Smoant Naboo Kit Review

This weeks review is a bit of a first for me, the first time I have ever used a Smoant product! How weird is that, all of the vape product out there and I’m only just touching the tip of the iceberg!
So the Smoant Naboo kit was sent to me by, a huge shout out to them for sending this my way 😉

Details of the Smoant Naboo kit from the site:

Features of Smoant Naboo Kit:

1.Compact size with ergonomic design
2.Touch button with vibration to give you feedback
3. Lock/unlock function
4.Center 510 connection
5.Balance charging
6.Firmware upgradable
7.Tank is easy to clean, all components can be disassembled

Specifications of Smoant Naboo Kit:

Smoant Naboo Mod:

Size: 48mm (L)* 31mm(W)*91mm (H)
Battery type: dual 18650 batteries (not included)
Screen: 2.4inch TFT color screen
Output range: 1-225W
Output modes: VW (Min, Normal, Max)/ VW Curves/Temp (Ni, Ti, SS)/ TCR/TC Curves
Resistance range: 0.1-2.0ohm for TC mode/TCR mode/TC Curves
UI modes: Dial mode/ Classic mode/ Music mode
Protections: Reverse protection/Over-heating protection/Low voltage Protection/Overload/ Short-circuit protection/Over-time protection

Smoant Naboo Mesh Tank:

Tank size: 25mm (diameters) X 52mm (Height)
Wide bore 810 drip tip size: 16mm(diameters) X 9mm (Height)
Materials: SS304+ Quartz Glass+ Resin drip tip + 100% Japanese OCC
Available coils: Mesh 0.18ohm(40-80W) & Mesh 0.17ohm(60-100W)
Capacity: Pre-install 4ml  / Extra Replacement 2ml

Packing List of Smoant Naboo Kit:

1X Naboo mod
1X Naboo Mesh sub ohm tank 
1X 0.18ohm Mesh OCC (40-80W)
1X 0.17ohm Mesh OCC (60-100W)
1X USB charge & update cable 
1X Extra glass tube (2ML)
1X Spare Sicone Orings
1X User manual

Initial Thoughts on the Smoant Naboo Kit

The kit comes very well packaged (same as most companies do these days) so not going to rave about the box or anything. Opening the box and I discover I have the red kit, nice! 

The tank has the bubble glass fitted which holds 4ml of liquid, and there is also a spare 2ml glass in the box. It has a nice matching honeycomb style drip tip on the top of the tank.

The Naboo mod is a twin 18650 battery mod and it does look very nice indeed, 2 buttons on the edge, what looks like a nice large screen on one side with the Smoant logo on the top, and a black/coloured weird design  on the other side with the Naboo logo on the bottom. Now this is a chunky mod and quite weighty with the batteries installed, however it is fairly comfy to hold with rounded edges rather than blunt corners.

The Naboo has a springy 510 pin that will accommodate tanks up to around 26mm (28mm will give you an overhang) On the bottom you have several vent holes.

The Naboo Mod – Batteries & Buttons

So to install your batteries you are going to remove the battery door (which is on the reverse side to the screen) There is a little groove under the mod on the bottom for you to get your nail under and pop that door open. Nice big white direction + and – indicators reveal which way round your batteries need to go, there is no battery ribbon to remove those batteries as they don’t sit flush with the inside and you can easily grab the battery with your finger for removal. So no nails broken… phew!

The door has 3 strong magnets and once you pop it back in place there is no movement and no battery rattle at all. It’s all pretty solid feeling 

The charging port (mini USB) is on the opposite edge to the buttons, and this can be used for firmware updates too.

You get 2 buttons on the Naboo Mod, a large oblong, and a smaller sideways button underneath, these are black plastic (m’eh ) The main fire button is nice and clicky, however it will only fire the mod when pressed from the top to around 2/3 of the way down. If you try to press it from the bottom it doesn’t work. Now this may have been done intentionally to keep your fingers away from the smaller button, as pressing that one (short press) will highlight the up and down buttons on the touchscreen!

The Naboo Mod Screen & Menu

So this is a really nice large 2.4inch TFT colour screen, and this screen is beautiful! The wallpaper images are really clear, the colours are bright, its almost like looking at a mobile phone screen.

The info you get on screen depends on the set-up layout that you pick, and I’ll show some pics of the different ones, but I have the screen on classic with a wallpaper, and in the left and right corners you get a battery icon, in the middle you have the time. Across the bottom you have the wattage in huge font! I love this, I can actually see my wattage without my specs on!  And that is a real bonus with every bit of info that manufacturers try to cram onto the screen these days! Below this on the left you have the ohms, and on the right you have the volts. So nice standard layout with all the info that I need.

