WOTOFO Faris RDTA – Could This Be a Knight In Shining Armour?

Those lovely folks at WOTOFO have been back to the design table and released a brand new RDTA called ‘Faris’ A massive thanks to them for sending this over for me to review. I love getting these WOTOFO products, I just know they’re gonna be awesome!  :yes:

Faris Specs:

RDTA Size: Φ24*44mm
RDA Size: Φ24*36mm
Materials: S.S. + Pyrex
Drip Tip: Colored resin, 810 sized
Threading: 510 thread
E-liquid Capacity: 3ml
Filling Method: Side Filling & Squonk BF Method
Airflow Type: Adjustable side airflow
Insulator Material: PEEK
Extra Accessory: 2ml Frosted PC Tank Tube

In The Box:

1pc Faris RDTA
1pc User Manual
1pc Wicking Port Block
1pc Extra 810 Drip Tip
1pc 2ml Frosted PC Tank Tube
1bag Framed Staple Clapton Coil
1bag Agleted Japanese Cotton
1bag Extra Orings & Screws

Included coil specs:
Framed Staple Clapton Coil
28G+38Gx9+28G+36G; N80
ID 3mm

Initial Thoughts on the Faris

So opening the box, and I’m like a kid on Christmas morning! Wotofo include little packs of goodies that really make me smile, and of course the Faris is really well packaged.

I have the Gold Faris and I gotta say it looks amazing! Now Wotofo state on their site:
Faris, the Arabic term for “knight”. In the Age of Chivalry, to become a genuine faris, one had to attain dignity, gentleness, horsemanship, physical strength, poetic talent and mastery in the bow and arrow, spear and sword. That means a man of versatility, hence the naming for our new RDTA, the second RDTA from Wotofo, represents its characteristics shown in one symbolic word, the Faris.

The Faris RDTA is designed by Wotofo and vape reviewer Vape GeekQ8, I have no idea who Vape GeekQ8 is, because to be honest I tend to stick to watching just a handful of reviewers, and I don’t watch them often as I don’t like being influenced by other peoples thoughts  :notlistening: I like to try something and make up my own mind…. so back to the Faris.


Ok it comes in tank form (RDTA) the glass section is said to hold 3ml of e-liquid. If you want to use the Faris in RDA form, just unscrew the glass tank section and that whole base comes away, then screw on the circular RDA base plate, and thats it, nice and simple. In RDA form the juice well holds around 1ml of liquid.

The mouthpiece is beautiful, its clear resin with little gold flecks…  :heart: Love it! And you also get a black one in the box. The Faris Logo is similar to the Warrior logo as in it has the warrior helmet, but this time it’s a view from the front rather than the side. Then on the bottom, you have the Faris Logo, Faris name and WOTOFO.


Same as other products I’ve received from WOTOFO the Faris comes with the BF pin already installed, so if you intend to use this on a standard mod (not a squonk mod) then do swap the pin over first. The 510 in protrudes nicely from the threads so you shouldn’t have any problems there  :thumbup:

Top cap and Air flow:

The top cap is once again made from a very sturdy metal, and you can split it into 2 sections for cleaning. You get 2 large airflow holes, one on either side, and these line up with the 3 separate round airflow holes on either side of the deck. The top section of the cap twists round to close down the airflow one hole at a time.

There is the notch and groove feature on the top cap and deck which means that the top cap stays in the correct position for the air flow holes to match, and it also means that when you turn the top section to close down the airflow the whole cap stays in place, which is good as I find the top section quite hard to twist, now thats not a bad thing, it shows that the o-rings are decent quality and the separate sections are going to twist and turn with the slightest touch  :smile:

The airflow is really nice and smooth, and not particularly noisy! (whichis great because whistley or noisy airflow drives me totally nuts!)  You can close it down so that it’s quite restricted, however you do need to remember that when closing down the airflow the air is aimed more to one end of the coil rather than over the entire coil. And of course with this 810 mouthiece and low ohm coils, the Faris really isn’t a MTL type RDTA  :no2:

The Faris Deck

Removing the top cap and you will see a very simple postless deck, 2 screws on either side just below the air flow holes and these are Philips or straight head, so doesn’t matter which screwdriver you use.

