Eleaf iStick Nowos Review

Massive thanks to Eleaf for sending me the iStick Nowos to cast my beady eyes over. This kit actually got me a little bit excited… it’s something slightly different!  :yes:

Istick Nowos Specs:

Size: 43mm*28mm*135mm (6.5ml version)
43mm*28mm*133mm (2ml version)
Weight: 205g (6.5ml version)
200g (2ml version)
E-liquid capacity: 6.5ml / 2ml
Battery capacity: 4400mAh
Output wattage: 80W max
Output voltage: 9V max
Resistance range: 0.1-3.0Ω
Colors: black, red, blue, silver, dazzling

In the box:

1×iStick NOWOS
1×ELLO Duro Atomizer
1×HW-N Dual 0.25ohm Head
1×QC 3.0 USB Cable
2×User Manuals
Spare Parts
1×HW-M Dual 0.2ohm Head (Pre-installed)

Initial Thoughts on the iStick Nowos

Opening the box, and I was pleasantly surprised, the Nowos looks rather sleek and the lack of any buttons apart from the firing button had me rather confused. I normally don’t read the manual unless I have to, and with this…. I had to! I assumed that I would need to twist the fire button to change the settings, but nope…  :dunno: more on this a little later.


So, the Nowos has 2 plain white side panels, the Eleaf logo on one side, and the iStick Nowos logo on the other. The edges of the mod are silver metal, with the fire button on one edge. Turn the mod around and on the opposite edge you have the charging port. On the bottom you have 4 vent holes, and on the top the nice springy 510 pin and plate.

The Nowos will accommodate tanks up to around 26mm with no overhang.

So the whole design is very minimalist and I really like this, some mods come with an endless array of buttons, artwork,  engraving or lazer etching, and this is just plain… and it looks absolutely great!  :love:

The iStick Nowos Mod

So the confusing element of this mod is there is no screen as such, and no adjustment buttons, only the fire button on the edge.


5 clicks will turn the Nowos on, and then you get to see the screen. The screen is actually under the white side panel, and the read-out displays through the panel. Or the panel is the screen?….  :dunno: I don’t know, but this is Cool! It is different and I like new innovation.

The Nowos is a basic mod, there is no temp control, no user memory settings, no TCR… you get watts and that’s it. Really not a bad thing if you don’t do temp control vaping, like the whole mod the menu is plain and simple, nothing to really get your head around.

So on the screen, you have very basic info, battery percentage, ohms of your coil, and below that watts. When you press the button you get the draw timing readout, it counts up in milliseconds and displays full seconds above.

To adjust the watts, just click the fire button 3 times, and something very clever happens!! I know I’m like a child at Christmas, but this is new, and I like it! When you click the fire button 3 times, 2 little yellow lights appear on screen and this is the way that you adjust the watts. Touch the left light to lower the power, and the right light to increase. Blummin fab!  :ting:

There is a small hole on the side, and the word reset so I assume this is just in case your settings freeze, or it doesn’t pick up the ohms of a new coil

Istick Nowos Battery

The Nowos has an internal battery and this is one thing that I’m not keen on, I like to be able to swap my batteries out. However you are going to get a fantastic run time on this, 4400mAh. And yes it does last a while, even for me!  :yes:

Charging is done via the USB type C port on the side, yep your normal mini USB won’t work with this. My son tells me that USB type C is the future! (pretty sure I heard that about mini USB)
Anyhow, the Nowos supports quick charging, and rather than me try and explain this is what Eleaf state on their site:

The iStick NOWOS supports QC3.0 / PD3.0 protocol, allowing three modes of charging: DC5V/2A, DC9V/2A and DC12V/1.5A. Charging is faster than ever with this Quick Charge technology.

Courtesy of Eleaf

Now that’s some pretty fast charging for a 4400mAh battery  :oooo:

Eleaf do provide a C type USB lead in the box, and this also has an older type mini USB adapter attached so you won’t need to have 2 leads hanging about.

While charging the Nowos measures the temp of the mod for its own safety, and if the temp reaches 50c, or drops below -5c then the Nowos stops charging to protect itself, pretty clever huh! And if you switch the Nowos off while it’s charging it displays battery percentage and the internal temperature on screen.


The mod comes with all normal safety protections built in, Over charge, over discharge, 10 second cut off, over current and short circuit, so you know that this mod has you covered.

Ello Duro Tank

I don’t intend to review the tank that came with this kit. Its the Ello Duro tank and I already reviewed that a few months ago, and you can see that here Just to mention that this Ello Duro version has the bubble glass so holding more e-liquid and appeasing my 2ml tank OCD. And of course the filling method although easy enough will require that you remove the mouthpiece if you’re using a wider chunky bottle, apart from that it’s a great little tank.

How Does the Eleaf iStick Nowos Kit Vape?

Really really well! I’ve been vaping the Ello Duro tank with a 0.24ohm coil at around 50w and it’s vaping away quite happily. The flavour is good, vapour production is pretty decent, and the battery is lasting ages, which I love!  :yes:

I’ve also used a different tank with absolutely no problems at all, it picks up the change of ohms without any qualms.

Final Thoughts on the iStick Nowos

One thing worth a mention, you can’t lock the fire button, so if you intend to pop this into your pocket, then just use the 5 clicks and switch it off. One really brilliant feature, with there being no adjustment buttons, you can’t accidentally whack the power up to max and burn your throat out…. I know we’ve all done it at one time or another (or in my case on a weekly basis!  :fp2: )

The Nowos is a great mod, looks really nice, feels comfy to hold, the fire button is in a good position, and it’s not heavy either.

The side panels do feel a little cheap, but they are nice and silky smooth, and actually feel great to hold. Whether these panels will start to get scratched after a few weeks worth of use remains to be seen, but they seem to be holding up pretty well so far.

Overall I love the Nowos, it’s simple to use, has some great features – The on screen adjustment lights (non existent buttons) and temp protected charging. And I can go out for the day with it and not be worried that I’m going to be left high and dry without power as the battery has died, 4400mAh really is fantastic!

The Nowos is suitable for new vapers (due to it’s simple operation) and seasoned vapers alike, simplicity has never been quite so…. simple!

Will the Eleaf iStick Nowos be retired to the shelf? – Definitely not, I can see this being a daily device for the foreseeable future   :smile:

Ceekays Shack Score

I only intend to score the Nowos mod, as the tank has been done previously. I could minus half a point for the internal battery, but that really wouldn’t be fair as changeable batteries are just a personal preference for me, and 4400mAh isn’t to be sneezed at anyhow. I really can’t see any other negative points about this mod, so the Nowos scores an extremely well deserved 5/5   :bow: Well done Eleaf!  :thumbs:

Check out the iStick Nowos here  on the official Eleaf site, where you can pick one up for  $98.57-$117.30  or check out your local Eleaf stockists.

What do you think of the iStick Nowos? Leave your comments below, or pop over to the forum.

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