Wismec Luxotic MF Mod Review

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The Luxotic MF is a bit of an all rounder in the vaping world, it can be a single battery squonk mod, or a dual battery VW wattage/temp control mod. The big feature with the mod is that you can change the 100w board for a direct output board that makes it run like a mech mod. This can be used in either dual battery configuration or single battery squonk configuration… The confusing thing seems to be, why add the direct output board when you can run the 100w chip in bypass mode?  :think:

Initial Thoughts

So on opening the box you’re met with a whole array of spare parts, the mod, the direct output board. The guillotine 2 RDA, which I’m actually not going to do a full review on, although I will give a few thoughts on this.


The MF Box mod is Stainless Steel and feels quite nice in the hand, shaped edges rather than blunt corners make it quite comfy to hold. There is a small screen on the side with up and down buttons, set into a wood grain effect panel. This is the panel that you will remove if you want to switch out the board. On the top plate next to the spring loaded 510 you have the wording Luxotic MF Box, and on the bottom manufactured by Wismec. It’s worth mentioning that you can remove the top plate and get to the 510 to give it a clean.


On the back panel you have a smaller removable panel that is held on inside with magnet, and this covers the squonk hole when you’re using the mod as a twin battery device rather than a squonk device.

Guillotine 2 RDA

So I decided not to get into the RDA so much in this review, I might come back and look at it again later. When I first started using the MF Box and the Guillotine 2 as a squonk set up, I found that I seemed to be constantly over squonking and the liquid would run out of the air flow holes, I got so sick of it that I just ended up popping another RDA on top for squonking purposes. I’ve since found out that the barrel of the Guillotine 2 can be turned upside, make it a top airflow RDA! This changes the game play somewhat as I can now squonk and not get covered in liquid every time. However, I still wasn’t over impressed with the Guillotine, maybe I needed to spend more time with it, try different builds but to be honest I just got sick of it leaking, and really couldn’t be bothered  :fp2:

MF Box Battery’s, Buttons & Screen.

I mentioned earlier that there are a couple of battery configurations for the MF Box, Single 20700/21700 squonk, or dual 18650 after removing the squonk bottle and popping the adapter in. The adapter is nothing special, just a plastic plate with battery connectors that sits above the batteries and connects to the battery terminals inside the mod. The actual batteries will hold this in place, there is no way to clip it in or fix it into the MF box.


When using dual 18650’s, you can also use a sleeve on the battery that sits to the left hand side to make it nice and tight in the space. I haven’t used this and I don’t get any battery rattle, but the choice will be yours… use it, don’t use it.

There is no charging port, so your batteries ‘must’ be charged in an external charger.

The fire button is stainless steel to match the mod, a square slightly raised button that is set into the side of the mod in the wood grain panel. It gives a nice (quite loud) click when pressed, feels nice and solid, and this can actually be removed when fitting the direct output board, so you can clean it if you wish.


The up and down buttons are smaller oblong shaped  stainless steel, again a good audible click. And they are nice and easy to press so shouldn’t be a problem for people with dexterity issues in fingers and hands.

The screen sits lengthways (on its side) next to the up and down buttons. It displays watts or temp in nice fairly large numbers, and then ohms, volts, amps and a single battery icon (whether using single or dual batteries)

When you change boards for the direct output, the up and down buttons and screen get swapped out for basic black plastic, the buttons do light up though when the fire button is pressed.

The MF Box Mod Menu

The menu is fairly much what you would expect, no real hidden extras or surprises. 3 clicks will take you into the mode selection and you get the basics, Ni, Ti, SS, Wattage and Bypass, and then you also have Temperature M1,2 &3. To alter the wattage in temp mode click the fire button 4 times.


Fire and down is ‘Stealth mode’. Fire and up gives the option of Amps, draw count and draw time. Pressing up and down together enables the key lock. And then you have the 5 click on and off.

When altering the Watts the MF Box will count in increments of 0.1w from 1.0w right up to 20w, and then it adjusts in increments of 1.0w. This is great for fine tuning those higher ohm coils.
Temp range adjust in increments of 5 on C, and 10 on F.

How does the Wismec Luxotic MF Box Vape?

In squonk mode it’s pretty decent, I have been using a different RDA on top as I mentioned before, I’m really not keen on the guillotine 2. The 7ml squonk bottle is silicone and works well, the only thing that I found to be a bit of a pain is the position of the plastic tube that fits onto the metal spike from the 510, I say spike because its really short (you can just see it at the back of the double prongs) The bottle needs to be fitted with the tube at the back (its offset on the lid) and then you have to make sure that it fits over the spike.

I found I always have liquid inside the MF box, not sure if it leaks as I’m fitting the bottle, or if the pipe and spike are not fitting together as well that they should.

To change from squonk to dual battery mode, just remove the bottle, give the inside a wipe over. Then to use the adapter hold it in place at the top of the mod and pop your batteries in. Both batteries should face positive down.

In VW and Temp mode it works as you would expect. I’ve had no problems with the fire button, or the menu. The one thing I do want to mention is that the hit doesn’t seem instant, it feels as if it takes a second for the power to hit the coil, maybe it needs a faster ramp up. With all of the instant fire power and hard medium soft wattage modes that can be found on newer mods I think it’s more noticeable that this doesn’t have it.

Final Thoughts on the Luxotic MF Box mod

I haven’t bothered to use the direct output board, to be honest with having a Bypass mode in the menu on the 100w board I honestly don’t see the point in swapping it over   :no2:  To sell the kit with both boards seems pointless and over complicating… not to mention you’re paying for two boards when in reality you only need one. I can understand die hard mech mod users just wanting the direct output board though… Maybe the body of mod should be sold separately, and then you purchase whichever board you want, I don’t know, I just really don’t see the need for anybody to need or want both boards  :dunno:

Moving away from the headache of two boards, the fact that the MF Box can be a single battery squonk or a dual battery VW mod is fantastic! A super bit of innovation from Wismec. They are catering for the vapers that don’t want endless different mods sitting on the coffee table, and those vapers that perhaps can’t afford different mods for each style of vaping.

It’s not a bad looking device, definitely not the best but I have seen worse! It is actually really comfy to hold, it does feel like a quality device. One negative point, the battery cover/door doesn’t fit quite right, its like its not quite big enough and you can push it side to side once its in place  :worried:

Will the Wismec MF Box be retired to the shelf? – I can see me using it with an RTA on top in dual battery configuration, in fact that seems to be how I mainly find myself using it, no so much as a squonking device though.

Ceekays Shack score

Scoring this out of 10, it’s losing half a point for the wiggly door,  a point for the way the squonk tube attaches to the 510 (it just doesn’t seem to make a tight enough connection and maybe this is why the inside always seems to be coated with liquid) The squonk & dual battery mod idea is great, not going to minus any points for the second direct output board but I do think it over complicates the whole kit. So the Wismec MF Box mod scores a decent 8.5/10  :ting:

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