Hugo Vapor Delux Review

A huge thanks to the lovely folks over at for sending out the Hugo Vapor Delux for me have a play with. Lets start with some specs.

Hugo Vapor Specs:

1.33 inch Full Color IPS Screen
Precise Aluminum Processed by German CNC Machine
Differet UI for Different Demand
Advanced Balance Charging & Firmware Upgradeable
Modes: VW(standard/preheat/c1)/Bypass/TC(Ni200/Ti/SS316)/TCR
Material:Precisely CNC Aluminum + Stainless
Wattage Range:1.0-220W
Input Voltage:6-8.4V
Output Voltage:0.5-8.4V
Max Amperes:40A
Charging Amperes:2A(MAX)

In The Box:

1 * Delux 220W MOD (no cell)
1 * USB cable
1 * User Manual

Initial Thoughts on the Delux

So the Hugo Vapor Delux, a bit of a weird one in my opinion! It comes in a flip top box and you’ll find it nestled in some velvety packing foam, along with a smaller box to one that holds the USB cable, instantly I find myself taking a bit of a dislike to the shape. Its kind of oblong shaped with a circle part at the top, it’s kind of retro looking, and reminds me of something you would find in an old sci fi movie….  :think:

Picking it up, and it is extremely light, now this is due to the Precise Aluminium Processed by German CNC Machine – So it’s made from aluminium and you can tell. Popping a couple of batteries makes it feel a little less cheap and tacky.


On the front is the screen, and on the back is a huge ‘Delux’ Logo, and this reminds of the Voopoo Drag logo, its that same kind of etched lettering,and its certainly not discreet in the slightest. Really not sure why anyone would want to emblazon  a logo across the whole face of a mod, let alone copy the idea from another company, but as always just my personal opinion. Anyhoo… in the top corners of the Delux logo you have 3 small vent holes on either side.

Theres a nice spring loaded 510 pin and the mod will accommodate tanks and RDA’s up to around 25mm.

Batterys & Buttons

So the Delux is a dual 18650 battery mod, pop these in by opening the very flimsy push and slide door. For some reason the plastic insert in my door comes out, no idea why it does this, but I find that slightly irritating that it will just slide out. I don’t see any reason for it to do this  :scratch: The insert is clearly marked on the battery connectors which way round to insert the batteries. And there is a charging port on the side of the mod which will charge the batteries at up to 2A. This port can also be used for updating the firmware.


The buttons are black plastic, you have a clicky fire button on the side, and then on the front under the screen you have the up and down buttons which are joined (and shaped like a stretched out infinity symbol) and above those you have the menu button. All of the buttons are nice and clicky with no rattles.


Screen & Menu

When you first look at the screen and before you switch the Delux on you will be thinking ‘Wow, this is a lovely big screen’! Erm, nope… unfortunately the actual screen doesn’t fill the whole of circle. You can see from pics that the screen is actually quite small, and the font and numbers are even smaller! Tiny small! I have to wear glasses for reading, and even with my glasses on I find myself squinting trying to read what’s on the screen! This really is absolutely awful. To read some of the things on the screen I have had to take a photo and zoom in! It’s ridiculous to have to do this to see what settings the mod is on!  :fp2:


One thing that I do like, the mod will power up to 220w, and you can adjust this in 0.1w increments all the way up to 100w, and then it changes to whole 1 increments. It does count up and down really fast if you need to get from 40w to 150w then it’s not going to take all day to get there.

Ok, so the menu. To change between power, temp, TCR and bypass mode, you just need to clikc the fore button 3 times. Now I’ve found this doesn’t always work for me, occasionally my screen will go all strange and nothing else happens, so this can take me several attempts to get into that menu.


The menu button on the front of the mod will take you to the settings menu, just press it once and then you can scroll through, Background (several to chose from but all just different colours of a similar design) LCD Brightness, Puff Counter, Standby time, TCR settings, Factory Restore, and Firmware Upgrade.


By pressing the up and down button together you will lock the up and down buttons, but you can still vape, I like this. And of course 5 clicks will switch the Delux on and off.

How does the Hugo Vapor Delux Vape

It runs really well, knocks out plenty of power in that Preheat power mode, I’m really not sure what the other power modes are, unless I take a photo and zoom I honestly can’t see what the text says!

Everything runs ok in SS mode too, so yep, all works pretty much how you would expect. Oh and forgot to mention in the menu section the mod does have bulit in protections too.

One thing I have found, my menu button doesn’t seem to work consistently. Sometimes I can press it and enter the menu first time, other times I have to click it 2, 3, 4 times… just keep pressing until it works. Now this is a sample unit, so hopefully this will be fixed on the production ones.

Final Thoughts on the Hugo Vapor Delux

So one thing I’ve noticed it’s quite hard to find out any info about the Delux, the manual that comes in the box has a very basic amount of instructions, and the Hugo Vapor website tells you absolutely diddly squat!  :roll: (In fact half of the menu lists on certain web pages don’t take you anywhere) I would have liked to find out exactly what all of the menu settings are (power mode for example) but I’m just going to have to give up with that one!  :dunno:

The mod itself isn’t particularly uncomfortable to hold, but it doesn’t feel natural holding it either. It is much lighter than some dual battery mods, so if you’re after something that doesn’t feel like your weight lifting then this could be for you, but to me it feels a bit on the cheap side.

The screen…. Ugh, why put so much info onto such a tiny screen?! It’s almost impossible to make it out…. the choice of screens and colours is nice, but it needs to be bigger. If you’re buying one of these I suggest you also order a magnifying glass!, in fact I think Hugo Vapor should include one in the box  :yes:

Will the Hugo Vapor Delux be retired to the shelf? – I honestly don’t know… I have others mods that I prefer to use, but maybe this would be ok for a day out, its a bit lighter than some others, and to be honest I wouldn’t care that much about it getting scratched or dented!

Ceekays Shack Score

Right, losing a point for the ridiculously small screen this seriously makes my eyes hurt trying to read it!, half a point for the cheap battery door, half a point for my menu button only working when it feels like it! and half a point for the huge ‘DELUX’ logo. The mod works ok, so not deducting anything for actual performance once you have the menu sorted and the power settings how you like them. So sorry Hugo Vapor… the concept of this mod might have been good on paper, but it’s certainly didn’t transfer very well in real life. The Hugo Vapor Delux scores a not so Delux 2.5/5!  :worried:

If you still fancy getting your hands on one of the Hugo Vapor Delux mods, you can head over to our sponsors Urvaping,com  –  Hugo Vapor Delux 220w Box Mod – $48.75

And of course if the Delux isn’t your kind of thing, head over and take a look around at some of their other branded vape gear  :wink2:

Add your thoughts on the Hugo Vapor Delux in the comments below, or pop over to the forum and chat about it there 🙂

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