There is a dial layout which I do like, and when you press the button the dial actually moves round like a speedometer would do, the first time I’ve actually seen this happen on a dial readout! The other option you get is music mode – Remember years ago on stereo’s you got the graphic equalizer lights that went up and down as the music played, well yep… thats on here too. There must be a built in mic, and in this mode if you talk, or music is playing the lights dance along in time to the beat! Do I like this?…. It feels a bit tacky to be honest, but I guess it will appeal to some party-going vapers out there.

So the menu, firstly you’re going to want to enable the up and down buttons, so quick press the small button and they will light up at the bottom of the screen. Now these are the only bits that are touchscreen, its not full touchscreen. Then you need to press the fire button 3 times in fairly quick succession, 4 menu icons will pop up on screen, these are fairly self explanatory, VW mode, TC mode, Settings and Wallpaper. To scroll through the icons use the up and down buttons, to select an icon quick press the fire button. To set an option quick press the fire button, and to get out of the menu you’re in and back to previous, long press the fire button. In settings you can change the time, the layout, the display, the timeout etc. Everything you need to do is in there.

A long press on the smaller button, will put the mod into stealth mode, you can still vape and the screen will not illuminate. Now this is a great idea, but I find that pairing a mod with stealth mode, and a cloud blowing tank rather contradictory 


Oh also in settings you can turn off the button haptics, this a little vibrate feedback feature when you press the up and down buttons, kind of like on a phone. I know some people don’t like this, my dear old mother hates it when her phone does this  so if you are one of these people then you can switch it off in settings.

The firmware is update-able via the charging cable, and I assume there is software available so you can upload your own pics for the screen.

The Naboo Sub-Ohm Tank.

So the tank is very similar to every other sub-ohm tank in existence! 810 mouthpiece, nice large top filling holes with a screw top cap, 2 massive airflow holes controlled by a sliding collar on the bottom of the tank.

The coils in the kit are both mesh, a 0.17ohm 60-100w and 0.18ohm 40-80w, with massive liquid intake holes, and I mean masssssssssive!!  So if you like blowing clouds, then you’re not going to be disappointed by these. This is not a mouth to lung tank, it’s direct lung all the way.

I had a weird thing happen to me with this tank…. I filled the tank, popped it onto the table to let the liquid soak into the wick and went to make a cuppa, you have to give these coils time to prime and let the cotton become fully saturated or you’re just going to wreck the coil on the first vape. When I came back some 5 minutes later, there wasn’t a drop of liquid left in the tank!! It was all on the table. I have no idea why this happened and all subsequent fills after have been fine, no leaks….

How does the Smoant Naboo Kit Vape

It vapes well, the flavour is great, the vapour is as you would expect. I’m not into super high watts and I’ve been vaping this at around 40w, however I did push it up to 50w at one stage and got a bit of burnt taste, so brought it back down again, whether I have a dodgy coil I’m not sure as I would expect either of these mesh coils in the kit to handle 50w with no problems what so ever.

Final Thoughts on the Smoant Naboo Kit

As a kit it’s great, it vapes well, and the menu and screen are really fantastic, its almost like using a mobile phone screen with the icons and layout, plus the choice of wallpapers. Now I know these features are nowhere near a new design to the vaping world, but they are great to play with.

The mod although chunky and heavy is nice and comfy to hold. It does feel like a quality mod. What I would really want to do is pop a screen cover on it, I can imagine when this starts to get scratched it’s going to spoil the overall look.

The music mode for me is not something that I would use, it’s a novelty, maybe a great party piece, but those lights jumping up and down would annoy the hell out of me!

One downside, the small button is too close to the fire button, and having to press the fire button at the top (for it to work) feels awkward unless I’m using my thumb to press it. I assume that Smoant have designed the fire button to only work on the top two thirds so you keep your finger up that top end, this stops you from accidentally pressing the smaller button and unlocking the adjustment buttons and finding that your 40w settings have jumped to 140w!! I have done this a couple of times already!

That smaller button would have been better a little lower on the mod, or even at the bottom. I guess it’s something that you will get used to eventually, but for me it just doesn’t feel natural.

Ceekays Shack Score

Scoring out of 10 as the Naboo came to me as a kit.
So overall I love the mod, but have to minus a point for the button placement, and the way that only the top part fires the mod. The tank is ok, losing half a point for that initial loss of all of the liquid all over the table, I know it hasn’t leaked since, but I don’t trust it now! So the Smoant Naboo Kit gets a pretty good 8.5/10


If you fancy popping this onto your Christmas list, check it out on our sponsors site: Smoant Naboo Kit – $69.98

What do you think of the Smoant Naboo Kit? Leave your comment below or pop on over to our forum 🙂

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