Joyetech Ego AIO 2 – 10th Anniversary Edition Review

A huge thanks to for sending out the latest edition of the Ego AIO for me to review.

Ego AIO 2 Specs

Size: φ19.0*119.0mm
Colors: white, silver, black
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Atomizer capacity: 2.0ml
Output: direct output

In The Box

1 * eGo AIO (10th anniversary limited edition)
2 * BF SS316 0.6ohm head
1 * USB cable
1 * Manual
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
Spare parts

Initial Thoughts

I have had a couple of the Ego AIOs over the years, and have always liked the compactness and design of these little pen type devices, and this one is no different. The Aio is white, with a modern red line design (it looks rather like the London underground map!  :yes: ) The paintwork has a matte finish, overall it looks very nice.

It’s nice and light, super comfy to hold, and its simple to use. It is an all in one device, so battery and tank are built all into one (no surprises there then!) There are no settings to worry about, the only setting you need to adjust to your preference is the airflow!

AIO Tank & Airflow

So the tank will hold 2ml of eliquid, which can be topped up by removing the top cap. To remove just press down on the cap and unscrew. Fill with liquid to the fill line, which is about half way up the glass window and then replace the top cap, again pushing down as you screw it back on. If you overfill the liquid will splurge out via the top cap as you screw it back on (so have a tissue ready! Or better still just don’t overfill it!)

The Ego AIO 2 takes BF atomizer heads, there are different variations of this coil, but the ones in the box are 0.6ohm SS.
These are screwed into the top cap, so when you remove the cap to fill, the atomizer comes out with it.

  On the top cap you will notice a collar with notches on that will freely turn. This is the airflow control, match up the arrow on the collar with the dot on the mouthpiece section, and this is the airflow fully open. Turn the collar by 90degrees and that is the airflow closed down. So you can fine tune to your preference. It can be closed down enough for a very tight mouth to lung inhale, and fully open you can get a restricted lung inhale. So this is a great all round device.

Battery & Button

The button is a small slightly raised black plastic button, easy to locate and press, and it fires every time.

The battery is a 15000mAh internal battery that can be charged via a port on the opposite side of the button. Joyetech do state on their site to charge via a computer or 5V wall charger.

The Ego AIO 2 has the normal built in safety features for a small device, over charging, over discharging and over current protection. And you also have the 5 click on and off feature.

Ego AIO 2 LED’s

A quirky little fun thing with this AIO, just the same as the first one it has a colour changeable LED that will light around the button and inside the tank as you vape. To change the colour of the LED, 5 click to turn the AIO off, and then hold down the fire button until the LED lights, then just press the button to cycle through the colours. When you find a colour that you like, wait a few seconds for the LED to go out, and then switch the AIO back on and voila!

How does the Ego AIO 2 vape?

It’s fantastic! I’ve always liked the AIO devices and the BF coils, however when they first came out some years ago the 0.6ohm coils would frequently get a burnt taste as it couldn’t wick fast enough. I’m happy to say that Joyetech seem to have fixed this problem, I’ve been vaping away on this for the last few days and haven’t had any hint of a dry hit or burnt taste.  Do make sure though that you’re not using a really high VG mix in this, or you may find that you’re getting dry hits, I’m using 60% VG and its happily vaping away with no problems..

The battery lasts a fair while, I can’t give an exact time as I use it along with several other mods, but its way more decent than most pod devices out there!

Final Thoughts on the Ego AIO 2

It’s great, I had no doubt that it would be. There aren’t really any new features from the version one (apart from a slight design/shape change) but I’m not sure that it needed any, It works really well, its comfy to hold, simple to use, easy to fill… Its a super all in one device, basic but rather brilliant!  :yes:

It will easily fit in a pocket or bag, you can charge and use it on the go, the best thing I found about these Joyetech AIO devices is that they’re really reliable.

These would suit new vapers or experienced vapers alike. No you’re not going to win any cloud blowing competitions with this, but you are going to get some decent vapour, great flavour and a decent hit from this (depending of course on your nic strength)

Will the Joyetech Ego AIO be retired to the shelf?
– I doubt it, its one of those devices that you can pop in your pocket and just carry round the house as you’re doing your chores. Stick it in your pocket if you’re going out shopping, or it’s even decent for a night in front of the TV watching a movie. I think this one will be used for a fir while yet   :yes:

Ceekays Shack Score

Scoring out of 5 and there’s nothing to lose points over. So the Joyetech Ego AIO 2 – 10th Anniversary device gets a huge thumbs up and a super 5/5   :thumbs:

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these reliable little all in one vape kits, you can pick one up for a great price from our sponsors : Joyetech Ego AIO 2 – $23.40

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