The coil leg holes are actually drilled into the deck, and those lovely guys ‘n’ gals at WOTOFO have included a little coil tool in the box that helps you precut those coil legs so they’re just the right length. The tool is shaped a little like an allen key and all you need to do is pop your coils onto the long section of the tool, and cut the legs level with the short section, and hey presto! They are the perfect length for coiling your Faris…. You gotta love WOTOFO they really do think of everything!  :thumbs:

So pop your coil into the holes, and tighten up the screws, probably one of the easiest decks I’ve installed coils on. It’s single or dual coil, and it doesn’t matter which configuation you chose, it’s easy peasey to coil!


Next is your wicking, now WOTOFO include some Agleted wicks in the box, these have the plastic bit on the end that makes it easy to pass through the coil, or you can use your own. Once you’ve wicked those coils, fluff out the ends, and cut them so they will hang down into the tank section. If you’re using single coil (half as much wick) then WOTOFO include in the box a pair of  wick holes reducers… thats right, 2 silicone collars that will hold the wick nicely in place, and helps to stop excess liquid travelling up on to the deck when the tanks is tilted to the side. And of course if you decide to use the Faris in RDA mode, then you will need to cut the wicks a little shorter.

How does the Faris Vape?

Well I’ve vaped this in RDA mode, and in RDTA mode with both single and dual coils. All I can say is…. It’s blummin’ fantastic! The last RDTA I used was the Vaptio one, and it just ended up being too much faff, but this irons out a lot of the problems that suffered from.

I just want to mention that I have only used the Faris with the squonk pin, for me in RDTA mode, a 3ml tank is nowhere near big enough, and constantly filling that would drive me nuts, but having the Faris with the tank, on a squonk mod is a pure stroke of genius! Vape… and then when the tank is empty, just squueze the bottle and watch the liquid run down the centre post and refill the tank! It really is the best of both worlds.

However, if you don’t want to use the tank configuration with the BF pin in mode, Wotofo have made an easy way to fill the tank, just remove the top cap and inbetween the two screws you will see a little silicone bung. This is a tye of valve, if you have a small enough bottle nozzle, just push it into the valve and squeeze. This will also help reduce leakage.

So the airflow is good, the flavour is spot on, I prefer it with the air flow fully open, it get through masses of liquid but thats to be expected with the low ohm coils  :yes:

I do get a bit of spitting now and again, but the coil is quite close to the mouthpiece, so some adjustment of the coil, power, or maybe even a different type of coil would sort this out.

If you close off the airflow completely then you can lay this tank at an angle and not get any leakage, however if you pop it in your pocket and the mouthpiece is angled downwards, I do think some of the liquid is going to make it’s way out. With 2 coils the cotton is pretty tight in the wick holes, and of course with one coil you get the wick hole reducers, but I don’t believe this would totally stop leaking with the Faris angled downwards.

Final Thoughts on the Faris:

I love it, WOTOFO really are stepping up to the mark with their vape gear, and I’m finding that I’m using their products more than anyone elses at the minute.

The Faris is super simple to install the coils, the flavour and vapour are really good, you get the choice of tank or RDA, which I prefer the tank version to be honest, but thats probably because I’m a lazy squonker and the tank just makes the whole process so easy. I sometimes forget to squonk and end up with a dry taste on RDA’s, the tank on this RDTA takes all of the guess work out of squonking, you can see when the tank is empty, then just squonk to fill it!  :clap:

The Faris looks amazing, I have seen the black one and I’m not so keen on that one, but the other colours are stunning, and the Golden one that I have just looks super classy!

Will the Faris be retired to the shelf?Absolutely not! I just need to get another recurve now to pop the Faris on to  :D  Faris on one, Profile on the other… and I could quite happily vape away for the rest of my life with these 2 products!

Ceekays shack Score

Out of 5…. It’s not losing anything! Plain and Simple the knight in shining armour of RDTA’s! The Faris scores a Whopping 5/5  :bow:

If you fancy treating yourself to the WOTOFO Faris (and you really should!) Pop on over to the official WOTOFO store and check it out: WOTOFO Faris – $29.99

We would love to hear your thoughts on the WOTOFO Faris, so leave your comments below, or head on over to our forum:

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