Smok Novo Pod System – Is It Just ‘Another’ Pod?

It’s no secret that I hate Pod systems, hate with a pure driven passion. Probably because they don’t do anything for me, and I find them hard work, hard to draw on, especially if they’re an auto battery.

So when the Smok Novo Pod system turned up at my door, courtesy of it was kind of a ‘M’eh’ moment!

I intend to do a quick review, my thoughts and then this pod can go back in it’s box….  :roll:

Smok Novo Specs:

Size: 88.3×24.3×14.3mm
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
Power Range: 10W-16W
Standby Current: <200uA
Capacity: 2ml

In The Box:

1×NOVO Mod
2×Pod(No e-liquid)
1×USB Cable
1×User Manual

The Smok Novo Pod

Opening the box and… well the Smok Novo is ok to look at, I’ve seen worse. I have the blue one with a kind of silver snakeskin type pattern on it. There’s the Smok logo on one side, and the Novo logo on the other. The edge all around the pod is metal. It doesn’t look bad if I’m honest. One side has a small light in the centre, and this lights up as you vape.


Now I’ve looked on Smoktechs site for battery info, mAh rating, any info at all,  and I can’t even find the Novo on there, type Novo into the search bar and nothing comes back! So ‘others sites’ say its a 450 mAh battery, and a 2ml tank.

It operates at 10w to 16w output, and the little light is supposed to indicate battery life left, but the problem being with how its positioned, you can’t see it while you’re vaping it, and by the time I get the pod away from my mouth, the light has gone out  :dunno:

The pod presses into the top of the battery, Just grip and pull to remove it. You will find a little silicone bung on the side of the pod, and this is what you will remove to fill with your e-liquid. The pod is clear plastic so easy to see how much liquid you have left, and its handy to see the liquid level when you’re filling it. No idea what the resistance is of the coil, again can’t find that info anywhere  :fp2:


The air flow is pretty airy for mouth to lung, but this means that you can get a restricted direct lung inhale. If you want the draw to be a little bit tighter, just pop your finger or thumb over the USB charging port and that will restrict the draw a bit more.

You will find the charging port on the side of the Novo and apparently you can charge and vape at the same time, so great for when you’re in the car, or sitting in front of the PC.

How does the Smok Novo Pod Vape?

Well the auto fire battery seems good, the Novo does vape when you take a draw, however it is more difficult to kickstart the vape if you’re drawing in mouth to lung style, there’s just too much airflow. You really need to take a good ‘tug’ on the mouthpiece for the Novo to fire into action. So if you vape MTL you might be best to do a couple of primer draws, take one or two quick sharp draws, then another longer one right after to get the vapor.

However if you’re direct lung inhaling, the process seems a whole lot easier as you have more oomph to start with, and of course you will get more vapour.

The flavour isn’t brilliant! It seems somewhat muted to the flavour I get from this liquid in other tanks, it just doesn’t taste quite how it should.

Final Thoughts & Ceekays Shack Score

It’s nice and small, would fit nicely into your pocket or bag, it’s light, it’s everything a pod should be… but to be honest it doesn’t seem to fit into a category for vape type. The airflow is too airy for mouth to lung, and a little too restricted for direct lung inhaling… It’s a weird one  :dunno:

Is it suitable for new vapers? Maybe, if they are happy to take restricted airflow direct lung hits. Is it suitable for stealth vaping, not really as there’s too much air flow for mouth to lung inhaling, and with direct lung there’s too much vapour!

Will I keep using it?… No, plain and simple. I personally don’t like it, I can get a way better hit and vape off a bigger device, and it’s not suitable for me to stealth vape while out shopping or traveling. So for me, it’s a no, I have better pod systems that are suitable for when I need to use one.

So is the Smok Novo just another Pod system? Yep unfortunately it is, there’s nothing remarkable about it, nothing to make it stand out from the every growing crowd of pods available. It really is just another pod!  But hey if you like Pods….

For you folks… I don’t know, out of a score of 5, I would minus a point for the airflow. The overall design is nice, the actual pod is decent, it’s just not my type of thing. So the Smok Novo scores a 4/5  :yes:

If you fancy picking one of these up to leave in your bag or glovebox, visit
Smok Novo Pod System cheap as chips at $18.50.

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