WOTOFO Warrior RDA Review

WOTOFO and JMT Elite got together to bring you the Warrior RDA. JMT Elite are a team of hand crafted coil builders, so hopefully these guys should know what they’re doing! Huge thanks to WOTOFO for sending this out for me to review  :thumbup:

Warrior RDA Specifications:

Diameter: 25mm
Height: 33mm
Material: stainless steel
Net Weight: 45g
Gross Weight: 100g

In the Box

1pc Wotofo Warrior RDA
1pc Spare 810 Drip Tip
1pc 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1pc Single Coil Adapter
1pc User Manual
1bag Coils
1bag Agleted Japanese Cotton
1bag Extra Orings

Included coil specs:

Juggernaut coil
(26+36)x2+0.1×0.4 N80
ID 3mm

Initial Thoughts of the Warrior RDA

The Warrior comes presented really nicely in the normal green and black sturdy packaging that I’ve come to realise is Wotofo’s ‘Thing!  :yes:

The RDA itself looks really nice and well made. The deck is a twin clamp type deck. You get a choice of mouthpieces and an adapter if you would rather use a 510 over an 810. You also get a ceramic insulator to use if you intend to vape this as a single coil RDA, this basically blocks off one side of the deck and airflow.

The branding on the underside of the base has Wotofo, Warrior and JMT Elite. The logo on the top cap is indeed the head of a Roman Army Warrior, all very tasteful, and it actually looks great in my opinion, the blue mouthpiece sets it all off a treat  :ting:

  The machining is all nice and smooth, and the finish is spot on. I found the o-rings on the cap and barrel really tight fitting, so tight in fact that I found it hard to twist the parts. You may want to drip a little e-liquid onto the o-rings just to make adjusting the airflow, and removing the barrel easier as you go along.

The 510 pin protrudes nicely below the threads, and the Warrior actually comes with the BF/squonk pin pre-installed. So if you intend to drip with this, change the pin first or you’ll end up with liquid entering the 510 on your mod!

Lets take a closer look at the WOTOFO Warrior.

Top Cap & Barrel

The actual top cap is quite a chunky solid piece of engineering, it is dome shaped and this is visible on the underside too. The barrel is slightly thinner, but its still thicker than a lot of RDA barrels that I have reviewed, there’s no way you could squeeze it out of shape with your fingers. So this RDA is already screaming ‘Quality’ at me  :yes:

  The barrel has 24 small holes on either side (3 high and 8 wide), that will line up with your coils, and you can adjust this by turning the top cap section, this will close the airholes down by one row (3 holes) at a time. The only problem I’ve found with this is as you close the air flow down, the air is no longer centred on the coil, but rather to one end of the coil.

The barrel also has a little nipple/sticky out type thing on each side (on the inside) that lines up and sits in a notch on either side of the base to make sure that those air flow holes are sitting directly in front of your coils, when you twist the top cap to adjust the air flow, the barrel stays exactly where it should be.

The WOTOFO Warrior Deck & Coiling

The deck is rather interesting, its 4mm deep, so not as deep as some RDA’s, and it has 2 clamps in the centre… see pics. These clamps are held down by two screws on each, that you can use either a Phillips or a flat screwdriver on.


The clamp section lifts as you push the coil legs under due to the bottom of the post being bevelled, so its easy enough to get those legs through. How ever it does get a bit fiddly trying to position 2 coils, and even more fiddly when you have to cut the excess wire from each leg  :roll:

I found it easier by screwing the screws down enough to slightly grip the legs, and then get the position of the coils how you want them, and then tighten down fully before snipping away the excess. Cutting the excess can also be a bit of a faff, as you will find the excess will sit next to the legs of the coil on the opposite side, so take care not to snip through both. Wicking is super simple, pull the cotton through the coil and snip off so the ends are just touching the bottom of the deck.

I ended up not using the coils that came in the kit, When I initially tried a single coil I really didn’t get on with the Juggernaut at all (juggernaut used in pics), so replaced with an Alien. For the dual build, I used  couple of Alien coils. Fitting the single coil was a doddle, fitting dual coils….. ughhhh.  :fp2:

How Does the WOTOFO Warrior Vape?

Single coil configuration was kind of m’eh! Although I got plenty of vapour at around 60watts, I didn’t find the favour to be that good. Even with the insulator blocking the unused side there was still plenty of air in the chamber, but I just didn’t feel any love at all for the Warrior with a single coil. I actually popped it on the shelf, and wasn’t going to pick it back up.

However I got up a couple of mornings later and wondered if the Warrior would perform better in dual coil configuration…. and the difference is phenomenal!  :oooo:  Using dual coils has really intensified the flavour, and of course the vapour is absolutely immense. With the airflow fully open the vape is fantastically smooth, even with those coils coming out at slightly under 0.2ohms.

The airflow fully open isn’t quite as airy as some RDA’s, in fact  those that like super airy RDAs might go as far as saying this is a little restricted. However for me, it’s pretty much how I like it

One downside to the dual coil setup is that the top cap gets really hot, and you may need to find a mouthpiece that keeps your lips further away from the shoulders of the cap, because it burns!!!…..   :sad5:

I have been using this on a squonk mod, and with the deck only being 4mm, you can over squonk quite easily if you’re a little heavy handed, and then you will get some liquid seeping from the airflow holes, so remember… don’t squeeze it too hard!  :laughtears:

Final Thoughts on the Warrior RDA

This RDA is a total beast when using dual coils, the flavour and vapour are both brilliant, and I can even forgive the amount of faffing about I had to do to fit 2 coils! The actual clamps themselves are fine to work with, the fact that dual coils use the same clamps from opposing directions, for me… is a real pain. Luckily once the coils are fitted, you can get away with a dry burn and a wick change for a fair old while, minimizing the need to change coils that often!

If you’re new to the RDA scene, then perhaps give the Warrior a miss until you’re a little more confident with building on awkward type decks, but for more experienced RDA users or if you don’t mind fiddly coil fitting, then ‘Yes!’ Definitely give the Warrior a try!

Will the WOTOFO Warrior be retired to the shelf? – Not at all, with dual coils this RDA has definitely earned a place on one of my squonk mods. At the minute it’s being used on the WOTOFO Recurve mod, and what a pair they make!  :yes:

Ceekays Shack Shore

Only losing half a point for the fiddly leg trimming, To be honest I think JMT Elite should have seen the fiddly factor when it comes to fitting coils, but maybe they’re so experienced they can do it with their eyes closed!  :fp2: I guess you could pre-cut the legs but then I would imagine it would still be fiddly to hold both in place and tighten the screws…  aside from this the Warrior comes out fighting with a fantastic 4.5/5   :thumbs:

Check out the Warrior RDA on Wotofo.com

Comment below with any thoughts or questions about the WOTOFO Warrior RDA, or pop over to our forum and chat with members.

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