Eleaf iJust ECM Review & A Feeling Of “Déjà Vu”

Ceekays vape shack sponsors Vapesourcing.com sent me the Eleaf ECM kit to have a play with, it’s a stick type device. Very similar to the last iJust 3 device that I reviewed a while ago, so will be interesting to what the difference is, if there’s any at all  :dunno:

iJust ECM Specs

Diameter: 25mm
Height: 136mm
E-liquid capacity: 4ml
Battery capacity: Built-in 3000mAh Battery
Output wattage: 40W max
Resistance range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω

Eleaf iJust ECM Kit – In The Box

1 x iJust ECM Battery
1 x iJust ECM Atomizer
1 x EC-N 0.15ohm Head
1 x EC-M 0.15ohm Head
1 x USB Cable
2 x User Manuals
Spare Parts

Initial Thoughts

Well the iJust ECM comes in 4 beautiful colours, and black! And guess which one I got  :roll: So not terribly impressed by the colour, looks wise it’s very similar to the iJust 3, with a couple of differences. Different patterns on the battery, and the tank is slightly different too. The button on the last one was a hexagon, the button on the ECM is triangular… so they have changed a few things, but still playing on shapes.


The battery is 3000mAh so no change there, you get the little vent hole on the bottom, and a nice little pattern too. The tank comes supplied with the same multihole/mesh coils as the iJust 3. So to be honest I’m thinking this whole kit is just a bit of a revamp on the iJust 3  :think:

iJust ECM Battery

As stated before the battery is 3000mAh, and can be charged via a usb port on the side. It has a 40w maximum output (I think the iJust 3 was 80w) and the ECM will charge while you vape.


The triangular button has a built in light which changes from green to blue and then red as the battery charge depletes.

You get the 5 click on and off, and of course all of the built in protections that you normally get from Eleaf.

The ECM Tank

Ok so this is a 4ml tank, thank goodness for small mercies. This is waaay better than the 2ml tank I had with the iJust 3  :yes: but of course if you’re in the EU you won’t get the larger tank option unless purchasing from outside the EU. The tank has 2 large airflow holes on the bottom, and an easy turn collar that you can adjust to shut the airflow right down. Fully open is quite airy, and closing that air flow down gives you a very restricted draw.

To fill the tank, just slide the top cap over, there is a little arrow just under the top cap, this is the direction you need to push the cap to get it to slide over and reveal the filling hole. Now if you’re using chunky bottles, you’re going to want to remove the mouthpiece first so you can get that nozzle into the filling hole.

How does the Eleaf iJust ECM Vape

Pretty much as expected, the flavour is great, you do get some decent clouds from the ECM, but it really does plow through the liquid though, but with a 0.15ohm mesh coil I guess that’s to be expected.

Don’t be fooled by the option to close the airflow down, this is in no way a mouth to lung tank. It’s a direct lung inhale tank and even described on the Eleaf website as “Ideal for vapers who like to directly inhale” So if you’re a cloud chaser you’ll be pretty happy although you’re not going to win any cloud blowing competitions with this.

I went out to a firework display over the weekend and took the iJust ECM with me, the battery was fully charged when I left the house, by the time I got home, just under 3 hours later, the battery was on red, and after a couple of vapes at home, totally flat. Now yes, I’m a bit of a chain vaper, but 3 hours from a 3000mAh battery!  :oooo: that does seem rather shocking.

One more thing, there really isn’t much time or many vapes between red and dead!  :no2: So don’t get caught out.

Final Thoughts on the Eleaf iJust ECM kit.

The ECM is a nice kit, looks decent, not too heavy, pocket friendly, and it vapes well even if the battery life isn’t the best.  You’re not going to want to take this on a trip where you need to ‘discreetly’ vape though, as the clouds are going to give you away. But for a shopping trip, or a couple of hours in town, it’s got you covered.

My overall conclusion is that the iJust ECM really is just the iJust 3 in a new outfit!

Will the iJust ECM be retired to the shelf? – It’s possible, that’s where the 3 ended up, and I can never be bothered to keep charging the battery when I have other devices that I can just pop new batteries into. I might grab it if I need to nip out for an hour though  :yes:

Ceekays Shack Score

Probably losing half a point for the red to dead feature on the battery indicator, you really don’t get enough time, but apart from that the ECM is a pretty good little kit, so scoring a decent 4.5/5!   :thumbs:

Head over to Vapesourcing.com where you can purchase the Eleaf iJust ECM for $37.43 and you get free shipping too!

Leave your thoughts on the Eleaf iJust ECM in the comments, or pop over to our forum.


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