kind of makes finding the fire button really easy  :yes:

The Screen & Menu

The Vapsoon Spin boasts a 1.3 inch colour screen, with lots of info on there. Power or Temp is in nice large numbers, I can see them without my specs, so this is a real bonus. Smaller info around the outside consists of the brand name, double battery icons, Volts, Ohms, Puff timer, and Puff count. To be honest just watts, ohms and battery charge would be sufficient for me, I don’t really care how long my draws last, or how many I’ve taken! Removing those two bits of useless (IMO) information would mean the figures could be a bit bigger, and I wouldn’t have to squint to see it, even with my glasses on!


The menu is nice and simple. Click the fire button 3 times, and the circular menu opens up. Use the dial to rotate through the menu, and the fire button to select the option. You get Mode, here you can select from, Power min, Power common, Power max, Ni, TI, and SS. Moving on from Mode, you have Set Res, where you can set your resistance, I tend not to bother with this, and just leave it how the mod sets it. Screen Setting, where you can choose from 7 colours. You then have Power off, just to mention that to switch the mod off you do need to use the menu, there is no 5 click power off with the Vapsoon Spin (I’ll go into this in more detail next) You then have Help, where you can reset the mod to default settings, and the version number, and finally Back to take you out of the menu.


So it’s all fairly basic in there. The 5 click feature in the Vapsoon Spin locks the dial, so it won’t adjust the wattage when you pop it in your pocket. Or if you do like to sit and roll the dial with your thumb as a stress reliever (I’m sure some of you will!) you can’t alter the wattage while doing so. Now when the dial is locked, the 3 click menu doesn’t work. So you will need to unlock the dial to enter the menu. So you would need to do 5 clicks, and then 3 clicks after the dial unlocks.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to lock the fire button, so if you don’t want the mod accidentally firing in your bag or pocket, you will need to switch it off via the menu. And then 5 clicks will switch it back on.


Oh and I almost forgot to mention the Watts alter in single digit increments, and the temp in 5c increments!  :oooo:  There is no decimal place digits, so if you’re using a higher ohm coil, you can’t really fine tune your vaping experience. Plus the watts only go down to 10w, if for example you’re using a 1.5ohm coil and wanted to start that off at 8w, well…. You can’t!  :roll:

How does the Vapsoon Spin Vape?

It vapes well, I’ve been using it on watts mode mainly, and if you have it set to Power Max, it really does have some punch! Power Comm, which I assume is standard is pretty much like the standard settings on most mods.

Now I did try using this on SS setting with a stainless coil, but I couldn’t find any way to lock the resistance (I know you don’t need to on some mods these days) but I found that as the coil got warmer, and the resistance got higher, the hit seemed to be jumping around a bit, you could actually feel the power pulsing. The vape would sometimes be super hot, and then cool so it wasn’t really a smooth vape that I would expect from temp mode… I also couldn’t find a way to set the watts while in temp mode. Luckily I tend to use Power mode now days, but this doesn’t mean that the temp mode shouldn’t work properly, and it would also be nice to see some detailed instruction for the Temp control modes in the manual  :fp2:

Final Thoughts on the Vapsoon Spin

I really like it, even though its a bit awkward looking with the protruding dial, it works really well and makes a rather refreshing change from having adjustment buttons or joysticks. You can change the watts so easily by just rolling your thumb over the dial, you don’t even need to change the position of your hand and how you hold the mod, it just all feels very natural, and it’s comfy to hold too!  :yes:

I’m a bit disappointed by the Temp mode not quite working as well as it should. And also the fact that the Power mode only goes down to 10w, and counts in 1 digit increments (some mods now do single digit from 20 watts plus, but 20 watts and below can be fine tuned in decimal places, and that is a fantastic feature) Some people are probably sitting there saying that doesn’t matter, but I think it does. Some vapers still use higher ohm coils on big chunky power boasting mods, even if its just for the fact that the run time will be amazing… those watts should go lower!

Will the Vapsoon Spin be retired to the shelf – Absolutely not! Over all its a great mod with a nice simple menu, and the dial is great to use.

Ceekays Shack Score

Scoring out of 10 for features and design. It has to lose a point for the Temp mode, and another one for the single digit increments and only dropping down to 10 watts. The dial is a fab bit of innovation, the screen is great… so the Vapsoon Spin scores a decent 8/10   :ting:

Why not whirl away and grab yourself a Laisimo Vapsoon Spin from our sponsors for $52.75!

Questions or comments about the Vapsoon Spin? Add them below or pop over to our forum.


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