The Nikola Medea Mod – Reviewed

Massive thanks to the folks over at for sending out the Nikola Medea for me to try. The Medea has been out for a while now, and it’s a mod that I have drooled over everytime I’ve seen it posted on the forum, so I was eager to get my mitts on this and try it out!

Nikola Medea Specs

Dimension: 88×57.2x30mm
Material: Zinc alloy
Battery: Dual 18650 battery(not included)
510 thread
Output Wattage: 7-218W
Output Voltage: 1-7.5V
Output Mode: KA,TC(NI,TI,SS316,TCR)
Max Output Current: 50A
USB Charging Voltage and Current: 5V/1.5A
Taste Mode: Norm/Soft/Hard/User
Memory Mode: M1/M2/M3
Resistance Range: TC Mode:0.05-1.0ohm
KA Mode: 0.1-3ohm
Temp Range: 100℃-300℃,200℉-600℉
Net Weight: 245g
Color: SS, Gun Metal, Rainbow, Blue

In The Box:

1x Medea Mod
1x USB Cable

Initial Thoughts

The Medea came nicely packaged in a strong box, but let’s face it, most mods are in decent packaging these days. Opening the packaging and I was actually quite shocked, the Meadea was much bigger than I had expected!  :oooo: Yes its a dual 18650 mod, but it could be smaller! Maybe its the pattern that is around the outside, the contours, which are very nice I might add, but if it was a flat finish I believe it could knock a centimetre off the size.


Anyhow, Its a brushed steel body and then it looks painted/laquered over the top and it really is a lovely finish. I got the blue one, it’s a stunning colour it really does suit the design. The blue almost looks like silk as the light reflects off the contours  :heart: There is no Medea logo, only the brand name Nikola on the battery door.

The 510 pin is nice and springy and the Medea will accommodate tanks and RDA’s up to around 28mm, maybe even 30mm at a push.

Buttons & Battery

The buttons are black plastic, which is a bit of a let down really, I hate it when manufacturers stick black plastic buttons into a nice looking mod!  :fp2: They are all on the side, with the fire button at the top and the up and down buttons under that, all nice and clicky and I haven’t had any misfires (although I have had a slight problem, which I’ll get to in a moment) The placement of the fire button is pretty comfy, and I don’t have to wrap my fingers in weird angles to fire the mod, this is always a welcome bonus!  :laughtears: I have however had a bit of a sticky fire button, it’s not constant, in fact it’s very intermittent, never know when it’s gonna happen. Luckily though I’ve heard the coil still crackling after letting go of the button, and another press does seem to release it.


So as I mentioned before it’s a dual 18650 battery mod. The battery door is a hinge and slide one, and its actually attached to the side of the mod, so it opens long ways. Feel’s a little bit flimsy when it’s open, but once it closed everything is nice and tight, with no battery rattle. Battery direction is clearly marked on the plastic cover inside the battery door.

On the door you have the words ‘Designed by Nikola’ and a single small vent hole, if the battery actually did vent I’m not sure that a single hole would be enough to take the strain, and I can imagine it would just blow the door open?  :think:


There is a USB port under the screen, and this can be used to charge the batteries at up to 1.5A. One thing I do want to mention, if you decide to charge your batteries via an external charger, then when you pop your new batteries into the Medea, it always asks you if this is a new coil!  :con2: Arghhh, this drives me nuts. So there is no coil memory…. why!?  :dunno:

Nikola Medea Screen & Menu

You will find the Medea screen under the buttons on the side of the mod, the sides of the screen wrap slightly around the sides of the mod (kind of convexed) but this unfortunately makes the screen hard to read if you look at it from the side. Head on is fine, although still a little strange! The readout is easy enough to see, not big digits, but not so small that you need to squint!


Info on the screen is from top to bottom, battery icon (only one icon with a %, with 2 batteries I prefer to see a readout for each) Then you have watts or temp, ohms and volts next, and to the side of that you have ‘M’ which is the memory function. Then the last line on the bottom is the power level, so normal, soft, hard or user, and then you have the wire type, so plenty of info showing on screen.

To access the main menu and flick through the various info on screen click the fire button 3 times, I don’t intend to go through all of the settings, but after 3 clicks you will notice there will be something on the screen that is highlighted, press the fire button once to enter this choice, or the up or down buttons to scroll to the next option.


One thing I do want to mention as some people do struggle to find this bit of info on some mods, if you’re using the Medea in temp mode, and you want to lock the resistance of the coil, 3 clicks and scroll to the Ω (ohms symbol) press the fire button once, then scroll to the padlock sign, and click the fire button once more.

Same as almost every other mod out there, and I probably don’t need to mention this, 5 clicks will turn the Medea off, and then 5 more for back on.

How does the Nikola Medea Vape?

Well, its pretty good in watts mode, just set the watts and get on with vaping, the power output seems pretty normal for a dual battery mod. However when I tried using the Medea in temp control mode on the SS316 mode, I found I have to vape at around 170c, which is super low compared to the 220-240c that I use with this tank on other mods. Even turning the watts down in temp mode to 25w, and it still feels like the Medea is vaping way hotter than it should be at that temp.

Unfortunately I’m no where near techie enough to explain how this is happening, or run any kind of tests to help find out why.  So it looks like my Nikola Medea will be used in power mode only  :roll:

Final Thoughts

Am I disappointed with the Nikola Medea after all of the build up to getting one, well…. no not really. It’s a little bigger than I wanted, and it is quite heavy with a couple of batteries installed, however it does feel like a quality mod, and it is fairly comfy to hold, and you have to admit, it does look blummin’ lovely!  :yes:

The sticky button is a bit of pain, although the last few days it has happened less and yesterday it didn’t happen at all, so I’m wondering if I may have had a bit of eliquid under it, and this has now worn off. The main thing that really annoys me is the ‘New coil’ question every time I pop new batteries in.

One more thing to mention, as lovely as the Medea looks, you need to watch the paintwork, I had it in my pocket with a couple of keys for a very small time frame… I mean seconds while I moved from the living room to the kitchen, and when I took the Medea out of my pocket, a small bit of paint had chiped off! Gutted!  :sadtears: I know I shouldn’t have put it in my pocket with anything else, but most of my mods survive this kind of treatment with no ill effects, and this makes me feel like the Medea needs to be protected in bubble wrap!

Will the Medea be retired to the shelf? – Not yet, it’s nice and comfy to use, I don’t really think about it while I’m using it which is a good thing, sometimes when using some mods, all I can think while using them is how awkward it feels to hold, or press the fire button, I haven’t had that feeling with this mod. So it will get used for now, until something new comes along.

Ceekays Shack Score

Scoring out of 5. Well I’m not going to minus points for the sticky button, or the chipped paint (as this was down to my own stupidity, pocket… keys!  :fp2: ) but this is something to keep in mind. I am however minusing half a point for the ‘New coil’ question, and half a point for the super powerfully hot temp mode, even though it’s still usable, 170c just feels way hotter than it should, and I just don’t trust it! Its a shame, I really wanted this mod to score full points… but the Nikola Medea scores a decent 4/5   :thumbs:

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