Eleaf iStick Amnis with GS Drive – Review

Massive thanks to Eleaf for sending out the iStick Amnis kit for me to take a look over. With GS Drive!….. makes it sound like you can sit in it and go for a ride!. Actually the GS Drive is a tank (not a sit in tank, a vape tank!)  :laughtears:

Istick Amnis Specs

Size: 24x18x122mm
Battery: 900mAh internal
Output wattage: 30W max
Resistance range: 0.15-3ohm
Rubber paint finish
Colour battery indicator LED
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Uses GS air coils – including new Mesh coil
Retractable top fill with child lock

In the Box

Eleaf iStick Amnis mod
Eleaf GS Drive tank
GS Air Mesh 0.35ohm coil
GS Air 0.75ohm coil
QC USB Cable
Spare parts
User manual

Initial Thoughts

So this is back to the days of small and cute in something that isn’t a pod! (thank gawd for that!)
The Amnis kit comes in 2 sections, the battery and the tank. The battery is nicely curved to fit the shape of your hand, making it super comfy to hold, and it has that rubber paint finish (which I am really starting to appreciate) The paint gives the battery a super smooth finish, and makes it more resistant to chipping and scratching if you have this in your pocket, or you’re clumsy like me and prone to dropping things  :oooo:

The 2ml GS Drive tank is an upgraded version of the GS tank, with a couple of new features. A few years ago the GS tanks where one of my main daily tanks, and I seriously loved them, so fingers crossed this new one is as good as the old ones were.

Lets have a closer look:

iStick Amnis Battery

The battery is a 900mAh internal battery that will power up to 30 watts, so not a massive run time from this, especially if you have the supplied 0.35ohm coil installed. But a higher mAh battery would of course make the Amnis bigger… and then you lose the whole feel of ‘small and cute’ and super portable.


The battery has a small slightly raised button at the top of the face plate, it’s easy to press and has a nice little click. It can be charged via the mini USB port on the bottom. The red LED will illuminate while charging and go out when fully charged. It has lots of built in protection, over charge, over discharge, over current, over 15 second and last but not least short circuit protection. So you know you’re safe while using this little beast.

There is a 4 colour battery LED indicator that cycles through 4 different colours to advise you of the charge left in the battery. I really like this feature, there’s nothing worse than trying to guess how many draws you’ve taken and how much time you have left before needing a recharge, then being caught short when you’ve done the maths wrong and being stuck with nothing to vape on!  :fp2:

And of course 5 clicks will switch the battery on & off. And that’s it, there’s no menu to confuse new vapers, just simple press and vape.

GS  Drive tank

The tank will hold 2ml of liquid, and is now a top filling tank, with a child safety button. This is a great move in design thought from Eleaf. Press the button and push the top cap in the direction of the arrow and the cap will slide over to reveal a decent sized filling hole. You will need to remove the mouthpiece though if you’re using one of the chunky bottles for filling.

There is an airflow adjuster on the bottom of the tank, and you can close this down fairly tight, but with the 0.35ohm coil you really do need to draw plenty of air over the coil or it’s going to be quite a harsh vape. So depending on the coil, this tank can accommodate MTL and DL inhales.


Unfortunately with the GS Drive tank you can’t use one of your own 510 mouthpieces/drip tips. The actual 510 mouthpiece is a moulded piece of metal that the plastic mouthpiece covers. I’m guessing Eleaf have done this to keep the size of the top cap smaller. Rather than having a sunken hole for the mouthpiece to sit in to, which would make the top cap deeper (as standard tanks have) This has the protruding section. Not a huge problem for me, but I guess this could annoy some people that prefer a specific drip tip  :dunno:

The atomisers for the GS drive tank are fitted in the same way as the old GS tanks, unscrew the bottom of the tank, then unscrew the atomizer from the base and replace. And the new 0.35 ohm atomisers (the GS Air M) actually have a mesh coil which is claimed to produce great flavour.

How does the iStick Amnis and GS Drive Tank Vape?

It vapes exactly how I imagined it would… Really well! It just works, and it works brilliantly. I’ve always loved these cute little mods and what makes it better is that I have had absolutely no problems what so ever with it. It fires instantly, and you really don’t  need any ramp up time.

I’ve been using the 0.35 Air M coil, and that flavour is really clean and strong. Do prime the coils well to start though. I normally drip some liquid into the liquid intake holes, and then leave the coil to soak up some liquid in the tank for 10 minutes before use.

Final Thoughts on the iStick Amnis kit.

I love it, it’s a great little kit for out and about, sitting out in the garden with, or just popping to the shops. And for new vapers or smokers wanting to ditch the traditional ciggies, I think this kit is way better than most of the pods that are being manufactured  :yes:

The new design features of the GS Drive tank are really welcome additions, especially the top fill, and the child safety mechanism. The run time of the battery isn’t the best, but with a low ohm coil, and chain vaping like I do, I wasn’t expecting it to last for ages.

If you’re after something small and discreet that is extremely light weight, easily pocketable, and nice and quick to fill, the iStick Amnis kit could be just up your alley!

Will the iStick Amnis be retired to the shelf? – Not at all,  I can see this cute little thing being used on a daily basis (but it will depend if it spends more time being charged than it does being vaped)

Ceekays Shack Score.

If not being able to change the drip tip bothers you, you may want to minus half a point from the total, but to be fair this doesn’t bother me at all. Everything else is pretty much spot on for the iStick Amnis, so it gets a fantastic 5/5 and a huge thumbs up from me!  :thumbs:

See full details for the iStick Amnis over on the Eleaf official site.   And if you fancy adding one of these to your vaping arsenal check your local B&M or online stores.

Tell us your thoughts on the Eleaf iStick Amnis by commenting below, or pop over and hang out on our forum for a while.





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