Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA – Is This a Slithering Success?

So Wotofo are at it again, more new vape stuff, and I was lucky enough to be sent the Serpent Elevate to try out – A huge thanks to Wotofo for that. It’s no secret that I love RTA’s, I don’t have to remember to keep dripping or squonking, and I can throw it in my pocket and take it out (hopefully!) without drowning the inside of my pocket in e-liquid. Will I love the Elevate??… let’s find out!  :dunno:

Serpent Elevate Specs:

Diameter: 24mm
Threading: 510 thread
E-liquid Capacity: 3.5ml
Filling Method: Top filling
Airflow Type: Adjustable top airflow
Insulator Material: German PEEK
Extra Accessory: 4.5ml bubble tube, Coil trimming tool

In the Box:

1pc Serpent Elevate RTA
1pc Coil Trimming Tool
1pc Extra Drip Tip
1pc 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1pc Bubble Tube
1pc User Manual
1bag Clapton Coil
1bag 3mm Agleted Cotton Strip
1bag Extra Orings & Screws

Included coil specs:
Framed Staple Clapton Coil
(28G+38G*9+28G)+36G N80
ID 3mm
0.33ohm (40W-55W)

Initial Thoughts on the Serpent Elevate

So you folks are going to get a slightly different package to what I got, You are going to get the black coil trimming tool seen in this image, and also a glass bubble section (tank glass) (I didn’t get this tool, and my bubble sleeve is plastic) Of course I would imagine if you’re in the EU and you purchase in the EU you won’t get the bubble glass as we have laws!  :roll:

Courtesy of Wotofo

Anyhow, you get the full Wotofo works like usual, lots of little packages, with spares, coils, cotton… I love this so much! There’s everything in the box to get you up and vaping with the Elevate, you don’t need to go scratching around in your cupboards for coil building supplies and tools!  And of course you get the Serpent Elevate.

So the Elevate is quite a plain looking RTA, I got the SS (stainless steel) it has a brushed matte or sand blasted kind of finish which does look rather nice. There is a snakeskin pattern around the airflow adjustment collar. Inside the glass on the chamber you will see two logo’s, the Serpent logo on one side, and on the other, you have Suck My Mod logo, as this RTA is a collaboration between the two!  :yes:

On the bottom of the Elevate RTA you have the Serpent head, and the Wotofo Logo, and a protruding what looks like gold plated pin? The machining all looks nicely finished, O-rings are good and tight, and the threads on the top cap and centre chamber are all very smooth when you screw/unscrew them.


The fitted drip tip is like an opaque grey colour and has a narrow centre, the extra drip tip is blue resin and has a wider centre which makes it more in line with normal 810 drip tips, however the centre cap of the Elevate only has the smaller hole, so not sure that there will be much difference whichever one you decide to use. You also get the 510 adapter just in case you have a favourite mouthpiece that you just can’t live without! Happy Days!


Serpent Elevate AirFlow

The Elevate has top airflow to minimize leakage, which is a great idea. As I mentioned before the airflow collar has this snakeskin pattern and this does give the collar some grip which makes it easier to turn and there is quite a bit of resistance to this collar, meaning those orings sit nice and snug to save the collar from spinning once you have it set how you want it. There are twin air flow holes, and fully open will give quite an airy draw (which actually is a little bit on the noisy side, but it doesn’t whistle, and neither does it sound like a jet engine ramping up, thank god! However it is noisy enough that I’m not going to be able to use it while hubby is around cos it’s going to drive him nuts!  :roll: ) Close them right down and the draw is really restricted and of course the vape gets rather warm!

So when you take a draw on the Elevate, you are pulling the air in through the air flow holes, and this travels down through the chamber, and the air then hits your coil from underneath and also at the sides, as you can see from this image below:

Courtesy of Wotofo

So you have a double whammy of air smacking that coil right where it counts!

