Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit – Reviewed

A huge thanks to Wotofo for sending this out for review. The description on the Wotofo official site states this:

Presenting the most ideal starter kit, the Wotofo & Rig Mod Flux Kit! This kit contains a Flux Mod and a Flow Pro SubTank. The Flux Mod is co-designed with the renowned American brand Rig Mod and features the simplest operation interface but provides powerful firing options according to your needs.
OK so thats the basics, lets get on with trying this bad boy out….  :wink2:

Flux Mod Specs:

Dimensions: 91.6mm*50.8mm*30.3mm
Body Material: Zinc alloy
Battery Type: dual replaceable 18650 battery (not included)
Display: OLED 1.3inch color screen
Output Range: 5-200W
Firing Mode: Standard/Powerful/Powerful+
Max Charging Current: 1.5A
Resistance Range: 0.08-3.0ohm

Tank Specifications:

Diameter: 25mm
Height: 41.1mm (without drip tip)
Coil Head: 0.18ohm (40W-60W)
Compatible with SMOK Baby Beast coils
Construction: Stainless Steel + Pyrex Glass
Filling Method: Push-open top fill system with single fill port
Capacity: 4ml with regular tube; 5ml with bubble tube
Fully closeable triple adjustable bottom airflow

In The Box

1pc Flux Box Mod
1pc Flow Pro SubTank
1pc USB Charging Cable
1pc Bubble Glass Tube
1pc Extra Coil
2pcs User Manuals
1bag Extra Orings

Initial Thoughts

As always with anything ‘Wotofo’ this kit comes packaged extremely well in a nicely presented plastic box. Upon opening the packaging… Wow, the Flux mod is a lovely looking bit of vape gear! The tank is pretty nice looking too! I got the rainbow colour, which is one of my personal favourite colours. Its shiny, it’s sleek, and it has lights!!  :ting:


The mod is nicely curved to fit your hand, and feels quite heavy with a couple of 18650 batteries installed. The 2 side panels are rainbow coloured, one is similar to some of the Smok mods with it being the fire button/panel, nice and smoothly finished. Then you have a black panel at the top on on the back and front, one is the screen and the other side has what I think is the Rig Mods logo on it. Just below the screen there is a thin LED that runs to the bottom of the mod. On the bottom of the mod you have the Flux logo, and Wotofo and Rig Mods logo too. On the top, the 510 is centralized with a nice springy pin.


The tank has a nice protruding 10 pin, with the wotofo logo on the bottom, the rainbow colour also carries on underneath which I think is a nice little touch. This also has rainbow glass (I’m expecting a unicorn to pop up any minute!) The only thing differently coloured is the drip tip… which is black and a curved shape! But this matches the black panels on the mod, so not too out of sync with everything else.

Buttons & Batteries

The Flux is a 18650 dual battery mod, so you should get plenty of run time in between charges. The battery door is hinge and slide, and you really need to give it a good old push to be able to slide it closed. Once locked into position there’s no way its coming open as again you have to really push it. The battery direction is etched into the metal battery connector domes that are fixed to the door, not painted on so this wont wear off. The battery door also has vent slots in case the unthinkable happens. Just below the LED strip on the front there is the charging port, I can’t find any info on whether the mod supports fast charging, but for me this isn’t really a problem as I always charge batteries in an external charger.

The buttons, well the whole of one side is the fire panel,  so you can just wrap your whole hand round the mod and squeeze, it is extremely comfy and feels very natural to fire the mod in the manner, probably because it’s curved and rounded (no square edges) The good thing about having the whole side panel as the fire button is that it doesn’t matter which hand you hold the mod in you’re not searching for the fire button, you just give it a squeeze!  The fire panel gives quite an echo-ey kind of click, obviously due to the space below it.


The up and down buttons are shaped along the underneath of the screen, they are quite thin but easy enough to press, and they do give a quiet click. The only problem that I seem to have is that the back and front are practically a mirror image of each other (minus the rig mods logo) and if the screen isn’t lit, you can be pressing the what you think are the buttons, and you actually have the mod the wrong way round and you’re pressing the back.  A tad annoying but not a huge deal. The only other thing that I find to be a little bit irritating is that you will get some fluff and dust build up in the channels around the edges of these menu buttons, so when you’re shining up those side panels (and you will!) you could also take a cotton bud (Q-tip) and clean around the buttons too  :wink:

Screen & Menu

The screen is a 1.3 inch colour OLED, with nice big digits, you have watts in the middle, volts to the left, ohms to the right and 2 central battery icons and thats it. Nice and simple… which is good!  :yes:

Onto the menu, and bearing in mind that this kit is aimed at newer vapers, and Wotofo really do keep the Flux Mod menu pretty straight forward. This mod only works in power mode, so no temp control settings to confuse people. There are 3 levels of power, Standard, Powerful and Powerful* (personally I would have gone with Soft, Standard and Powerful, but that’s just me) To flick between these power options just press the fire button and the right menu button, simples…

Pressing fire and the left button will take you into the LED setting where you can chose what colour LED you prefer, and whether you want it to flash, or breath! And of course you can switch it off if you’d rather not look like a disco ball flashing away into the night. I like the LED, love fun little lights that breath and dance!  :happydance:


Press left and right together and you have the key lock! And thats it… it’s all quick and easy, even your grandma could work this mod!