The Serpent Elevate Deck and Installing a Coil

The deck confused me a little to start, this is postless deck with 4 post holes I actually tried to figure out how on earth I was going to get 2 coils in to this small-ish space…. Then I realised, it’s a single coil deck! And the 4 post holes are there because we don’t all wind our coils in the same direction. So whether you wind clockwise, or anti-clockwise, your coil will drop right in! Way to go Wotofo… this is a really great idea.


So you’re going to use your coil trimming tool to cut the legs of your coil juuust right! I have no idea what length I cut mine too, but 4-5mm should be fine depending on how high you want your coil to sit. Unscrew the screws and you will need the Allen key provided in the box, not sure why they’ve gone with an allen key over a Philips head… seems a little strange  :think: anyhow drop your coil in, and I just tightened the screws a fraction while I adjusted the coil to exactly how I wanted it, make sure its not touching the bottom or sides of the deck and screw those screws right back in.

Do check the ohms, give it a bit of a pulse with the power to get rid of any hotspots, and then pop your cotton in. There are 2 holes at the edge of the deck and your cotton is going to drop down through those and sit snugly just under the deck to soak up the liquid. Do not stuff mass amounts of cotton down there or you are effectively blocking those holes off!


Coiling and wicking is super easy if you’re using the cotton that comes in the box, however if you are trying to gauge the amount of cotton you need, this is where you might come a little bit unstuck. The way the deck is set up for the wicking to travel down the side and through those holes could be a little difficult if you’re new to rebuildables. Too much cotton and you’re going to get dry hits as the cotton won’t wick the juice fast enough, too little cotton and the juice will flood the wicking and you are going to get gurgles galore! So if you’re new to rebuildables, either buy the Agleted wicking from Wotofo that is specially designed for this RTA, or be prepared to try, try, try again until you get that wicking just right, and to be honest that might be enough to make you rip your hair out and use that for the wicking!!  :oooo:

How does the Wotofo Serpent Elevate Vape?

Well the airflow is lovely, the flavour is just amazing for a top airflow! The amount of vapour is pretty darn good! And the overall vape is just fantastic, lovely and smooth with oodles of flavour…  :ting:
I used the coil from the box which is measuring around 0.32ohms, and vaping away at around 50W, I haven’t had one dry hit, no gurgling at all, it’s really just a very pleasant relaxing vape.

Final Thoughts on the Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA

I really do enjoy using this RDA. It’s super easy to fill by removing the top cap, nice big filling holes will also take the chunky bottle nozzles, and it just vapes really well. Its looks decent too, it is rather plain Jane looking unless you’re peering through the glass to see the logo’s on the side of the chamber, but that’s absolutely fine by me.


The noisy airflow isn’t so loud that it bothers me, but if you like super quiet airflow well, this might just be a bit too much.

The wicking may be a bit on the hard  side for vapers that are new or newish to rebuildable tanks, but again, once you’ve done it a couple of times, and you get used to how much cotton to use, and where to cut it to keep it just dipping into the bottom of the juice well, I honestly think you’ll be fine.

No leaks!  :smile: I haven’t had a leak at all with the Elevate so this pushes it even further higher up in my list!

Will the Serpent Elevate be retired to the shelf? – Absolutely no way, not on your nellie! I love RTA’s, and this is so easy to fit the coil, easy to fill, super smooth vape…. just no! I need to find a mod that it suits, and this will most definitely be used on a daily basis with one of my all day flavours  :yes:

Ceekays shack score.

If you’re new to rebuildables, you would maybe want to minus half a point for the fiddly wicking, if you’re not keen on noisy airflow again you may want to minus half a point (to be honest it’s not that bad, I have stopped using some RDA’s due to noisy airflow, this is no where near that bad!) I’m going to minus half a point for these two niggles overall! So the Wotofo Serpent Elevate gets a Ssssuper Sssslithering 4.5/5!  :thumbs:

Fancy picking up a Serpent Elevate – Then head on over here to the official Wotofo site, $34.99 will get you the elevate and everything in the box! And while you’re there grab yourself some agleted wicking too! If you can’t wait then check out your local online or B&M vaping stores!

What do you think of the Serpent Elevate? Comment below or pop over to our forum 🙂

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