The Flow Pro Sub Tank

Try saying that after a few beers!! But don’t try and say while you’re eating dry crackers….

Ok so the Flow Pro Sub tank utilizes a mesh like coil, which covers more surface area, and of course drinks the juice! Literally it blasts through it! This is always a downside for me, even with the 5ml bubble tube, I can expect to fill up several times a day! I am a chain vaper though, so newer vapers probably won’t go through quite as much as I do, but with this being a low ohm coil 0.18ohms, and vaping between 40 and 60 watts, you will need to keep that nicotine level low or you’re gonna make yourself feel rather queasy!   :sick:

There is an airflow adjustment ring on the bottom of the tank, and you can close this down so the draw is very restricted but this is no way a mouth to lung tank!  :no2: Direct Lung inhales only with this. Open that airflow ring fully, and you’ve got a really airy draw!

If you’re not keen on the contoured mouthpiece, I do believe its an 810 fitting so you can pop one of your own on there.
The tank is a top filling system, just push the top and it will slide open revealing the fill hole. The top cap is quite a tight fit, so its great that you definitely won’t get any leaks from it, but…

I need to have a bit of a moan here  :roll: My tank came with a sticker on the glass showing where you should push to open it. I removed it… who needs a sticker making things looks all weird!! I do… once you’ve removed that sticker you have no way of knowing which part of the top cap to push, to open it for filling!  :dunno: There’s no dot, no arrow, no marking of any kind to show where you open the top cap, which is a bit of a pain. Now at the minute I’m quite lucky as the sticker left some glue on the glass, which looks even more unsightly than the sticker…. but it tells me where to push the top cap!! When this glue finally wears off, I will be pulling my hair out!! Note to WOTOFO: make some kind of marking on the tank to show where the top cap opens up!!


Now I’ve had a moan I can tell you a bit of handy news. The Flow Pro Sub Tank will also take the Smok Baby Beast coils. This is fab! I have those coils in the cupbaord. This is super handy just in case you can’t source any WOTOFO coils, everywhere sells Smok coils! Huge thumbs up to WOTOFO for offering vapers a choice when they need to replace to the coils  :thumbup:

How does the Flux Mod and Flow Pro Sub Tank Vape?

It vapes like a dream, it really is a no nonsense, no fuss starter kit. Just set the wattage, and how powerful you want the vape and that’s it…. you can just happily vape away. I have mine set on Powerful * at 53w on the Flow Pro tank, and it’s fantastic, and the really great thing is there’s no ramp up time at all, the power is just instantly there.

The flavour is outstanding with the Pro Flow Sub tank and the mesh coils, huge amounts of vapour, you definitely can’t stealth vape with this!

I’ve also been using the Flux mod with a MTL RTA, and even on Standard setting this thing is extremely powerful. I normally use this RTA on other mods at around 17-19w, and yet on the Flux mod I have to run it between 12-14w and it really does feel extremely powerful  :yes: So if you do get a Flux mod and choose to run a favourite tank on there, start the power a little lower than you normally would and adjust to find your sweet spot.

Final Thoughts on the Wotofo Flux Kit

The Flux Kit is an all round really decent kit. I love the fact that its simple to use, and the menu is nice and easy. The super fast ramp up is fantastic, you honesty couldn’t time it, it’s instant. And the overall look and feel of the mod is really nice, extremely comfy to hold and use. It is however a finger print magnet, those shiny rainbow panels don’t take much handling before you need to polish it up. I’m also not sure how it will fare being popped in your pocket with other bits, mine already has a couple of minor surface scratches, my fault entirely I know but it is worth a mention.

The fact that is so simple to use makes it a brilliant starter kit for someone new to vaping as long as they want to direct lung inhale. If not then maybe they could just purchase the mod, and use a MTL tank on top. The mod is definitely suitable for a new vaper.

Will the Flux Kit be retired to the shelf? – The Flux mod, definitely not! The Flow Pro Sub tank… maybe, I can’t see me using this on a daily basis or I would need my liquid shipped in by tanker! Plus once the glue has gone from the glass it would take me an hour to figure out how to open the blummin’ thing! I have my favourite Berserker MTL tank, in rainbow colours that looks like a pure vision on top of the Flux Mod!

Ceekays Shack Score

So The Flux Mod is getting a full 5/5 score, I honestly cant find any reason to lose points with this mod at all.
The Flow Pro Sub Tank is however losing a point for no markings on the top cap, silly things that make life hard, like trying to figure out which bit of the top cap to push to open it, would just really niggle away at me. Apart from that, the flavour is cracking, vapour is great, so 4/5 for the tank. Meaning the WOTOFO Flux Starter Kit scores a fab 9/10   :thumbs:

Fancy owning one of these lovely kits? Then head on over to the official Wotofo store –  WOTOFO & Rig Mod Flux Kit and right now they are at the discount price of  $74.99. Or check your online vendor to see if they stock it.

Leave your comments about the WOTOFO and Rig Mod Flux below, or pop over to our forum

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